A Book of Knowing and Not Knowing (A Handbook for the Information Age) - Martin Gover
Note:update Nov 2012 to correct earlier typos - please re download if bought previously A book about Knowing and not Knowing A book that states Knowing everything - isn't every thing- so-Relax you dont have to know it all. Ever Now there’s nothing wrong with all this knowledge that’s out there – but, as we will show in this little book, when you boil it down, despite all the information and ‘knowledge’ - we really don’t know that much about the important things. In fact don’t know that much
Personal Productivity For Busy Managers - Tony Riches
Personal productivity is under scrutiny as never before. In every sector global recession means continued pressure to reduce costs and increase productivity. All organisations are now driven to shine a spotlight closely at the contribution from every manager. A brilliant track record is no longer any guarantee of future job security. What matters is how much value you are adding now. So how do we really do more with less? There are plenty of books with tips on how to manage your time - but
Business Fitness: The Power to Success--Your Way - Dawn G. Lennon
Business Fitness: The Power to Succeed--Your Way demystifies the process for achieving success in the business world and then provides seven smart moves to get there and stay there. Whether you work for an organization or yourself, you will benefit by learning how to become business fit—prepared and ready to take on any workplace challenge and succeed. Learn about the power of the four private moves: Stay Well, Stay Focused, Stay Current, and Stay Connected. And then about the public ones:
Corporate Ninja - attract what you want and play the game to win! - Hilary Wilson-Savage
Read and enjoy Hilary’s secrets, but don’t tell anyone else about this book. Don’t consult it openly; keep it locked away in your desk drawer. Then you can look forward to a long and fruitful career, at the expense of others. Hilary believes in the traditional definition of success: power and money. Every other definition has simply been invented by those who have money and power, to try and convince you that you don’t want what they have already got. That’s less competition for them. Don’t
Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs - Bryan Mattimore
How to solve critical business challenges by generating more and better ideas Every organization needs a steady supply of fresh, relevant ideas, but managers can't just lock teams in a room with a mandate to brainstorm and hope for the best. Ideation is both a science and an art, and when group ideation processes are well-designed and well-facilitated, anyone can generate an abundance of creative, implementable options?not to mention true breakthroughs?for any business need. Drawing on his work
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How Winning Works: 8 Essential Leadership Lessons from the Toughest Teams on Earth - Robyn Benincasa
Robyn Benincasa has made an art form of extreme performance by competing and winning at the highest levels of sport and business. In her fifteen-year career as a professional adventure racer, she has biked through jungles in Borneo, climbed Himalayan giants in Nepal, trekked across lava fields in Fiji, rafted rapids in Chile—and racked up multiple world championship titles along the way. In her spare time, she is a firefighter and a sought-after keynote speaker on the subject of teamwork and
Eat People: And Other Unapologetic Rules for Game-Changing Entrepreneurs - Andy Kessler
How entrepreneurs find the next big thing-and make it huge. The era of easy money and easy jobs is officially over. Today, we're all entrepreneurs, and the tides of change threaten to capsize anyone who plays it safe. Taking risks is the name of the game-but how can you tell a smart bet from a stupid gamble? Andy Kessler has made a career out of seeing the future of business, as an analyst, investment banker, venture capitalist, and hedge fund manager. He evaluated the business potential
By Invitation Only: How We Built Gilt and Changed the Way Millions Shop - Alexis Maybank, Alexandra Wilkis-Wilson, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson
On a warm September night in 2002, former acquaintances Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis reconnected at a mixer for new students at Harvard Business School. Alexis had just ended a four-year run at eBay during the dotcom boom and bust. Alexandra had just spent three years as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch. Now they were entering the country’s top training ground for future titans of Wall Street and the Fortune 500.    Little did either suspect that five years later, they’d become
Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went From Street Corner to Corner Office - Zack O'Malley Greenburg
"I'm not a businessman-I'm a business, man." --Jay-Z Some people think Jay-Z is just another rapper. Others see him as just another celebrity/mega-star. The reality is, no matter what you think Jay-Z is, he first and foremost a business. And as much as Martha Stewart or Oprah, he has turned himself into a lifestyle. You can wake up to the local radio station playing Jay-Z's latest hit, spritz yourself with his 9IX cologne, slip on a pair of his Rocawear jeans, lace up your Reebok
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The Gift of Betrayal: How to Heal Your Life When Your World Explodes - Eve A. Wood
You’ve been betrayed by a loved one.  But, you are not alone.  Join esteemed psychiatrist, relationship expert and prolific author, Eve A. Wood, M.D., in this life altering workshop.  Learn how to heal your life after this horrendous experience.  What feels like a curse is really a blessing in disguise.  Eve ought to know.  She’s been there herself.  And she’s helped hundreds of others heal their lives after gut-wrenching betrayals.  You too can climb out of the pit of despair and live your
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