3 Keys to Transforming Your Potential (An Accelerator's Guide to the CEO Within) - Gene Early
Have you ever been stuck? Are you stuck now? Have you been in the position where you needed to decide on a way forward and didn't know which way to go? This book will guide you on the path to transformational success. Find and activate your hidden potential to reach heights in your life and career you never dreamed possible!
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The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga - Swami Vishnu-devananda, Swami Vishnu-devananda
Since 1960, more than 1 million people have used this classic guide to tap the incredible power of yoga. The attractive new edition, in a new size, will appeal to a wide audience of contemporary yoga students.
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Ignite Your Inner Leader: Inspire Teams, Optimise Results - David E. Ferrers
If business books bore you, but you still want to know how to become a transformational leader, this is for you. Ignite Your Inner Leader skillfully interweaves an inspiring leadership story with valuable leadership lessons. As the exciting story unfolds your coach guides you through the best ways to manage the leadership issues that you and the hero encounter every day. You will master the secret of leading in a way that makes others want to follow you. You will create visions that inspire
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Decoding Love: Why It Takes Twelve Frogs to Find a Prince, and Other Revelations from the Science of Attraction - Andrew Trees
A smart, entertaining, and eye-opening look at the science of love. Relationships should be so simple. You meet someone. You fall in love. If all goes well, that person falls in love with you. You live happily every after. As Andrew Trees reveals in Decoding Love, this �romantic storyline� has shaped our thinking about relationships for centuries. But the fairy tale is deeply flawed. Researchers today are making shocking discoveries about how and why we choose the people we love. Drawing
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Free Money - Kevin Trudeau
"New York Times"-bestselling author Trudeau offers a one-stop source for billions of dollars that are ready, available, and waiting to be claimed. Hundreds of pages of easy-to-read and easy-to-follow steps will tell readers exactly what to do to find their share of this "free" money.
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Manufacturing Depression: The Secret History of a Modern Disease - Gary Greenberg
• Author with professional and personal experience: Psychotherapist Gary Greenberg’s musings on the intersection of science, politics, and ethics have graced the pages of The New Yorker , Wired , and Mother Jones. A longtime sufferer of depression, in 2007 he enrolled himself in a clinical trial for major depression (after his initial application for a minor depression trial was rejected). He wrote about his experience in a Harper’s magazine piece, which received a tremendous response from
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Bitterschokolade - Mirjam Pressler, Anja Verbeek
Eva lernt von ihrer Umwelt das Naschen zur Bewältigung ihrer Probleme, genauer: zur Kompensation von Enttäuschungen – und macht es dadurch nur noch schlimmer. Sie ist dadurch dick geworden, findet sich scheußlich, ihr mangelndes Selbstbewusstsein macht Außenkontakte fast unmöglich – wieder ein Grund mehr zum Naschen.
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Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within - Osho
As Osho points out in the foreward to this book, historically, the creative person has been all but forced to rebel against the society. But nowadays, the situation has dramatically changed. In today's world, the ability to respond creatively to new challenges is demanded of everybody, from corporate CEOs to "soccer moms." Those whose toolbox for dealing with life includes only what they have learned in the past from their parents and their teachers are at a distinct disadvantage
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Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God - John Piper
John Piper’s newest book will help Christians think aboutthinking. Focusing on the life of the mind helps us to know Godbetter, love him more, and care for the world. Along with anemphasis on emotions and the experience of God, we alsoneed to practice careful thinking about God. Pipercontends that “thinking is indispensable on the path topassion for God.” So how are we to maintain a healthy balanceof mind and heart, thinking and feeling?Piper urges us to think for the glory of God.
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Why Am I So Disorganised?: Sort Out Your Stuff - Marilyn Paul
While most organising books simply offer good tips for changing the symptoms of disorganisation, in 'Why Am I So Disorganised?', Dr Marilyn Paul helps you identify and transform the root causes by teaching you how to recognise habits of thought and action that contribute to disorder.
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