The Global Citizen: A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career - Elizabeth Kruempelmann
If your dreams of career success include jobs in Prague or Munich, if you want to learn Mandarin while living in China, or if your travel plans always require a passport, then "The Global Citizen" is for you. Written by's former international career mentor, Elizabeth Kruempelmann, "The Global Citizen" is an international life and career planner that walks you through the ins and outs of working, studying, volunteering, or living in a foreign country.
Better Homes and Gardens New Family Medical Guide - Better Homes and Gardens
Beautiful and brimming with information, this indispensable guide contains all the advice you'll ever need--even if your thumb is brown--to create a gorgeous yard, a bountiful vegetable garden, or a lush green indoors.More than 400 full-color photos let you see exactly what plants look like--from flowers to trees to vegetables--both close up and in garden settings. More than 115 drawings show you how to step by step all the tricks to caring for a variety of plants. One hundred pages of
The Complete Book of Decorative Knots - Geoffrey Budworth
A handy guidebook that includes eighty ornamental and useful knots with easy-to-follow; with step-by-step illustrations.
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Improve Your Sex Life Through Self-Hypnosis - John G. Kappas
Improve Your Sex Life Through Self-Hypnosis spell out, in clear, simple language, self-hypnosis techniques that have been tested by the author in thousands of private therapy cases. Within these pages, John G. Kappas, Ph.D., a noted hypnotherapist, marriage and family therapist, and sex therapist, shows how to focus your thoughts and forget everything but the pleasure of the moment. Complete with special questionaires that measure your sexual personality and hypnotic suggestibility, Improve
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Making a Home: Housekeeping for Real Life - Linda Hallam
The first portion of the book teaches how to maintain a home and its contents, the second portion offers advice on improving home life through better organisation, etiquette, and time management. Up-to-date, reliable information collected from universities, trade associations, federal agencies, and acknowledged experts on everything from pets, and home office equipment to home legal issues and environmental safety. Includes 1,000+ indexed tips, 125 photographs, 130 illustrations.
Order the Man of Your Dreams - Olivia Engelstein
Have you gone through thousands of dates, met a ton of different guys, and invested countless hours and untold energy in relationships to find that you are still alone? Now, love coach Olivia Engelstein has created a perfect plan to find your perfect man. Order the Man of Your Dreams: A Tasty Recipe to Find Love is an inspirational, spiritual, and practical book for finding love that also starts conveniently close to home: right within yourself! Also available are two supplemental practical
Depression: Emerging from the Darkness Into the Dawn (Hope for the Heart) - June Hunt
Do you feel the darkness of depression closing in on you? Can anything dispel the darkness and bring back true peace and contentment to your heart? June Hunt starts this mini?book with defining all types of depression, from normal mood swings to psychotic depression. Through charts and easy bulleted points, June Hunt explains what happens to the mind, emotions, will, and body when various form of depression hit. June Hunt shows you: the causes, types, unexpected signs, and physical effects of
The Seeds of Innovation: Cultivating the Synergy That Fosters New Ideas - Elaine Dundon
"Breakthrough innovation is a prerequisite for success in almost any organization, yet the actual management of innovation has only recently begun to receive the attention it deserves. Here, innovation thought leader Elaine Dundon offers a ""how-to"" prescription for building creative and strategic innovation skills at all levels of an organization (rather than focusing on decision-making levels only) -- and explains how to produce measurable results that translate
Seeing Through New Eyes: Changing the Lives of Children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Other Developmental Disabilities Through Vision Therapy - Melvin Kaplan
Dr Kaplan offers an accessible introduction to the treatment of visual dysfunction, a significant but neglected problem associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and other developmental disabilities. He identifies common autistic symptoms such as hand-flapping, poor eye contact and tantrums as typical responses to the confusion caused by vision disorder. He explains the effects of difficulties with 'ambient vision' - the function that is usually impaired in autistic people - which
When Your Kids Push Your Buttons: And What You Can Do About It - Bonnie Harris
Here is the first book that answers the questions "Why do my kids push my buttons?" and "How can I stop it from happening?"
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