Let's Draw Manga- Astro Boy (Let's Draw Manga) - Tezuka Productions, Junji Kobayashi
In 1963, this popular comic book made television history by becoming Japan's first animated series. Ever since, it has inspired an entire subgenre of robot characters. Now, Astro Boy is making a comeback in Japan and America. In Fall 2003, Astro Boy will appear in a new animated television series and in a CGI-animated feature film. This volume of the Let's Draw Manga series teaches illustrators and animators the characteristics of this beloved robot boy with never-before-seen details. You will
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Tezuka School of Animation, 1: Learning the Basics - Tezuka Productions
The work of artist Osamu Tezuka has been as influential in Japan as that of Walt Disney in the US. His most famous character, Astro Boy, guides the reader through this book on the fundamentals of animation. The focus is on mastering movement, timing, and expression-the keys to bringing anime characters to life. This book is filled with step-by-step instructions on how to depict weight, walking speed, dynamic action, and effects like fire and water. The concepts are all taken from Tezuka's works
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Anti-Aging Herbs : Feel Better, Live Longer and Look Younger - Includes Recipes! - Leighann Dobbs
Are you looking for a way to feel great, look great and enjoy life to the fullest as you get older? The answer could be in the foods you eat! This book takes a look at some of the most popular herbs that can help protect you from some of the side effects of aging. Inside you will find information on the health benefits of each herb as it relates to aging including any information from any published scientific studies that the author could dig up on each herb. This book is for you if you want
The Case of the Unwanted Pounds: A Weight-Loss & Fitness Mystery - Fred A. Stutman
Dr. Stutman presents a series of clues or rather tips in this unique weight-loss and fitness mystery book. This case presents a quick and easy weight-loss secret formula to rid your body permanently of unwanted pounds. The next clue is an anaerobic exercise-walking program. Walking boosts the weight-loss benefits of the diet plan, while adding the element of cardiovascular fitness to this diet and exercise program. This plan provides you with considerable energy, while keeping you fit and trim
50 things to know to Downsize Your Life - Lisa Marie Rusczyk
This book will help you downsize your life. Relationships and experiences are a place to spend time and money. Stop buying stuff, stop cleaning stuff, stop organizing stuff, and live your life! I wrote "50 Things to Know to Downsize Your Life" because I wanted to create a concise guide for people to follow to learn to live a better life with less. This is a collection of 50 simple tips that any person who would like to know while learning to downsize their life. The book offers
The DC Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics - Klaus Janson
America's leading comic book publisher brings its superstar creators and classic characters to the second in an authoritative series of books on how to create comics. The art of Klaus Janson has endured in the ever-changing comic book industry for over 30 years. Now this talented artist brings that experience to the most critical step of effective comic book storytelling: pencilling. Covering everything from anatomy to composition to page design, Janson details the methods for creating
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Perl Pocket Reference - Johan Vromans, Linda Mui
The "Perl Pocket Reference" is an invaluable reference for those who find themselves frequently searching for a quick answer to a question or reminder of a syntax rule. This handy, well-organized quick reference condenses stacks of Perl documentation down to the most essential at-your-fingertips facts. For ease-of-use, convenience, and price, this little reference is the first place Perl programmers look when they need an answer quickly. The "Perl Pocket Referenc" provides
The Art of Networking: Beyond the Handshake - David Woods
You might think networking is all about cocktail receptions with free drinks, free food, and friends. Maybe you're shy and dread every event you're required to attend. Perhaps there are just too many people, and you don't know where to start or how to narrow your focus. Remember: It's not Net-PLAY... It's not Net-EAT... It's not Net-DRINK... It's not Net-SIT... IT'S NET-WORK! In his concise but definitive guide, The Art of Networking: Beyond the Handshake, David Woods will tell you that if
Find a Job Through Social Networking: Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and More to Advance Your Career - Diane Crompton, Ellen Sautter
Find a Job Through Social Networking helps individuals maximize online networking for job search and career success by showing them where, how, and why they can benefit from making professional connections online.
Study Smart, Study Less: Earn Better Grades and Higher Test Scores, Learn Study Habits That Get Fast Results, and Discover Your Study Persona - Anne Crossman
Reap the rewards of a higher GPA without sacrificing your sanity or your social life!   If “I studied all night and I still didn’t ace the test” is your mantra, this witty study guide will help you pinpoint your personal learning style, prevent study mishaps, and work to your strengths. Using the best research on memory and the brain, Study Smart, Study Less offers easy techniques to help you:   •  absorb info quickly •  remember it accurately •  create a successful study space •  put
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