Dare to Repair Plumbing (Collins Gem) - Julie Sussman, Stephanie Glakas-Tenet
From the authors of the bestselling Dare to Repair Take the plunge! Dare to Repair Plumbing shows that plumbing problems, whether they involve toilets, sinks, or pipes, don’t have to drain your wallet, energy, or time. With detailed illustrations, witty anecdotes, and step-by-step instructions, this handy guide will have the most repair-challenged woman replacing toilet handles and clearing clogged sinks with the best of them.
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Train Your Brain - Terry Horne, Simon Wootton
Build up your brain power! "Train Your Brain" will give you everything you need to get a faster, fitter and more productive brain. Not only does it offer plenty of fun puzzles and quizzes but the book also presents great advice for maximizing your mental agility through diet, exercise, and a generally healthy lifestyle. You will learn how to use the brain to tackle everything from office dilemmas to dinner-party debates. You can also visit teachyourself.com for tests, extension
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Rapid Math Tricks & Tips: 30 Days to Number Power - Edward H. Julius
Demonstrates a slew of time-saving tips and tricks for performing common math calculations. Contains sample problems for each trick, leading the reader through step-by-step. Features two mid-terms and a final exam to test your progress plus hundreds of exercise problems ranging from simple to more sophisticated. Also includes sections on "Mathematical Curiosities" and "Parlor Tricks" for math lovers.
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العقل الخارق - Carol Vorderman
International Sudoku expert and bestselling author Carol Vorderman brings her proven and addictive mental workouts to anyone seeking a sharper memory and better concentration skills. "In childhood and the early years of our adult lives we have information pumped into our brain whether we like it or not and then ... nothing. After formal education and work-related training the brain is left to get on with it and is largely ignored. For much of our lives our brains operate as if on
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Growing the Distance: Timeless Principles for Personal, Career, and Family Success - Jim Clemmer
Unique magazine style format of humorous quips, light-hearted stories, and insightful commentary. Uses fables, quotations, illustrations, and personal examples to inspire personal growth and change.
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Grammar for grown-ups: everything you need to know but never learnt in school - Craig Shrives
Do you know how to use semicolons, where to put your apostrophes and when to use commas? Do you know the difference between affect and effect, if and whether, or who and whom? (Does anyone still say whom?) More importantly, do you know why this stuff matters? The truth is that if your writing isn't up to scratch, it just won't be taken seriously. So, if you've reached a stage in your career or education where your writing needs to be high quality, Grammar for Grown Ups is a must for your top
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Chambers English Grammar - A.J. Taylor
A short reference book aimed at a general readership. The recently published Kingman Report on the teaching of English highlighted the need for students to have a basic and working knowledge of English grammar.
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Dictionary Of Idioms And Their Origins - Linda Flavell, Roger Flavell
Examining the origins of everyday idioms and expressions, this book explains their meanings and gives examples of their use. Interspersed with the individual entries are mini-essays on recurring themes, and also included are dates of first use and guidance on correct or current usage.
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Instant Insight: 200 Ways to Create the Life You Really Want - Jonathan Robinson
Quickly Uncover Your Own Answers to Life's Challenges With Instant Insight 200 Ways to Create the Life You Really Want Inside you is a warehouse of wisdom. Finding a way to access this information is essential to creating the life you really want. In Instant Insight, noted therapist Jonathan Robinson shows you how to do just that. By answering specific, specially worded questions, you can immediately gain insight into all of life's issues. Like a 'pocket coach, ' this book helps you discover
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Dictionary of Proverbs - Unknown Author 362
In Dictionary of Proverbs and Their Origins, Linda and Roger Flavell trace the origins and histories of over 400 proverbs, detailing the changes of meaning and usage that have occurred throughout each proverb's life and offering literary examples dating back over 2,000 years. Entries have been selected because they have a tale to tell and because they are pithily, even wi
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