Make It Work: Navigate Your Career Without Leaving Your Organization - Joe Frodsham, Bill Gargiulo
Make It Work exposes 16 pervasive myths that create roadblocks and limit career opportunities. It offers real-life career stories and the practices and principles that can help anyone create a rich and fulfilling work experience without leaving one organization for another. With exercises, a powerful new model and a self-assessment indicator, Make It Work presents a process for identifying our passions, discovering our core, finding a career fit, declaring our choices and taking control of our
Self Magazine's 15 Minutes to Your Best Self: Quick Fixes for a Healthier, Happier Life - Lucy Danziger, Self Magazine
The ultimate guide for time-crunched women: the most important things you can do to improve and organize your life while taking great care of yourself Women today are trying to outrun a chronic time deficit. So it’s no surprise that “15 Minutes to Your Best Self” has become SELF magazine’s most popular monthly section. Now the editors of SELF have written the ultimate sourcebook with easy-to-do time-saving tips and tricks to help readers be a little healthier and happier every day, without
The Oral Sex Position Guide: 69 Wild Positions for Amazing Oral Pleasure Every Which Way - Emily Dubberley
Great oral sex is as much about the motion of your hips as the action of your tongue and lips. The Oral Sex Position Guide brings you 69 positions that make fellatio and cunnilingus fun, fantastic, and unforgettable. From mild to wild, each position offers specific benefits such as easy deep throat action, pleasurable prostate play, anal-play access, or maximum clitoral stimulation.
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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore - William Joyce, Joe Bluhm
Morris Lessmore loved words. He loved stories. He loved books. But every story has its upsets. Everything in Morris Lessmore’s life, including his own story, is scattered to the winds.     But the power of story will save the day.
Playing House: A Starter Guide to Being a Grown-Up - Celeste Perron
Ready to graduate from dorm decor and mismatched furniture? Now it's easy to create a perfect, stylish space for entertaining and relaxing. Playing House is the bible for the girl who knows she has an aspiring domestic goddess inside her but doesn't know how to make those impulses meet reality. Page after page of advice on cooking, decorating, cleaning, and entertaining will provide you with everything you need to turn your bachelorette pad into a welcoming, cozy haven, including a stress-free
You Can Do It, Sam - Amy Hest, Anita Jeram
Sam goes all by himself to deliver treats to his friends in an endearing new tale from the creators of the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller KISS GOOD NIGHT and DON'T YOU FEEL WELL, SAM? "Little ones will find this both a suitable precursor to nap time and a spur to be brave and act generously — just like Sam." — BOOKLIST
The Foolish Tortoise - Richard Buckley
"The Foolish Tortoise" sheds his shell after deciding that he needs to move through the world more quickly. But, after a few scary encounters, he rediscovers the value of going slow and safe. Full-color illustrations.
First Year Sobriety: When All That Changes Is Everything - Guy Kettelhack
The first in a series of three recovery guides for the first three years of sobriety, First-Year Sobriety uses the voices of many women and men who are struggling in the often baffling territory of their first year of sobriety to show that despite their differing experiences, all are united in the process of giving life without alcohol or other drugs a chance.These are people who are alternately amazed, appalled, delighted, depressed, illuminated, disturbed, or simply thrown by their first
The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth - William Sears, Martha Sears
Prepare for a safe and joyful birth-with the help of America's foremost baby and childcare experts Since women enjoy more birthing options today than ever before, the path toward a safe and satisfying birth can be fraught with important decisions. Planning, understanding the resources available to you, and developing your own birthing philosophy can make all the difference. In this comprehensive, reassuring, and authoritative guide, Dr. Bill and Martha Sears, the pediatrics specialists whose
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WH-52: 52 WH Questions to Help Young Children's Social, Emotional and Language Development (All About Me) - Vicky McErlean
Before the age of three, children typically can understand and respond to simple questions such as “What is your name?” and “Where is your nose?” These types of questions are known as “WH questions.” As children get older, the complexity of WH questions increases. Some children adapt easily, but others do not. For children in the second category, the WH-52 workbook provides 52 simple who, what, where, and when questions, one for each week of the year. Each workbook page consists of the
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