Worry Free Finances - John Siebeling
In a volatile economy, can we ever truly be free of worry and anxiety about our finances? John Siebeling answers that question with an emphatic "yes." It's not about making more money, it's about three simple, biblical steps that apply to all of us, no matter what our income: tithe consistently, manage responsibly, and build a spirit of generosity. In this concise book, Siebeling unpacks each of these concepts, showing readers how to lay a strong foundation for worry-free finances,
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The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman's Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras - Nischala Joy Devi
Yoga is well known for its power to create a healthy body, but few realize the emotional and spiritual benefits. In The Secret Power of Yoga, world-renowned Yoga expert Nischala Joy Devi interprets Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the principles at the basis of Yoga practice, from a heart-centered, intuitive, feminine perspective, resulting in the first translation intended for women. Devi’s simple, elegant, and deeply personal interpretations capture the spirit of each sutra, and her suggested
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Dying for a Drink: What You Should Know about Alcoholism - Anderson Spickard Jr., Barbara R. Thompson
In the United States, alcoholism leads to 100,000 unnecessary deaths per year. Nearly 3 in 10 American adults are "risky drinkers." 18 million Americans are abusing alcohol regularly. More than 1/2 of Americans have a close family member who is an alcoholic. Despite the scope of this problem, there are currently no books published for the broader Christian community that offer Dying for a Drink's unique combination of strong writing, compelling stories, the best in medical science and
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The Rules of Influence: Winning When You're in the Minority - William D. Crano
“Look out, Goliath—David has a training manual! . . . One of the best books on social psychology ever written.” ---Daniel Gilbert, New York Times bestselling author of Stumbling on Happiness No one doubts the power of the majority. It makes the rules and enforces them, and most of us are willing to go along with it, most of the time. But what happens when you’re not? What about when the issue is so important to you that you’re willing to take on the naysayers? It doesn’t matter if you’re
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Time & Life Management Secrets - Leslie Abbott
Time & Life Management Secrets takes time and life skills management to a whole new level. Forget most of what you already learned concerning life skills and time management. That leads to burn out. Our time management course is designed to have all the important stuff done and be finished for the day by Five o'clock with no urgent work needing to be done at the dinner table. This entire course was developed as a result of putting into practice other time management strategies and
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Tools for a Great Marriage: Practical Help for Building a Marriage That Lasts - William Batson
Do you want a great marriage? Most people do. Yet, few people have great marriages, in large part because it is so easy to settle for the mundane in marriage. God did not intend for marriage to be boring and ordinary. In Tools for a Great Marriage, marriage and family life educator, William Batson, uses expert wisdom and practical common sense to show how several indispensable marital tools can help any couple build a satisfying, fun, loving, and lasting marriage. Couples will learn how to:
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Art of Advice:, The: How to Give It and How to Take It - Jeswald W. Salacuse
This guide to the indispensable art of advice-giving identifies common principles that govern all advising--regardless of the profession or area of life in which the advisor works--and helps advisors develop a finesse for each of them.
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Shifting Gears To Your Life & Work After Retirement: A Boomer's Roadmap to Transform Retirement into the Best Time of Your Life, Created by Two Boomers Who Did It - Carolee Duckworth, Marie Langworthy
Thirty years retired makes for a VERY long vacation. So... what's a 55+ Boomer to do? Arguably this next could be your BEST life passage. But first you will need to "shift gears," rediscover your SELF, then redesign a retirement life and work that will: Engage your energy and vitality, Stimulate your mind, Enhance your physical capabilities, and Keep you involved, relevant and productive for the next three or more decades... BUT without tying you down completely, nose to the
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LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile - Donna Serdula
Learn the secrets to creating a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile! This easy to read and fun book walks you through building an amazing LinkedIn profile. Chock full of LinkedIn Summary and Headline examples, LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile is your one stop resource to learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can get FOUND on LinkedIn.
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Thoughts Are Things - Prentice Mulford
Prentice Mulford's essays have been a spiritual inspiration for generations. Included in this volume are: "The Material Mind vs. the Spiritual Mind," "Thought Currents," "One Way to Cultivate Courage," "Look Forward!" "God in the Trees; or, The Infinite Mind in Nature," "Some Laws of Health and Beauty," "The God in Yourself," "The Healing and Renewing Force of Spring," "I
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