A Parent Guide to Hair Pulling Disorder: Effective Parenting Strategies for Children with Trichotillomania (Formerly Stay Out of My Hair) - Suzanne Mouton-Odum, Ruth Goldfinger Golomb
Book by Mouton-Odum PhD, Suzanne, Golomb LCPC, Ruth Goldfinger
The Sweet, Still Waters of Home: Inspiration for Mothers from the 23rd Psalm - Carol Lynn Pearson
Whether she has an infant in her arms or a strong hand in her wrinkled palm, a mother's work is never done. So this Mother's Day, give the women in your life a true treasure with this tender collection of poetry from beloved author Carol Lynn Pearson. Inspirational and uplifting, it's the perfect way to show them your love and gratitude for their divine work.
How to Turn Anger into Love - Reshmi M. Siddique, Mahmood I. Siddique
Anger can be used as a pathway to find love, health, and success in life. This book shows how anger can be transformed into a healing force for self-esteem, authentic power, and spiritual fulfillment.
Parenting for Character: Five Experts, Five Practices - Diana Baumrind
This book is comprised of five chapters, by five of North America's leading researchers and trainers on issues of character education and parenting. Writing for a parent audience, the authors outline four decades of research-based practices that maximize our children's potential for growing up to be kind, just, and fair.
SUCCESS STARTS HERE! Self Help, Self Improvement, Self Development (Neuro-Linguistic Programming Book 1) - Thom Becker
Learn How Many Ways That NLP Can Help You Get Rid Of Bad Behaviors And Create A Successful Life! Today only, get this Kindle book for FREE. Regularly priced at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. Have you heard of NLP and wonder what it can and cannot help? Are there some things that are off limits? If you can believe it NLP can change it. Download this book TODAY and: Learn What NLP is All About. Find Out How NLP Can Help You Make Positive Changes.
Radical Honesty : How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth - Brad Blanton
The first edition of Radical Honesty became a nationwide best seller in 1995 because it was not a kinder, gentler self-help book. It was a shocker! In it, Dr. Brad Blanton, a psychotherapist and expert on stress management, explored the myths, superstitions and lies by which we all live. And this newly revised edition is even worse! Blanton shows us how stress comes not from the environment, but from the self-built jail of the mind. What keeps us in our self-built jails is lying. "We all
Motivating Your Man, God's Way (Discovering One Word That Energizes Your Husband To Love) - Emerson Eggerichs
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The Dreamer's Way: Using Proactive Dreaming to Heal and Transform Your Life - Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Dream messagingSending your dreams into the dreams of others
How to Sell Yourself - Joe Girard, Robert Casemore, Norman Vincent Peale
No matter what field one may be in, there is a need to market oneself, and Girard, bestselling author of "How to Sell Anything to Anybody," reveals important sales secrets for everyday life.
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Develop Your Confidence, Self-Esteem And Instincts to Succeed. Women Can Sell - Robin Hesselgesser
Here's what you will discover: Building trust and relationships are the key to selling Self-Esteem and Confidence come from within – How to find them How to sell in a way that is consistent with your beliefs. Get past the, “No”, without being pushy. Marketing’s 3 R's – This is key to lead generation Success rules for appointments The keys to closing a sale. Tips on how to sell in a store. Much, much more.
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