How Come That Idiot's Rich and I'm Not? - Robert Shemin
In How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not? bestselling author Robert Shemin reveals for the first time the inner-circle secrets of the mega-wealthy. Have you ever wondered why some people attract wealth while others stay financially trapped and in debt? The key is wealth-friendly, upside-down thinking. Stick with all the old moneymaking rules and stay broke. Break them and get rich. This is the book that shows you how. We’ve all read about the college kid who made millions on a brainstorm, or
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Mentes Brilhantes: Como Desenvolver Todo o Potencial do seu Cérebro - Alberto Dell'isola
Sabemos que todo mundo reconhece aqueles que inovam, criam ou provocam situações que chamam a atenção de alguma forma. Então faz sentido afirmar que o segredo do sucesso pode ser resumido em ser criativo. Neste livro, você entrará em contato com técnicas profissionais para desenvolver toda a capacidade do seu cérebro e impressionar a todos (incluindo seu chefe!) com as novas idéias que apresentar. Entre os itens abordados em seu conteúdo, estão: • Mente criativa: como ampliar e estimular sua
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The Tao of Love and Sex - Jolan Chang
Two thousand years ago, at a time when the Christian West was frantically repressing sexuality, the Chinese were enjoying an erotic life that fused the sensual and the spiritual, in which sexual guilt and sexual aberrations like sadism and masochism were all but absent. This bestselling book by a leading modern exponent of Taoism makes that erotic life available to all who seek it. With its emphasis on male restraint and female pleasure and its healing vision of sex as an expression of a deeper
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