The Possible Dream - Charles Paul Conn
Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel had a dream big enough to embrace everyone seeking to change their lives and willing to work to do it. Make it happen, they challenged. Build your future within the framework of Amway. And thousands have, spurred on by freedom from a time clock and, of course, money. Inside is the warm and personal story behind the explosive growth of Amway.
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Attitude Is Everything for Success - Keith Harrell
Everyone desires success and is capable of achieving it. Having what you truly desire begins with adopting a winning attitude. By positively channelling your attitude and thoughts, using empowering language and taking action, youll be sufficiently equipped to successfully accomplish any goal. Attitude is Everything for Success contains morsels of wisdom and easy-to-learn tools to help you along your journey.
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The Rewarding Practice of Journal Writing: A Guide for Starting and Keeping Your Personal Journal - James E. Miller
Learn helpful, concrete ideas for starting and maintaining this life-giving practice, written by a long-term journal keeper. This book contains illuminating quotations from people who have written about their personal lives through the years. It's an easy-to-read, sure-to-encourage resource for new journal keepers, and lapsed ones too. Sixteen basic suggestions are written about in complete detail.
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Ten Life Changing Lessons - Winsome Campbell-Green
Ten Life Changing Lessons is a unique and powerful book, which outlines ten effective methods, to create immediate, dramatic and lasting changes in most aspects of your life. Written from the author’s personal perspective and experiences, with a deep sense of openness and honesty, the book provides numerous guidelines for the transformation of various relationships, professional life, and some critical essentials to personal happiness. Focusing on the simple actions that make change possible,
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The Infertility Companion for Catholics - x Carmen Santamaria, Angelique Ruhi-Lopez, Angelique Ruhi-Lopez
This is the first book to address not only the medical and emotional dimensions of infertility but also the spiritual needs of Catholic couples who desire to understand and follow the Churchs teaching on the use of assisted reproductive technology.
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My Third-World Girlfriend - R.J. Silver
Gerry Lankin has a problem. All his life, women have been hitting him over the head, usually for good reason. Recognizing he's at fault, he's about to make big changes in his life, when three older men convince him that the key to romantic happiness isn't self-improvement; it's finding a woman with low expectations. Gerry's about to discover just how wrong three old men can be.
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الشخصية الساحرة - كريم الشاذلي
الأمر لم يعد صعبا .. أصبح بإمكانك أن تصبح نجما اجتماعيا، وشخصا محبوبا مميزا ..! في هذا الكتاب نتعلم أكثر من 30 طريقة لتصبح شخصا محبوبا، ليست نصائح جافة، أو تعليمات مكررة .. إنها قبل أي شيء، قناعات ومبادئ، من شأن من يؤمن بها ويعمل على تطبيقها أن يصبح أفضل وأروع مما هو عليه . ومن المهم أن أوضح لك أنه لا يوجد في هذا الكتاب قالب يدعى الشخصية الساحرة ولا قميص إذا ارتداه المرء صار نجما اجتماعيا .. إنه محاولة جادة لثقل شخصيتك ..و تعريفك بكوامن القوة ، وبواطن الداء التي بداخلك . وما عليك أيها القارئ
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Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun - Carla Sonheim
Carla Sonheim is an artist and creativity workshop instructor known for her fun and innovative projects and techniques designed to help adult students recover a more spontaneous, playful approach to creating. Her innovative ideas are now collected and elaborated on in this unique volume. Carla offers a year's worth of assignments, projects, ideas, and techniques that will introduce more creativity and nonsense into your art and life. Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists offers readers a fun way
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Every Man's Survival Guide to Ballroom Dancing: Ace Your Wedding Dance and Keep Cool on a Cruise, at a Formal, and in Dance Classes - James Joseph
Every Man's Survival Guide to Ballroom Dancing Learn how to satisfy a woman on the dance floor. Part guerrilla manual and part cotillion handbook, this book teaches the basic principles common to all music and dance, enabling you to walk onto any dance floor and perform an admirable dance, with any partner, to any music, with confidence and grace.This book is an insider's guide to ballroom dancing. It's for non-dancers, newbies and beginners. ... Full description
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Creative Writing: How to Unlock Your Imagination and Develop Your Writing Skills - Adele Ramet
This book is an excellent guide for writers who are starting out, or writers who are looking for ways to improve, broaden and vary their writing. It focuses on fiction and fiction genre - science, romance, horror and crime. It teaches how to create characters, set atmosphere, develop dialogue and create suspense. The book also covers non-fiction, in particular the ways to draw on personal experience to write articles on a wide variety of topics in a number of different styles. There is a
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