The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living - Nick Ortner
Do you have things in your life that you wish were different . . . but you don’t know how to change?      The Tapping Solution offers a new technique to deal with seemingly impossible situations.      Tapping, also known as EFT, is a powerful tool for improving your life on multiple levels: mental, emotional, and physical. It has been proven to effectively address a range of issues—from anxiety, chronic pain, addiction, and fear, to weight control, financial abundance, stress relief, and so
The Path: Find Fulfillment Through Prosperity from Japan's Father of Management - Konosuke Matsushita
Have a dream that inspires. Nurture your ability to embrace differences. Seek out challenges--scale one mountain after another. Face challenges that matter-- learn to "fight with real swords." These and other lessons were the constants in the life of Konosuke Matsushita, founder of the Panasonic business empire. In this first complete English translation of "The Path," Matsushita's timeless advice will benefit anyone who desires to lead better by living better. For the
Instant Rapport - Michael Brooks
The national bestseller that shows how anyone can master the proven scientific techniques of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and forge instant relationships, instant chemistry, instant intimacy at will--now with a special chapter on sexual rapport! Trains the reader to control others' perceptions, dissolve communication barriers, create more intimate relationships, negotiate more effectively, and more.
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The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease - Daniel E. Lieberman
A landmark book of popular science—a lucid, engaging account of how the human body evolved over millions of years and of how the increasing disparity between the jumble of adaptations in our Stone Age bodies and the modern world is fueling the paradox of greater longevity but more chronic disease.    In a book that illuminates, as never before, the evolutionary story of the human body, Daniel Lieberman deftly examines the major transformations that contributed key adaptations to the body: the
Invitation to Psychology - Carole Wade, Carol Tavris
"Emphasizes critical thinking, culture, and gender"" ""Invitation to Psychology, 5/e, " shows students why scientific and critical thinking is so important in the decisions they make. In clear, lively, warm prose, this edition continues the title's integration of gender, culture, and ethnicity. By the end, readers will learn how to interpret research and to address and resolve controversies. MyPsychLab is an integral part of the Wade/Tavris/Garry program. Engaging
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Introducing Mind & Brain (Introducing - Angus Gellatly, Oscar Zárate
How does the biological tissue of which the brain is composed gives rise to activities which our culture refers to as "the mind?" How can three pounds of electric sponge provide for the experience of awe and enchantment: of memory, priority and experience.This provocative volume explains what the sciences have to say about planning and action, language, attention, emotions and vision. Author and illustrator trace the historical development, of ideas about the brain and its function
All-In 2 Night - Lynne Burgess
All-In Night is a family routine. For one night of the week everyone stays home. By spending ten to twenty minutes together, you can learn and talk about the things that matter. Following on from Lynne's original book this set of new activities is designed especially with Christian families in mind. An activity or discussion point each week. The book includes 40 weeks of activities, designed as 1 per week of the school year.Activities include love languages, listening for God, self-esteem, the
Breathing Life into Your Characters - Rachel Ballon
Psychotherapist Rachel Ballon teaches the reader how to use the principles of psychology to understand their characters better. Through a mix of instruction, examples, and writing and visualization exercises, readers learn how to tap into their own stories and emotions to create realistic, complex characters.
Blah Blah Blah: What To Do When Words Don't Work - Dan Roam
Ever been to so many meetings that you couldn't get your work done? Ever fallen asleep during a bulletpoint presentation? Ever watched the news and ended up knowing less? Welcome to the land of Blah Blah Blah. The Problem: We talk so much that we don't think very well. Powerful as words are, we fool ourselves when we think our words alone can detect, describe, and defuse the multifaceted problems of today. They can't-and that's bad, because words have become our default thinking tool. The
Shrewd: Daring to Live the Startling Command of Jesus - Rick Lawrence
It doesn’t seem to make sense: Jesus tells his disciples to take a lesson from Satan himself.   A scandalous idea? Yes. Essential to the Christian life? Definitely.   Drawing on Jesus’s parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16, Rick Lawrence explores Jesus’s shocking mandate to be as shrewd as Satan and as innocent as the Holy Spirit. In fact, Jesus implies, if we are going to be any good for the Kingdom of God, we’ve got to be a lot shrewder than we are now.   Shrewd shows us how Jesus was
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