Diet Simple: 192 Mental Tricks, Substitutions, Habits & Inspirations - Katherine Tallmadge
The only program that shows you in exact detail which changes you can make and how much weight you can expect to lose. Includes over 25 recipes and enticing, delicious weight-loss meals.
Langit Ilahi: Tuhan Tidak Lupakan Kita - Hilal Asyraf
Tiada siapa yang inginkan kehidupan yang sengsara. Mehnah yang ditempuh bagaikan badai yang bisa membuatkan hati yang rapuh cepat tergugah. Pernah juga terfikir betapa malangya hidup yang hanya ada derita, seolah-olah bahagia itu tidak mahu singgah walau seketika. Sesekali mengadu kepada Tuhan, terasa hina dan kerdilnya menumpang di bumi-Nya. Menghimpunkan siri tazkirah yang disampaikan dalam bentuk penulisan yang bersahaja, buku ini mudah dihadam dan dihayati satu-persatu. Buku ini mengajak
Confidence: Finding It and Living It - Barbara De Angelis
The bestselling author of "Real Moments" and "Are You the One for Me?", Dr. Barbara DeAngelis shares her unique and inspirational ideas about confidence. Readers will learn the true meaning of the word "confidence" and how they can find its source inside themselves.
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Raising A Modern Day Princess - Pam Farrel, Doreen Hanna
In the same tradition as "Raising a Modern-Day Knight," this book is designed to equip parents to cultivate strong relationships with their adolescents. "Raising a Modern-Day Princess" stresses the importance of creating a rite of passage for teen girls--a defining moment in which girls can be blessed by significant adults in their lives, and a call for their families and communities to celebrate and support them as they enter womanhood. This book offers practical help in
Cinta di Rumah Hasan al Banna - Muhammad Lili Nur Aulia
Sesungguhnya peletak dasar pergerakan dakwah moden semisal Hasan Al Banna telah memberi contoh bahawa yang merasakan sentuhan pertama nilai pendidikan seorang da'ie, adalah orang terdekatnya. Jika ia seorang ayah, maka isteri dan anaknyalah yang merasakan sentuhan pertama. Demekian pula bila ia adalah seorang ibu. - Dra. Hj. Wrianingsih
Anleitung zum wunschlosen Glück. Warum wünschen unglücklich machen kann - Rainer Grunert
Anders als die gängigen Wunscherfüllungs-Anleitungen öffnen uns Rainer Grunerts Recherchen die Augen für das Geheimnis hinter der Erfüllung unserer Wünsche. Sind wir erst einmal zum Glücks-Magier geworden, richtet sich die Welt nach uns und die Wunschfalle schnappt zu, denn alles, was geschehen kann, wird auch geschehen. Und so gelangen wir von der Schwierigkeit des richtigen Wunsches vielleicht zum wunschlosen Glück. Mit "Anleitung zum wunschlosen Glück" läutet Rainer Grunert den
Gay and Lesbian San Francisco - William Lipsky
In recent years, San Francisco has been synonymous with gay and lesbian pride, and the various achievements of the gay and lesbian community are personified in the city by the bay. The tumultuous and ongoing struggles for this community's civil rights from the 1950s to the present are well documented, but queer culture itself goes back much further than that, in fact all the way back to the California gold rush.
Sun Tzu and the Art of Business: Six Strategic Principles for Managers - Mark McNeilly
More than two millennia ago the famous Chinese general Sun Tzu wrote the classic work on military strategy, The Art of War. Now, in Sun Tzu and the Art of Business, Mark R. McNeilly shows how Sun Tzu's strategic principles can be successfully applied to modern business situations. Here are really two books in one: McNeilly's synthesis of Sun Tzu's ideas into six strategic principles for the business executive, plus the entire text of Samuel B. Griffith's popular translation of The Art of War.
The Secret to Teen Power - Paul Harrington
Since its original publication, The Secret has inspired millions to live extraordinary lives. The Secret to Teen Power makes the knowledge of the law of attraction accessible and relevant to today’s teens. It explains the law of attraction in relation to teen issues such as friends and relationships, schoolwork, and self-image. It explains how teens can transform their own lives and live their dreams, by understanding and using the power they have in their hands. The Secret to Teen Power
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Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead - Sheryl Sandberg
Thirty years after women became 50 percent of the college graduates in the United States, men still hold the vast majority of leadership positions in government and industry. This means that women’s voices are still not heard equally in the decisions that most affect our lives. In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg examines why women’s progress in achieving leadership roles has stalled, explains the root causes, and offers compelling, commonsense solutions that can empower women to achieve their full
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