Being the Person God Made You to Be - Joyce Meyer
Get closer to God with the help of this inspirational devotional. Being the Person God Made You to Be is filled with uplifting affirmations, Scripture, and encouraging words to soothe your soul and nourish your spiritual journey. The beautiful book is divided into six in-depth sections to help you better understand yourself and enrich your relationship with God: - Self-Acceptance - Healing For Damaged Emotions - Confidence - Develop Your Potential - Experiencing the Love of God -
Expect a Move of God in Your Life...Suddenly! - Joyce Meyer
God Is Working Behind The Scenes For You! Have you been waiting for your breakthrough from God? Are you wondering why the answer you know God has promised has not shown up yet? Do you feel as though the victory is passing you by? Don't be discouraged! God has something planned for you! Joyce Meyer reveals in this dynamic message how God works to bring His promises to you. You will learn: God's way to bring victory to you How to stop hindering God's plan How to stay faithful when things go
Weary Warriors, Fainting Saints: How You Can Outlast Every Attack of the Enemy - Joyce Meyer
Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? Jesus did not intend for us to struggle with weariness or defeat. Weariness is nothing more than an attack from Satan to sidetrack you and keep you from fulfilling God's amazing plan for your life. In today's busy world you may become exhausted from doing so many good things God didn't ask you to do that you miss doing the things God intended! God promises us strength in His Word, and He has provided a way to get it! In Weary Warriors, Fainting
Making Marriage Work - Joyce Meyer
Previously published as Help Me, I'm Married, MAKING MARRIAGE WORK offers Joyce's insights on how to make a marriage succeed, thrive, and bless the lives of entire families. Joyce shares with married couples how God can transform a marriage. Whether newly wed, happily married, in a marriage crisis, or just in a relationship rut, Joyce's principles will help energize and revitalize a relationship. Discover how to: Take the focus off yourself and your spouse and look to the Lord Unleash powerful
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The Myth of Sanity: Divided Consciousness and the Promise of Awareness - Martha Stout
"When we say a friend was 'like a different person,' we may be more right than we know." -The Boston Globe Why does a gifted psychiatrist suddenly begin to torment his own beloved wife? How can a ninety-pound woman carry a massive air conditioner to the second floor of her home, install it in a window unassisted, and then not remember how it got there? Why would a brilliant feminist law student ask her fiancé to treat her like a helpless little girl? How can an ordinary,
Filled With The Spirit, Understanding Gods Power in your life - Joyce Meyer
This book gives you the understanding of Experiencing a deeper level in the Lord, and see life changing results by learning how to welcome the Holy Spirit's abiding presence and power into your life!
Quiétude : À l'écoute de sa nature essentielle - Echkart Tolle, Michel Saint-Germain
Dans ce 2e ouvrage tant attendu, Eckart Tolle nous propose des enseignements à la fois pratiques et d'une profondeur nouvelle. Son message, d'une grande simplicité, nou invite, par la quiétude, à dépasser le mental et les émotions pour découvrir la paix intérieur, la sérénité et la nature essentielle de l'être. « Les pensées de ce livre ne disent pas 'Regarde-moi', mais bien 'Regarde plus loin que moi'. Elles ont un pouvoir, celui de vous ramener au calme dont elles sont issues. Et c'est cet
SECRETS of the Online Travel Business - Matt Zito
SECRETS of the online travel business is for individuals looking to start a home based online travel business, current home-based travel agents looking for ways to make more money, travel agencies looking for a new travel business model and travel professionals engaged in the online travel industry. Secrets of the online travel business centered around three core components, partnering, packaging and distribution. In the 35-page e-book, I provide insight for startups, growth strategies, and
Budget Marketing - Gabriela Taylor
Learn How to Start and Market an Online Business with Little or Zero Marketing Budget The Internet literally offers thousands of free solutions that will support your marketing and advertising campaigns. Why pay for online tools when there are fantastic free ones available that will greatly benefit your business and that cost you absolutely nothing? Note: This is a new edition for ASIN B0089YNNY4. Budget Marketing: How to Start & Market an Online Business with Little or Zero Marketing
How to Make Money While You Sleep!: A 7-Step Plan for Starting Your Own Profitable Online Business - Brett McFall
In this jargon-free guide, author Brett McFall shows just how easy it is to set up your own online business. You'll discover how to make money by delivering a great deal of value without a great deal of effort. And you don't have to have a technical bone in your body to do it!In seven simple steps, Brett takes you through everything you need to know to create a successful online business on a shoestring. Inside you'll learn how to: find a niche marketcreate a productwrite an enticing sales
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