Natural Cleaning Recipes - The Definitive Guide: Green & Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Solutions for a Happier & Healthier Home - Sophie Littlefield


Natural Cleaning Recipes - The Definitive Guide: Green & Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Solutions for a Happier & Healthier Home

Millions of people all over the world are affected by the multiple chemicals in the air. Everything from plastic to cleaning agents is filled with harmful toxins that pollute the air and cause adverse side effects. MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity affects over 12 percent of the U.S. population alone. Everyone is in need of a cleaning agent or two though, so what is the best way around using dangerous chemicals that are unsafe for both our children and household pets?

Order "Natural Cleaning Recipes – The Definitive Guide" today and discover how you can easily make green & eco-friendly home cleaning solutions to save money and have a healthier & happier home.

Magic Bullets: 2nd Edition - Savoy


Magic Bullets: 2nd Edition

This is the definitive work on pickup and dating theory, written by an acknowledged master of the game - a guy who has TRAINED many of the new gurus on the scene! Hey friend, its Savoy! I'm sure you know that the dating community has literally exploded over the past year or so. What used to be an underground or secret community has now seen major coverage in the media and even been turned into a TV show. This has meant a lot of interest and A LOT of new products and guys claiming to be masters with women and dating. What you may not know - with all the noise and hype going around - is that most of these newer experts are guys that I either trained myself or trained along side of when the community was still an obscure fringe. That s right! And more than one leading expert has publicly stated that I was an instructor on his first live program! Yup, I was a BOOTCAMP INSTRUCTOR when some of these current gurus were fumbling, confused and nervous students! I don t really teach live programs anymore (Other than private one-on-one coaching that I get paid A LOT for!). I devote most of my time to writing and developing new books and products that teach guys how to be more successful with women. And I can tell you something. No one. AND I MEAN NO ONE, has put out a more refined, detailed and complete book - one that covers meeting and attracting women from starting an initial conversation all the way to relationships - than Magic Bullets. And I highly doubt anyone ever will! So, why is Magic Bullets the acknowledged GOLD STANDARD? Magic Bullets is the text that lays out the very best, most refined and developed system for meeting and attracting women anywhere! I ve been at this game for a long time. Coming up on 10 years, as a matter of fact. That s 10 YEARS of experience with meeting and attracting women in virtually every situation. Ive done it all and I can teach you to do it all too! As one of the original members of this community, I set out to refine the existing models and structures I had learned and studied. I took what worked and refined it. And I kept working on it and kept refining it... Chapter 3 of Magic Bullets arms you with the knowledge you need to truly understand women from an evolutionary perspective. I go deep into Female Psychology and give you a foundation for understanding women. This gives you the deep understanding that allows you to understand WHY the Emotional Progression Model works. Learn the deep knowledge that puts you in the driver s seat as I take you through the evolutionary factors that came together to make women the way they are! That s right, women DO NOT think the same as men. And women are, for the most part, very, very similar in their behavior and what they find attractive. I take you through ALL of the qualities women screen for in men and explain WHY they look for those qualities. How much would YOUR game improve if you KNEW all the qualities women find universally attractive in men, why they find them attractive and how YOU can display them. Chapter 3 includes a complete breakdown of the universally attractive qualities you need to convey to be universally attractive to women! Chapters 5 and 6 of Magic Bullets focus on Opening and Transitioning. I even cover the non-verbal elements of opening in detail! I also cover a concept I call the Risk/Reward profile that will allow you to calibrate your Opener and Transition to ANY situation or group. Chapter 17 is Storytelling. This is THE chapter everyone has been talking about! You won t find a better or more complete chapter on Storytelling anywhere. Chapter 22 of Magic Bullets is Phone Game - ALL Phone Game. Being great in person is one thing, but getting a woman on the phone, getting a call back and setting up a date can be a different story entirely. GET THE NEWLY RELEASED PAPERBACK TODAY!

Choosing Safer Foods: A Guide to Minimizing Synthetic Chemicals in Your Diet - Patrick Sullivan, James J.J. Clark


Choosing Safer Foods: A Guide to Minimizing Synthetic Chemicals in Your Diet

According to the FDA, 99% of all conventionally grown food contains cancer-causing synthetic chemicals. Every person who eats a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and protein products potentially consumes over 32 different types of synthetic chemicals everyday. The amount of different synthetic chemicals a person consumes depends largely on the diversity of foods in their diet and the amount of organic products they elect to eat.
"Choosing Safer Foods" presents extensive research conducted on foods in thirty-six US cities. The number of chemicals in specific foods is presented, diets are analyzed and foods that should be purchased as a USDA certified organic product are identified in this consumer-friendly guide to informed food decisions.
. A selection from "Toxic Legacy: Synthetic Toxins in the Food, Water and Air of American Cities"
. Easy-to-use guide to making informed decisions about your food and diet
. Provides current data on the levels and frequency of synthetic chemicals in dairy products, protein products, fruit products, grain and nut products, vegetable products, mixed food products, and child and infant products"

The Doctors' Secrets to a Lifetime of Clear Skin - Katie Rodan


The Doctors' Secrets to a Lifetime of Clear Skin

Inside, you'll discover the proven wisdom of Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, two of the world's most renowned experts on giving people with acne their best opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of smooth, clear, healthy-looking skin.
It clearly delivers-in a fun-to-read, short-and-sweet style-30 vital nuggets of skin-care knowledge that will guide you throughout your life without acne.

Makeup Makeovers Beauty Bible - Robert Jones


Makeup Makeovers Beauty Bible

Forget extreme makeovers! Robert Jones, makeup artist extraordinaire, outlines step-by-step how even the ugliest duckling can become a swan--with makeup alone! In hundreds of awe-inspiring before-and-after photos, Robert makes it easy for any woman to achieve true beauty in this book, which has become the definitive encyclopedia on the subject. Unlike most makeup books that focus on celebrities or the already-glamorous, this book shows every woman how to be her most beautiful. No matter what your age, skin tone, or profile, Robert can show you simple techniques that camouflage flaws and highlight each woman's unique beauty. Best of all, it's EASY! Even if you've never worn makeup before, you can learn how to bring out your best in just a few minutes.

This stunning book is also a full-color guide to applying wedding makeup, with countless stunning before-and-after pictures of regular women throughout. It is highly instructional and does not just show model perfect women, instead it focuses on the girl next door, your best friend and you. Every woman can be beautiful on her wedding day, no matter what her age or ethnic background, with Robert's makeup techniques. It features special makeup techniques for morning, midday, afternoon and evening weddings; because with each time of day you will photograph differently and as we all know one of the most important things to think about is how you will photograph. There are also chapters on more makeup tricks for wedding photos, and, of course, makeup for bridesmaids and matrons of honor.

Abandonment to Divine Providence - Jean-Pierre de Caussade


Abandonment to Divine Providence

French writer JEAN PIERRE DE CAUSSADE (1675-1751) believed that the present moment is holy and that people should abandon themselves to present, a stance that is it stark contrast to the Catholic focus on the future and life after death. For de Caussade, living in the moment meant having a complete trust and faith in God, for God's will defined and guided all things. The practical advice contained in his guidebook for the faithful was originally a series of letters written for the Nuns of the Visitation of Nancy, meant to help them navigate the confusing and difficult work of spiritual enlightenment, and comes together here in two distinct parts, one for the theoretical foundations of abandoning oneself to the present moment and one with practical advice on how to live such a life. Though a departure from the standard Christian perspective, Abandonment to Divine Providence remains a deeply spiritual work with a message that many Christians may find freeing and inspiring.

Quantum Physics of Quantum Healing - Deepak Chopra


Quantum Physics of Quantum Healing

How is it that two patients can receive exactly the same medical treatment, yet one succumbs to disease while the other recovers completely? What causes some people to experience spontaneous remissions—unexplained recoveries in the absence of treatment? And is there some way we can produce these seemingly miraculous results at will? Theoretical physicist Amit Goswami, Ph.D., joins Deepak Chopra, M.D., to ponder these questions from an unlikely perspective as they merge the concepts of quantum physics with ancient Ayurvedic traditions and modern western medicine. Ayurveda teaches that the mind creates disease. If so, can the mind also cause healing? Quantum physics demonstrates that particles can "leap" from one location to another without crossing the space between. Could the human mind also make quantum leaps? Can we turn our desire for healing into the process of healing? In this remarkable conversation, Goswami and Chopra answer these questions and more, laying the groundwork for research that may change the way we view healing now and forever.

The Five Love Languages: Men's Edition: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate - Gary Chapman


The Five Love Languages: Men's Edition: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

Focus, men! Gary Chapman addresses men specifically in this new edition of the multi-million seller, The Five Love Languages. You can understand your wife! Dr. Gary Chapman tackles the tough relationship issues men face-how to express your feelings to your wife, how to interpret her responses, how to make sex more meaningful and pleasurable for you and your wife-in this special edition designed specifically for men. At the end of each chapter are ten ideas for expressing that particular love language to the woman in your life. Do you think her love language is gifts? Take the quiz and find out, then use the practical tips and tell her how much you love her.

Hurry Less, Worry Less at Christmastime: Having the Holiday Season You Long For - Judy Christie


Hurry Less, Worry Less at Christmastime: Having the Holiday Season You Long For

This useful book will help busy people learn to celebrate more joyfully, peacefully, and deeply during the holiday season the days between Thanksgiving and New Year 's Day and on through the Christian celebration of Epiphany. Judy Pace Christie meets us where we are, in a frenzied, out-of-control frame of mind, and helps us begin to have a deeper understanding of the joy of the season and its deep meaning for our lives overall and how that can be a starting point for a more abundant life in the new year. Using the holiday season as an entry point, Christie guides us to a more helpful, Christian understanding of this time of year. Aspects of the liturgical calendar are introduced as part of this process, including the Christian understandings of Advent, Christmas, and Ephiphany. She gives us practical tools for coping with holiday pressures but above all stresses the need for transformation from a secular perspective to a Christian one. Hurry Less Worry Less at Christmastime will assist in identifying what people love about the holiday season and what they want to change. The book can also be used as a study book for church small groups or Sunday school classes, leading up to the holidays.
In her delightful, contemporary, and practical book, Judy Pace Christie takes the Grinch out of holiday preparations. She enabled me to see Christmas as a sacred, joyful journey rather than a difficult, demanding marathon.
-Nell W. Mohney, Author of ""Slay Your Giants""
Judy Pace Christie must have been reading my mind I ve already started planning a simpler, calmer holiday season this year.
-Cynthia Bond Hopson, Author of """Bad Hair Days, Rainy Days, and Mondays""
" Judy Pace Christie provides a welcome reminder to wait upon the Lord, and some practical, real-life steps toward comfort, joy, and simplicity.
-Rob Weber, Co-author of """Beginnings: The Spiritual Life""
"Judy Pace Christie, after working as a journalist for twenty-five years, left the daily news business to open a consulting firm that works with individuals, businesses, and churches on strategies for meaningful life and work, including goal-setting, living fully, and balancing personal and professional lives. She is the author of Hurry Less, Worry Less and co-author of Awesome Altars. Judy and her husband live in northwest Louisiana.

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