Free-Range Kids: Giving Our Children the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry - Lenore Skenazy
"FREE RANGE KIDS" has become a national movement, sparked by the incredible response to Lenore Skenazy's piece about allowing her 9-year-old ride the subway alone in NYC. Parent groups argued about it, bloggers, blogged, spouses became uncivil with each other, and the media jumped all over it. A lot of parents today, Skenazy says, see no difference between letting their kids walk to school and letting them walk through a firing range. Any risk is seen as too much risk. But if you try
Joyful Manifestation: Ten Steps to Empower Yourself and Attract a Happy and Successful Life - Sugandhi Iyer
Success follows certain people because they understand how to work with the universe. You too can become part of this select group of people because you already hold in your hands the deep knowledge of the masters that unlocks the doors to success. This knowledge is presented to you in "Joyful Manifestation "in a way that will help you change your life. The magic begins even as you turn the first page, because as you read, your consciousness changes and gets ready to attract what it
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Be a Critical Thinker: Hone Your Mind to Think Critically - Donald Karshner
“So often today educators are caught in the crossfire of opinions about critical thinking. Should it be taught? Can it be taught? Is it being learned? Why can’t people think anymore? Donald Karshner offers students and teachers alike practical guidance to developing and applying critical thinking skills in a wide array of common situations, ranging from watching television to parsing political arguments to governing organizations and people wisely. Anyone who seeks to be consciously engaged
The Woman's Book of Resilience: 12 Qualities to Cultivate - Beth Miller
The Woman's Book of Resilience: 12 Qualities to Cultivate
Happyslapped by a Jellyfish: The Words of Karl Pilkington - Karl Pilkington
Pack your suitcase and take an irreverent trip with Karl Pilkington to the furthest corners of Europe. From sunbathing in t-shirts and lizards the length of Toblerones, to a toxic apartment in Ibiza with a used loo that can't be flushed, these witty musings could put you off travelling forever!
I Deal to Plunder - A ride through the boom town - John-Talmage Mathis
The story of a man that witnessed the exploits of the casino industry. In his latest book “I Deal To Plunder”, author John-Talmage Mathis takes a gamble by exposing the often deceitful casino industry from the inside out based on his experience. His narrative is compelling and thought provoking. A highly educated man, former soldier and dedicated son, Mathis was underutilized, disrespected and mismanaged in his personal pursuit of the American dream- to get an education, secure an entry
Meditations for Cats Who Do Too Much - Michael Cader
At last, the breakthrough self-help book that will change the lives—all nine of them—of cats across America!   As America’s favorite pets, cats are showered with attention. But celebrity sometimes has cat-astrophic effects. The truth is, felines are succumbing to eating disorders, chronic fatigue, and obsessive behavior (mostly cleaning), as well as shedaholism.   Now help is at hand (and paw). These words of comfort and meditative advice offer compassionate solutions to such  problems as:
Let's Talk about When You Think Nobody Likes You - Melanie Ann Apel
Everyone has a bad day now and then. And sometimes when a few things go wrong, kids can feel as if they don't have a friend in the world. This book will help students cope with feeling like an outsider and show them how a change in attitude can make a world of difference when dealing with new or frightening situations.
The Everything Guide to Meditation for Healthy Living: Reduce Stress, Improve Health, and Increase Longevity - David R. Dillard-Wright, Ravinder Jerath, Melissa Shea
Meditation is good for your soul--"and" your body. Studies show that those who meditate sleep better, have lower anxiety, and reduce the likelihood of disease. When you meditate, you'll fight off everything from migraines and insomnia to high blood pressure and obesity--but where do you start? With this guide, you can turn a quiet spot and a few minutes a day into significant health benefits. Meditation experts David B. Dillard-Wright and Ravinder Jerath gently guide you through the
Men We Reaped: A Memoir - Jesmyn Ward, Jesmyn Ward
“We saw the lightning and that was the guns; and then we heard the thunder and that was the big guns; and then we heard the rain falling and that was the blood falling; and when we came to get in the crops, it was dead men that we reaped.” —Harriet Tubman In five years, Jesmyn Ward lost five young men in her life—to drugs, accidents, suicide, and the bad luck that can follow people who live in poverty, particularly black men. Dealing with these losses, one after another, made Jesmyn ask the
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