The Secret Teachings of All Ages - Manly P. Hall, J. Augustus Knapp
A classic since 1928, this masterly encyclopedia of ancient mythology, ritual, symbolism, and the arcane mysteries of the ages is available for the first time in a compact "reader's edition." Like no other book of the twentieth century, Manly P. Hall's legendary The Secret Teachings of All Ages is a codex to the ancient occult and esoteric traditions of the world. Students of hidden wisdom, ancient symbols, and arcane practices treasure Hall's magnum opus above all other works.
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Reliving Past Lives: The Evidence Under Hypnosis - Helen Wambach
Hard cover in jacket, 200 pages, new book from 2000, book in new condition, jacket has minor rub marks. Barnes & Noble, 2000.
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Organizing Your Day: Time Management Techniques That Will Work for You - Sandra Felton, Marsha Sims
Contains topics that range from goal setting, project management, and to-do lists to daily scheduling, creating new habits, and curing chronic lateness. With solutions for home and work, this book is suitable for office workers, homemakers, business owners, retirees, or anyone who wants to get more out of their days.
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Finding the Champion Within: A Step-by-Step Plan for Reaching Your Full Potential - Bruce Jenner
In this book, Bruce Jenner, one of the world's greatest athletes and a highly sought-after motivational speaker, provides a plan, useful to anyone, for personal growth. Using the decathlon as a metaphor for development, Jenner provides a powerful success strategy -- one that he has molded over a lifetime. -- The 100-Meter Run: The Race Begins with One Step -- The Long Jump: Goals for Gold -- The Shot Put: Play to Your Strengths -- The High Jump: Constantly Raising the Bar on Your Aspirations
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Business Networking Simplified (for the Internet Age) - Les Garnas
This book provides all-new insight into one-to-one business networking and buiding trust. The book will help readers understand why they should not rely too heavily on the internet to provide networking momentum, especially in using networking to keep a job or get one. It also details why face-to-face contact is still the most important way to reach people effectively during uncertain times in the job and career market.
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Personal Development All-In-One For Dummies - Gillian Burn
A complete guide to understanding how you think, and discovering how to think differently.Personal Development All-in-One For Dummies is a complete guide to the key techniques that help you master your thoughts: Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. Discover the basic principles of each approach and receive sensible, practical and effective expert advice on how each one can help you challenge negative beliefs and change your
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Hypnotherapy (Secrets Of...) - John Butler, Janet Fricker
The Natural Care series introduces familiar and lesser-known alternative therapies. Each book covers practical techniques supplemented by simple theory and explains when self-diagnosis is appropriate or consulting a professional is a wiser option.
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Our Family Physician; A Plain, Practical and Reliable Guide to the Detection and Treatment of All the Diseases Common to This Country - Henry Rice Stout
This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1887 Excerpt: ...Pulsatilla, or when the smell of food, or the floating of the vessel sickens. Arsenic.--If the patient becomes very weak, and there is violent retching. Petroleum.--May be given in cases of great debility. For constipation during a voyage, give Opium, Nux Vomica, CoccuJtu, Lachesis,
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The Art of Business Seduction: A 30-Day Plan to Get Noticed, Get Promoted, and Get Ahead - Mark Jeffries
These days, more than ever, you need an edge to win the job, the sale, or the contract that you want. And once you have it, keeping it is part of the job. You're always selling yourself, getting re-hired everyday with everything you do and say."The Art of Business Seduction" elevates your game by allowing you to recognize what's essential in getting noticed for the right reasons and by the right people. You'll get powerful tools you can use immediately, including A Strategic
The Treehouse: Eccentric Wisdom from My Father on How to Live, Love, and See - Naomi Wolf
Bestselling author Naomi Wolf was brought up to believe that happiness is something that can be taught -- and learned. In this magical book, Naomi shares the enduring wisdom of her father, Leonard Wolf, a poet and teacher who believes that every person is an artist in their own unique way, and that personal creativity is the secret of happiness. Leonard Wolf is a true eccentric. A tall, craggy, good-looking man in his early eighties, he's the kind of person who likes to use a medieval
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