The Best Thing About You Is You! - Anupam Kher


The Best Thing About You Is You!

Gems of down-to-earth wisdom for upgrading your life and finding inner bliss and tranquility...

Bollywood superstar Anupam Kher plays a new role altogether: Using examples from his own life and experiences, he subtly motivates and inspires you by providing a handy guide to discovering your real self and finding peace of mind and contentment in today s chaotic times! He feels that the best way to counter the negativity that exists in the world these days, where people are gripped by fear, insecurity, stress, frustration and unhappiness is by acquiring a positive outlook. Citing his own example, he reveals how a humble background need not be an obstacle to attaining the dizzying heights of success, but simultaneously, sounds a warning about the importance of gracefully handling such success. He shares the vital ingredients in his recipe for success as well as no-nonsense methods to get the most out of your life. This volume contains the author s views on a wide variety of topics such as:

the anger syndrome,
the phenomenon of change,
thought control,
dealing with relationships,
being detached,
conquering stress,
getting rid of fears,
coming to terms with failure,
realizing the power within oneself,
the importance of forgiveness,
coping with loss and death and much more.

Here s a book you will find yourself turning to for soothing, insightful guidance and practical advice no matter what situation you re in. You ll come to realize that the best thing about you is YOU!

Please Intha Puthakaththai Vangatheenga - Gopinath


Please Intha Puthakaththai Vangatheenga

This book doesn’t boast of any confound philosophy, a magic chant or a prophecy that will make you a successful person overnight. Success lies within, in the deepest crannies of your mind. It’s more about what you conceive about your future than what people perceive of your nature.

Neeya nana fame Gopinath presents us a human intellect calculator. You can SWOT analyze yourself with this book as a yardstick- a mirror in which will reflect on your blind spots.

But it always feels ecstatic when we get down off a moving bus, when we can ride a bike hands free, handle a problem in twelfth hour. Isn’t it?

If you feel you are still addicted to the adrenaline rush- Please don’t buy this book!

Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques - Raj Bapna


Raj Bapna's Mind Power Study Techniques

This mega best seller (over 300,000 copies sold in 2 languages in India) gives you study skills to help you to get success in exams and competitions.

Trains you to read faster in 30 minutes, remember better, revise more effectively, take better notes, get more marks, and much much more.

The author Raj Bapna is a former Intel engineer and founder of Mind Machine Lab with 20 years experience in mind power research, development, and helping students.

It has the following chapters:

1. 1.Learn These Two Powerful Techniques in One Hour and Immediately Improve Your Learning Efficiency
2. New Research in Brain Science Proves that You are More Capable than You think
3. 27 Questions and Answers that will Instantly Improve Your Success in any Exam
4. Seven Surprisingly Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory Quickly
5. Twelve Easy Techniques for Improving Your Memory, Concentration and Intelligence
6. Eight Ways to Best Use Your Time in the Classroom for Your Success
7. Mind Maps: A New Scientific Way to Take Memorable Notes
8. Eight Ways to Use The Power of Beliefs, Imagination and Neuro Linguistic Programming for Your Success
9. Six Advanced Memory Techniques to Remember Long Sequences, Spellings, Vocabulary and Difficult Things
10. Eight Secrets of Getting More Marks in Exams that Most Students Don't Know
11. Techniques for Self-confidence and Success in Interviews and Group Discussions
12. Three Big Mistakes During Exam Days and How You Can Avoid Them
Bonus Chapter: Topper's 4 Keys

Makelar Rezeki: Rahasia Penyalur Energi Sukses dan Mulia - Jamil Azzaini


Makelar Rezeki: Rahasia Penyalur Energi Sukses dan Mulia

Kalau Anda merasa sulit meraih kesuksesan atau sudah merasa sukses, tapi tak kunjung merasakan kebahagiaan, itu mungkin karena Anda hanya berpikir tentang “aku”. Selain berjuang untuk “aku”, berjuang pulalah untuk “kita”. Kalau Anda ingin sukses, sukseskanlah orang lain. Kalau Anda ingin bahagia, bahagiakanlah orang lain.

Makelar rezeki itu laksana magnet yang menarik hal-hal positif di sekitarnya. Makelar rezeki itu ibarat saklar yang bisa menyalakan lampu, menghidupkan sesuatu yang sudah mati sehingga menerangi sekitarnya. Makelar rezeki itu menjadi konektor yang menghubungkan satu dengan yang lain, mengalirkan sesuatu yang tersumbat, memperlancar keadaan dan melakukan hal-hal yang saling menguntungkan.

Dengan menjadi makelar rezeki, Anda akan memperoleh banyak keuntungan, antara lain:

- Awet muda dan bahagia;

- Menjadi perantara untuk dapat menyelesaikan masalah orang lain;

- Meningkatkan Intangible Aset (aset tak tampak);

- Hidup semakin mudah; dan

- Masuk Surga.

Setelah membaca buku ini, Anda akan segera menjadi makelar rezeki. Hidup Anda akan semakin berarti, tidak hanya bagi diri Anda sendiri, tapi juga bagi orang-orang yang Anda cintai. Selamat membaca!

Bidadari Bumi, 9 Kisah Wanita Shalehah - Halimah Alaydrus


Bidadari Bumi, 9 Kisah Wanita Shalehah

Buku ini berkisah tentang wanita-wanita mulia yang patut dijadikan teladan dalam kehidupan. Terutama bagi wanita muslimah yang di abad ini mengalamai krisis keteladanan wanita-wanita salehah. Kisah-kisah kehidupan yang menyentuh hati, dramatik, mengalir, apa adanya disajikan secara indah dalam buku ini.

Penulis menghadirkan kisah pengalaman suka dukanya selama belajar di kota Tarim – Hadramaut – Yaman, saat ia berjumpa satu persatu dengan tokoh-tokoh yang diceritakannya. Membacanya seolah berhadapan langsung dengan mereka, dan kita serasa ikut serta memetik pelajaran yang sangat berharga.

How To Make Anyone Like You - Leil Lowndes


How To Make Anyone Like You

Full of tips and intelligent advice based on solid research into human behaviour, this volume gives effective strategies for how to attract people with winning conversation, body language and gestures of friendship.

Self-Efficacy: The Exercise of Control - Albert Bandura


Self-Efficacy: The Exercise of Control

Albert Bandura's highly anticipated examination of his vastly influential work on self-efficacy is now available. The result of over 20 years of research by this renowned psychologist, the book articulates comprehensively Bandura's theory that believing one can achieve what one sets out to do results in a healthier, more effective, and generally more successful life.

The Neurotic Personality of Our Time - Karen Horney


The Neurotic Personality of Our Time

One of the most original psychoanalysts after Freud, Karen Horeny pioneered such now-familiar concepts as alienation, self-realization, and the idealized image, and she brought to psychoanalysis a new understanding of the importance of culture and environment.
In this book, Karen Horney explores the basic structure of neuroses in the context of their cultural assumptions. Her topics range from the neurotic need for affection, to guilt feelings and the quest for power, prestige and possession. Horney maintains that the conflicts found in neurotic persons in a given culture correspond to to the ways of life characteristic of that culture. She writes for example, " It is only under definite cultural conditions that we find domineering or self- sacrificing mothers, and it is also only because of these existing conditions that such an experience will have an influence on later life."