In the Pink: How I Met the Perfect (Younger) Man, Survived Breast Cancer, and Found True Happiness After 40 - Susan McBride
Susan McBride, author of The Cougar Club and Little Black Dress, opens her heart in this irresistible memoir about how she got married, got pregnant, and beat breast cancer—all after her 40th birthday. By turns deliciously funny and utterly poignant, In the Pink is definitely Susan's story . . . but her experiences are parts of every woman's journey.
De-Stress, Weigh Less: A Six-Step No-Diet Plan For Relaxing Your Way To Permanent Weight Loss - Paul J. Rosch, Carolyn Chambers Clark
It's an endless cycle of frustrations and failure. You try diet after diet, but you just can't drop the weight, or keep it off. No wonder you're stressed! Well, now De-Stress, Weigh Less by Dr. Paul Rosch and Dr. Carolyn Chambers Clark, two of America's leading experts on the connection between stress and diet, can help you lose the weight and that dangerous stress at the same time with a simple easy-to-follow program that goes right to the source of the problem. This is not another diet but
Five Quarts: A Personal and Natural History of Blood - Bill Hayes
“We’re born in blood. Our family histories are contained in it, our bodies nourished by it daily. Five quarts run through each of us, along some sixty thousand miles of arteries, veins, and capillaries.” –from Five Quarts In the national bestseller Sleep Demons, Bill Hayes took us on a trailblazing trip through the night country of insomnia. Now he is our guide on a whirlwind journey through history, literature, mythology, and science by means of the great red river that runs five quarts
Karmic Management: The Secret Laws of Karma that will Create Success in All Aspects of Your Life - Michael Roach, Michael Gordon
Readable in fifty-eight minutes: Traditional Eastern wisdom and real-life business experience come together in this brief and practical guide, which offers a step-by-step plan that will help readers adopt a more successful way of working and living. KARMIC MANAGEMENT is a little book with a revolutionary message. It turns traditional business mentality on its head by stating simply that helping others become successful—suppliers, customers, even competitors—is the real key to success in life
101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home - David Bordon, Tom Winters
101 THINGS YOU SHOULD DO BEFORE YOUR KIDS LEAVE HOME is packed with ideas and advice designed to help parents prepare their children for life out in the world, while making sure that both parents and kids enjoy every precious moment. From staging a food fight to serving in a soup kitchen, from planning a "tour de neighborhood" bike race to telling family stories, some suggestions are fun, some challenging, and others practical--but all will inspire parents with ideas for family time
Sexy in 6: Sculpt Your Body with the 6 Minute Quick-Blast Workout - Tracey Mallett
Don’t have hours to hit the gym? You can get a bikini body in just six your spare time! From Tracey Mallett,’s prenatal expert and Hot Moms Club fitness authority, Sexy in 6 offers a fun, motivating method of super-fast workouts and a diet plan with nutrition-packed recipes, easy to squeeze into a busy day. Split into 6-minute intervals, the plan uses a unique blend of Pilates, yoga, cardio, and strength training for head-to-toe toning-even exercises to make sex
Raising Your Sexual Self-Esteem - Beverly Engel
Despite our seemingly tolerant, nonjudgmental society, sexual concerns are more widespread than ever before. Not only must we address the AIDS epidemic and other sexually transmitted diseases, but unrealistic expectations about body image, performance, and ability plague us as well. Add low self-esteem and it becomes impossible to enjoy the intimacy and exhilaration that come from healthy sexual relations with another human being. Renowned psychotherapist! Beverly Engel understand the
Risking - David Viscott
Viscott helps listeners recognize the risks they should take, which they should avoid, and tells how to find the courage within to take the chances that will help increase success and happiness. 32-page booklet and cassette.
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Exceptional Customer Service: Going Beyond Your Good Service to Exceed the Customer's Expectation - Lisa Ford
Filled with practical advice, real life examples, helpful tips and step-by-step instuctions, Exceptional Customer Service provides a road map for changing the way your company serves customers......from the inside out.
Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2014 - Alysoun Owen
Foreword by Charlie Higson The annual edition of the best-selling guide to all aspects of the media and how to write and publish words and illustration for children and young adults, the Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook is now in its 10th edition. Acknowledged by the publishing industry, authors and would-be writers as the indispensable companion to navigating the world of publishing for children, including young adults or teenagers, it appears for the first time as an e-book and in
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