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The Vocab-Vitamin Vocabulary Booster

Get your all-in-one supplement for dynamic daily diction! Straight from the popular website VocabVitamins.com comes a healthy dose of vocabulary-boosting lessons sure to supercharge your word power. Grouped thematically into nine easy-to-digest Vocab Vitamin Packs, you'll find more than 400 wonderful words to chew on, along with proven methods for memorization and usage, games, and puzzles that teach you how to: Use each word in a sentence Pronounce the words properly Understand the meaning and nuance of each word Retain the information for a lifetime You'll also get a free six-month subscription to the website, where you'll receive a new word every day and much more. Great for test prep or your personal and professional life, The Vocab Vitamins Vocabulary Booster will add vim and vigor to your vocabulary and more pep to your word power.

Author: Julie Karasik, Julie Karasik
Pages: 431 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 39.32 Mb

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