Love-Driven Communication - How to Create Deep Connections that Last - Peter W. Murphy
Love-driven communication is all about coming from a loving place when you talk to the people in your day to day life. Whether that be your friends, colleagues, people in your community or even strangers. When you choose to be loving it transforms the quality of your communication and creates deep connections that last. You`ll enjoy more harmonious friendships, deeper rapport and far fewer people problems. And best of all it only takes a slight shift in perspective for this to happen. However
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How Can My Hate Help Me Love: How to Build the Feelings You Want - Gregg Loy, M. Cruz
How Can My Hate Help Me Love describes a new approach toward feelings, emotions and ingrained responses. This approach builds automatic responses, and automatic feelings that are as strong and rooted as your current automatic responses and feelings. You can add desired responses to any of your existing conditioned responses. For example, you could have a strongly rooted automatic response of feeling love, whenever you feel hate. When you automatically feel hate for someone, you will also feel
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The Forest House: A Year's Journey Into the Landscape of Love, Loss, and Starting Over - Joelle Fraser
Following divorce, Fraser resolves to stay in the small mountain town where her son’s father lives, but it soon proves too claustrophobic. She finds relief a world away in a small house up a winding road tucked so far into the forest one forgets it is technically still in town. It’s in this small and remote forest house, both buffered and enveloped by endless wilderness, where she slowly rebuilds. The life she carves out for herself and son Dylan is harsh at times and lyrical at others. The
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Secangkir Teh Pengubat Letih - Hasrizal Abdul Jamil
Bumi Ataturk tidaklah seperti yang digembar-gemburkan. Roh Islam masih subur di situ! Itulah perasaan yang akan terzahir apabila menatap naskhah kedua Siri Travelog Tarbiah karangan Ustaz Hasrizal ini. Penulis menumpahkan segala pengalaman beliau di Turki yang juga dianggap rumah kedua selepas Jordan. Warga Turki masih utuh pegangan akidahnya, para huffaz bertebaran di buminya, ukhuwah islamiah masih membara di dada penghuninya, malah tiada Muslim yang akan rasa terasing apabila bertandang ke
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How to Make a Million Before Lunch - Rachel Bridge
Fed up with working for someone else? Want to start your own business but don’t want to wait years to reap the rewards? Take every shortcut you can, and get there fast. Rachel Bridge has met hundreds of the world's most successful entrepreneurs. Now she shares their expertise to show you the top 20 shortcuts to creating a booming business—and the energy-sapping, time-wasting traps to avoid along the way—so you too can make a million, ASAP.
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Our Bodies, Ourselves - Boston Women's Health Book Collective
Our Bodies, Ourselves is the resource that women of all ages turn to for information about their bodies, sexuality, and reproductive health. Completely revised and updated, these pages provide women with the information and tools they need to make key health decisions—accurate, evidence-based information, input from leading experts, and personal stories from women who share their experiences. This new edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves includes the latest vital information on: • CHANGES IN THE
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Thinking Like Your Editor: How to Write Great Serious Nonfiction and Get It Published - Susan Rabiner, Alfred Fortunato
Over 50,000 books are published in America each year, the vast majority nonfiction. Even so, many writers are stymied in getting their books published, never mind gaining significant attention for their ideas—and substantial sales. This is the book editors have been recommending to would-be authors. Filled with trade secrets, Thinking Like Your Editor explains: • why every proposal should ask and answer five key questions; • how to tailor academic writing to a general reader, without losing
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