Let's Change - Rhenald Kasali
"Bukan yang terkuat yang mampu bertahan, melainkan yang paling adaptif dalam meres­pons perubahan", begitu penjelasan teori "survival of the fittest" yang dibangun Charles Darwin (1809-1882). Kebenaran teori klasik dalam bidang biologi ini rupanya diyakini pula oleh pakar manajemen Rhenald Kasali yang gencar menggaungkan semangat perubahan dan mengembangkan apa yang disebut manajemen perubahan. Dalam hidup akan selalu muncul masalah-masalah baru yang tidak bisa dipecahkan
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Hiểu về trái tim - Minh Niem
Trong dòng chảy tất bật của cuộc sống, có bao giờ chúng ta dừng lại và tự hỏi: Tại sao ta giận? Tại sao ta buồn? Tại sao ta hạnh phúc? Tại sao ta cô đơn?... Tất cả những hiện tượng tâm lý ấy không ngừng biến hóa trong ta và tác động lên đời sống của ta, nhưng ta lại biết rất ít về nguồn gốc và sự vận hành của nó. Chỉ cần một cơn giận, hay một ý niệm nghi ngờ, cũng có thể quét sạch năng lượng bình yên trong ta và khiến ta nhìn mọi thứ đều sai lệch. Từ thất bại này đến đổ vỡ khác mà ta không lý
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Etiquette - Emily Post
This edition is illustrated and annotated, with detailed information about Emily Post and also the Emily Post Institute. There is a convenient, active table of contents, and this work has been formatted for your Kindle. Many who scoff at a book of etiquette would be shocked to hear the least expression of levity touching the Ten Commandments. But the Commandments do not always prevent such virtuous scoffers from dealings with their neighbor of which no gentleman could be capable and retain
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Profiting by Design: A Jewelry Maker's Guide to Business Success - Marlene Richey
If you're a jewelry designer, running your own business can be one of the most challenging, exhilarating, nerve-wracking, and ultimately rewarding things you'll ever do. In this book, Marlene Richey offers a basic, easy-to-understand guide to becoming just such a "nano entrepreneur," covering everything from identifying a target market and setting up shop to pricing, marketing, and selling your individual designs--all while having fun along the way. She also provides real-life lessons
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Buddhism for Dummies - Jonathan Landaw, Stephan Bodian
From the outside, Buddhism seems like a bundle of contradictions wrapped inside a paradox. It is a religion without a god, a belief system without rules, and a faith that encourages its adherents to question everything, including its own teachings. You could spend a lifetime studying Buddhist texts and following its observances and still feel like you've only just barely scratched the surface. Yet, over the past 2500 years, this lovely religion that preaches compassion, generosity, tolerance,
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