Brother Karamazov / The Idiot - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, David Fishelson
David Fishelson has transformed Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov and The Idiot into spellbinding drama that illuminates both titanic novels. The passionate Karamazov brothers spring to life, led by their roue of a father, who entertains himself by drinking, womanizing, and pitting his three sons against each other. The men have plenty to fight over, including the alluring Grushenka. In The Idiot, meet the kindly, childlike Prince Myshkin, as he returns to the decadent social whirl of 1860s
Integral Spirituality - Ken Wilber
Integral Spirituality: A Startling New Role for Religion in the Modern and Postmodern World is being widely called the most important book on spirituality in our time. Applying his highly acclaimed integral approach, Ken Wilber formulates a theory of spirituality that honors the truths of modernity and postmodernity—including the revolutions in science and culture—while incorporating the essential insights of the great religions. He shows how spirituality today combines the enlightenment of
Got the Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn - Fieldy
What have you got when you Got the Life? From Korn's legendary bassist comes a no-holds-barred look at the extreme highs and drug-and-booze-fueled lows of the biggest heavy metal band of our era Music was in his bones. From the time he was an infant, Fieldy watched his dad's band perform, and soon enough he found his own calling: the bass. After high school, with a guitar and little else, he left his small California town for the music scene in L.A. Before long, Fieldy, Brian
Gran Desafio del Caballero de La Armadura Oxidada, El - Aharon Shlezinger
This is a lighthearted tale of a desperate knight in search of his true self, and nowadays is a true classic self help book. Now Rabbi Aharon Shlezinger gives a new interpretation of it based on the wisdom of Torah, Talmud and Kabbalah, and explains how we can all reach our goals, the goals that keep us moving.
Chasing Moments: Will I Live Life... or Simply Exist? - Ed Malone
You chase happiness, yet you sense the gate is closing and the sun is setting on your deepest hopes and dreams. Jesus announced, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." But for many, Jesus's promise of life remains hidden from view. In "Chasing Moments, " cattleman and pastor Ed Malone reveals Jesus' message of hope to the disillusioned. Using stories from the farm, he shines light on the often hidden nuances of Jesus' parables. Now's the time to put
The Writer's Digest Guide to Science Fiction & Fantasy - Orson Scott Card, Writer's Digest Books, Terry Brooks, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Daniel A. Clark, Allan Maurer, P. Andrew Miller, Michael J. Varhola, Renee Wright
Craft an otherworldly experience for your readers! Do you dream of writing tales that pull readers into extraordinary realms? "The Writer's Digest Guide to Science Fiction & Fantasy" gives you everything you need to build a fantastic world, inhabit it with original and believable characters, and create an authentic and enthralling story. Two complete books in one, this comprehensive guide includes invaluable and timeless advice for writing and selling speculative fiction from
Gabriel's Redemption - Sylvain Reynard
Professor Gabriel Emerson has left his position at the University of Toronto to embark on a new life with his beloved Julianne. Together, he’s confident that they can face any challenge. And he’s eager to become a father. But Julianne’s graduate program threatens Gabriel’s plans, as the pressures of being a student become all consuming. When she is given the honor of presenting an academic lecture at Oxford, Gabriel is forced to confront her about the subject of her presentation – research
Thinking: The New Science of Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, and Prediction - John Brockman
Unlock your mind From the bestselling authors of Thinking, Fast and Slow; The Black Swan; and Stumbling on Happiness comes a cutting-edge exploration of the mysteries of rational thought, decision-making, intuition, morality, willpower, problem-solving, prediction, forecasting, unconscious behavior, and beyond. Edited by John Brockman, publisher of ("The world's smartest website"—The Guardian), Thinking presents original ideas by today's leading psychologists,
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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: A Lifestyle of Healthy Foods - Stacy Michaels
<h2 align="center">The Mediterranean Diet consists of eating the traditional foods (and drinks) of the countries neighboring the Mediterranean Sea.</h2><p>It is not a traditional diet in the sense of &ldquo;go on a diet&rdquo;, even though it is a great way to lose weight and improve health. More accurately, it is a lifestyle involving activities, foods, and wine in moderation. The Mediterranean Diet has been studied and documented by numerous leading
What's Gotten into Us?: Staying Healthy in a Toxic World - Mckay Jenkins
What’s Gotten into Us? is a deep, remarkable, and empowering investigation into the threats—biological and environmental—that chemicals now present in our daily lives.   Do you know what chemicals are in your shampoo? How about your cosmetics? Do you know what’s in the plastic water bottles you drink from, or the weed killer in your garage, or your children’s pajamas? If you’re like most of us, the answer is probably no. But you also probably figured that most of these products were safe, and
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