A Tribe Apart: A Journey into the Heart of American Adolescence (Ballantine Reader's Circle) - Patricia Hersch
For three fascinating, disturbing years, writer Patricia Hersch journeyed inside a world that is as familiar as our own children and yet as alien as some exotic culture--the world of adolescence. As a silent, attentive partner, she followed eight teenagers in the typically American town of Reston, Virginia, listening to their stories, observing their rituals, watching them fulfill their dreams and enact their tragedies. What she found was that America's teens have fashioned a fully defined
Contact - Carl Sagan
It is December 1999, the dawn of the millennium. A team of international scientists is poised for the most fantastic adventure in human history. After years of scanning the galaxy for signs of somebody or something else, this team believes they've found a message from an intelligent source--and they travel deep into space to meet it. Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Sagan injects Contact, his prophetic adventure story, with scientific details that make it utterly believable. It's a Cold War era novel
The Gift of Play: Why Adult Women Stop Playing and How to Start Again. - Barbara Brannen
“Find your Â`Heart PlayÂ' and everything else you want in life will come along.” —Barbara Brannen In this charming book, Barbara Brannen, takes a look at how life can be better when we find and honor our “heart Play.” This is not just a trip to the movies or swinging on a swing, but finding that thing that will give us so much joy that we approach everything we do with more passion and delight. Barbara will show you how to reclaim the joy of play in your life by taking you through how you
The Little Book of Eastern Wisdom: Sufi, Tao, Zen - Priya Hemenway
In this beautifully illustrated book you will discover the insights of Eastern wisdom that inspire countless seekers to look within. You will meet the masters and mystics of Sufism, Tao, and Zen whose aim has always been to enlighten the heart, and you will delight in the rich art their truths inspire. The tales and teachings are based on the experiences of men and women who have journeyed within. The truths that they tell are eternal and peace they inspire belongs to us all Sufis speak to
Survival Pantry: The Beginners Guide To Food Storage, Canning, Preserving And Surviving (The Prepper's Guide To Food Storage, Water Storage, Canning And Preserving) - Julianne P.
Will you be prepared when disaster strikes? In todays uncertain, volatile world, everyone should have a food storage system in place. Preppers are prepared for any sort of disaster from common natural disasters to large scale apocalyptic events. Having and utilizing the information in this book could mean the difference between life and death. Whether or not you're prepared is up to you! Here is a preview of what you will learn... How you can be prepared in the case of common natural
The Eyes of the World - Harold Bell Wright
The Eyes of the World By Harold Bell Wright Author of "That Printer of Udells,""The Shepherd of the Hills," "The Calling of Dan Matthews," "The Winning of Barbara Worth," "Their Yesterdays," Etc. In appreciation of the friendship that began on the "Pipe-Line Trail," at the camp in the sycamores back of the old orchard, and among the higher peaks of the San Bernardinos; and because this story will always mean more to him than to any
The Everything Tween Book: A Parent's Guide to Surviving the Turbulent Pre-Teen Years - Linda Sonna
Has your daughter started wearing makeup and thinking about boys - years before you dreamed it could happen? Are you concerned that your son has been acting up and talking back - while you re sure you should still be his hero?As you know, the ''tween'' years, which fall between the ages of eight and twelve, can often be a challenging time for both you and your child. "The Everything Tween Book," written by child psychologist Dr. Linda Sonna, helps you navigate the trying years between
Divine Mother: Devotional Offerings for the Sacred Feminine Within All Beings - Ivonne Delaflor
"Without the Divine Mother principle incorporated into one's concept of 'God, ' half the story regarding divine nature is not told." -Toby Alexander, author of "The Great Master" Ivonne Delaflor's stunning collection of devotional poems sets in motion the Divine Feminine within your consciousness so that her compassion and wisdom will become a part of you. The poetry, the stories, the prayers, and the higher invocations included in this collection are not only about God as
Define Your Destiny Through Prayer: Your Journey to Divine Revelation - Sue Curran, Myles Munroe
Holy Spirit Prayers Prayer—connecting with God’s wisdom through your born-again spirit! In Define Your Destiny Through Prayer: Your Journey to Divine Revelation, you will learn how the Holy Spirit can teach you how to pray “according to the will of God” to establish your personal, Spirit-breathed destiny. Today—you can live in the supernatural realm of prayer to experience revival, healing, miracles of finance, and a harvest of souls. Miraculous intervention can characterize your life through
Heart of a Woman - the prevention and cure of the #1 killer of women (Boomer Health Book Series) - Jane L. Bilett, Othniel J. Seiden
A fact that too few physicians, much less women and patients, realize is that the number one killer of women is heart disease. Over 500,000 women die each year in the United States alone from heart disease. That is six times as many as from breast cancer and twice as many deaths as all cancer deaths in women combined. Furthermore, the symptoms of heart attack differ in women from those in men and are far too often misdiagnosed by health care personnel including physicians. Too often women die
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