Limit Sizsiniz - Mümin Sekman
Kendi kanatlarıyla uçmak isteyen her insanın aklında bir başarı projesi olmalıdır. Başarı projesi sayesinde gündelik hayatta karşılaşılan her durum, insan, fırsat, fikir o proje içinde bir yerlere yerleştirilir. Bir başarı projesinin olması, hayat nehri üzerine baraj kurmak gibidir, önünüzden akan her şeyden bir şekilde yararlanmaya başlarsınız. Başarı projesi kendinize değil işinize konsantre olmanızı sağlar..
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هكذا ربانا جدي علي الطنطاوي - عابدة المؤيد العظم
تتحدث عابدة حفيدة الشيخ الطنطاوي عن الاساليب التربوية التي اتبعها معهم جدهم رحمه الله الكتاب تربوي ممتع جداً سواء للمربين أو الشباب من تسعة فصول قصيرة سلسة الأسلوب ممتعة ، تجعلك تعيش معهم وكأنك واحد منهم ... ناهيك عن الفائدة الكبيرة التي تستوحيها من التجارب التربوية ، التي كان يقوم بها الطنطاوي مع أولاده ، لغرس المفاهيم الإسلامية في نفوسهم ، وحثهم على فضائل الأعمال ، والسمو بأخلاقهم إلى عليين .. مثلاً إذا طلبت منه ابنته شيئاً ، قال لها : اطلبيه من الله وقولي : يا رب ، أريد هذا الشيء، والله
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What Does Your Doctor Look Like Naked?: Your Guide to Optimum Health - J. Warren Willey II
Are you carrying around extra weight? Are you starving yourself, literally, only to see the numbers on the scale grow larger? What Does Your Doctor Look Like Naked?, by Dr. Warren Willey, is a witty and informative resource for the perpetual dieter that is sure to be the last book purchased on slimming down and toning up. By following Dr. Willey's all-natural eating menu and a comprehensive workout plan, starved dieters will find nourishment and watch their bodies transform before their very
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Made for Happiness: Discovering the Meaning of Life with Aristotle - Jean Vanier, Kathryn Spink
In Made for Happiness, Jean Vanier offers an uplifting, contemporary, and practical application of philosophy to human needs and yearnings. Inviting readers to look with fresh eyes at theories of happiness written over two millennia ago, Vanier builds on the philosophical work of his youth as he examines the basis for modern moral philosophy and its role in people's lives today. The book uncovers useful links between psychology, spirituality, and morality: psychology helps readers face their
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If It Hurts, It Isn't Love: And 365 Other Principles to Heal and Transform Your Relationships - Chuck Spezzano, Robert Holden
In If It Hurts, It Isn't Love, author Chuck Spezzano finds truth in simple insights: What I think I need is what I am called to give. Depression is the fear that something new will leave me. When someone gets angry at me, there is a lesson for me to learn. Jealousy is a birthing place. These principles show how to look afresh at one's most important relationships, in a way that heals pain and brings love and forgiveness. After each principle, the author gives brief exercises that nudge readers
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40 Stories of Finding Your One True Love - Bo Sanchez
These 40 Love Stories Will Make You Fall in Love Again: In the incredible bestselling book, "How To Find Your One True Love ", Bo Sanchez wrote only one love story: his love story with his wife Marowe. Through the years, that book has rocked he world of thousand of singles all over the planet. It has saved many singles of marrying the wrong person. It has inspired many to choose the right partners. And from the many emails Bo received, the book has caused many great marriages. So
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Couple Fits: How to Live with the Person You Love - Evelyn S. Cohen, Andrea Thompson
Attachment theory has generated a lot of press attention recently. But Couple Fits is the first book to apply the principles to building healthier relationships and reducing conflict. Our first attachment relationship--as infants to our mothers--remains with us throughout our lives, and determines our future relationships with others. This book describes the three styles of attachment and provides a self-test so readers are able to determine their own style and their partner's. The authors then
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افعل شيئا مختلفا - عبد الله علي العبد الغني, طارق السويدان
لماذا قلنا افعل شيئاً مختلفاً؟ لأنك إذا فعلت ما تعودت فعله فستحصل على ما تعودت الحصول عليه.. كتاب يحفزك على التغيير من حياتك ~~~~~ • فيه خلطة جذابة وساحرة من علوم الشرق والغرب في المبادئ الملهمة لإحداث التغيير في حياتك أو مساعدة غيرك عليه. • يحتوي على استشهادات وتأصيل شرعي متميز, جاء بعد قراءة متأنية في النصوص الشرعية وشروحاتها من كتب التفسير والسنة المعتبرة. • مكتوب بلغة عصرية, تقرّب الفهم, وتزيد في الوعي, وتحفّز على التغيير. • يجمع تجارب إنسانية ناجحة لمعاصرين من عامة الناس, تثبت لك أن
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A kiút - Csernus Imre
Orvosként régóta stigmatizált emberekkel dolgozom, olyanokkal, akik a saját poklukban fortyognak, és nem látják a kiutat. Vajon mit jelent a pokol? Mit jelent talpra állni, és felnőttként élni? Nekem meggyőződésem, hogy amibe egy ember juttatta önmagát, abból ki is mászhat. De hogyan? Mi az út? Ezekről a folyamatokról, az első lépésekről szól ez a könyv, különös tekintettel a mai huszonéves fiatalokra, akiket divatos szóval Y generációnak is neveznek. Jó ideje érdekel már, hogy milyenek ők,
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Love Signals: A Practical Field Guide to the Body Language of Courtship - David Givens
A world renowned anthropologist explores the non-verbal signs, signals, and cues human beings exchange to attract and keep their mates. As a medium of communication, Love's silent language predates speech by millions of years. Today, we still express emotions and feelings largely apart from words. The postures, gestures, and facial cues of attraction are universal, in all societies and cultures. According to Dr. Givens, courtship moves slowly though five distinct phases: attracting attention,
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