Twelve - Lauren Myracle



The only thing more exciting than being eleven . . . is turning twelve! Winnie Perry went through a lot when she was eleven, from shifting friendships to her teenage sister’s mood swings. But now that Winnie is twelve—and one step closer to being a teenager herself—there is so much more to deal with. Will her new friendship with Dinah last? Can she handle the pressures of junior high? And, most important, will Winnie survive bra shopping (in public!) with Mom?

Bestselling author Lauren Myracle again sharply observes a year in the life of a winning young heroine whose humor, daring, and compassion for others is infectious and unforgettable.

Bluthochdruck selbst senken in 10 Wochen. Selbsthilfeprogramm für Betroffene - Ramon Martinez


Bluthochdruck selbst senken in 10 Wochen. Selbsthilfeprogramm für Betroffene

Schritt für Schritt hilft dieser Ratgeber ihnen, den Blutdruck maßgeblich und ohne Nebenwirkungen selbst zu senken - entweder ganz ohne Medikamente oder mit weniger Medikation.
Im theoretischen Teil fasst der Autor zunächst alle wichtigen Grundlagen des Bluthochdrucks zusammen. Im praktischen Teil lernen Sie die einzelnen Maßnahmen der nicht-medikamentösen Blutdrucksenkung kennen. Dr. Martinez erläutert leicht verständlich, wie man sie am besten umsetzen kann und welche Blutdrucksenkung sich im Durchschnitt damit erreichen lässt. Viele Übungen helfen Ihnen dabei, das Erlernte im Alltag anzuwenden.

Good Girls Do Swallow: The Darkly Comic True Story of How One Woman Stopped Hating Her Body - Rachael Oakes-Ash


Good Girls Do Swallow: The Darkly Comic True Story of How One Woman Stopped Hating Her Body

Between the ages of 17 and 31, Rachael Oakes-Ash lost 63kg and gained 76kg on a roller-coaster of body image problems and food obsession. She went through anorexia, bulimia, bulimarexia, gym mania, strict dieting and binge eating before she finally she figured out how to stop torturing herself and hating her body. Good Girls Do Swallow is the very black and very funny story of her downfall and her recovery.

Rachael might have taken things further than many of us, but this is a story every woman can relate to. You might not have rescued food from the rubbish bin in a moment of binge-madness but if you've ever felt lousy and reached for a chocolate biscuit for comfort, this book is for you.

'What the diet promised, I got,' writes Rachael. `I got the body that can wear the clothes. I got the job I love, I got the man I want. But I only got it for keeps when I stopped dieting.' From the Carol Brady Syndrome and Thindarella to Mutiny in Aisle Six, Good Girls Do Swallow tells how she did it.

Being and Nothingness - Jean-Paul Sartre, Hazel Estella Barnes, Mary Warnock, Richard Eyre


Being and Nothingness

Being & Nothingness is without doubt one of the most significant philosophical books of the 20th century. The central work by one of the century's most influential thinkers, it altered the course of western philosophy. Its revolutionary approach challenged all previous assumptions about the individual's relationship with the world. Known as 'the Bible of existentialism', its impact on culture & literature was immediate & was felt worldwide, from the absurdist drama of Samuel Beckett to the soul-searching cries of the Beat poets.
Being & Nothingness is one of those rare books whose influence has affected the mindset of subsequent generations. Seventy years after its 1st publication, its message remains as potent as ever--challenging readers to confront the fundamental dilemmas of human freedom, choice, responsibility & action.

A Man's Journey to Simple Abundance - Sarah Ban Breathnach


A Man's Journey to Simple Abundance

Sarah Ban Breathnach wanted to offer men the same reflective book that she offered women in Simple Abundance. Yet, she also knew that she needed a man to help her represent an authentic male experience, a book that mined beneath the "Men Are from Mars" stereotypes and "Iron John" expectations. So she joined forces with Michael Segell, former "Men's Mind" columnist for Esquire and author of Standup Guy. From there, the duo gathered these contemplative, humorous, and mature essays written by a diverse sampling of men, including a backwoods hermit, mystical rabbi, and world renowned rock star. Segell writes the poignant introductions to the essays while Ban Breathnach inserts her personal responses at the end of particularly provocative essays. At times she sounds like an interloper in a "boy's only" tree fort club, her comments sounding out of place within these private moments of male bonding. Yet she forces readers, men and women alike, to acknowledge the feminine within the male experience, a lofty goal that we tend to resist. Contributors include Sting, who talks about the difference between thrill seeking and risk taking in "Let Your Soul Be Your Rookie." Adventure writer Tim Cahill writes about "The Bravest Thing I Ever Did"--face his panic disorder as his vomited his way through an un-aired television interview. And Thomas Moore speaks to the ecstasy of melding spirituality and sexuality. --Gail Hudson

Everyday Calm: 365 Ways to a Better You - Laurel Alexander, Susannah Marriott


Everyday Calm: 365 Ways to a Better You

The Everyday Series, 365 Ways to a Better You, is your pocketbook personal trainer that will guide you through a yearlong program of self-improvement.  Each book in this series offers daily exercises, activities and reflections to practice and slowly integrate into your life style.  Some days the tasks are very practical, other days they require mental endeavor or set you exploring your creativity.  The tasks are designed to be manageable and achievable and each book includes the monthly checklists to track your progress.  With daily prompts on diet, sleep, relaxation, mindset, routine, personal interaction, leisure, creativity and special words from the gurus.

How to Write Love Letters - Michelle Lovric


How to Write Love Letters

Offering sample writings, historical examples, and practical advice, this invaluable and beautifully packaged book contains guidance for all occasions that call for eloquent and inspired love letters. Modern model letters to adapt and use in specific circumstances, tips on letter-writing techniques, and creative suggestions for packaging and delivering messages of love are peppered with fanciful, original Victorian illustrations, making the look of this volume as romantic as the letters within. With charming specificity, guidance and appropriate words are provided for various would-be Shakespeares, from the “morning-after lover” and the “anniversary lover” to the “frustrated lover” and the “neglected lover.” Also included are a short history of epistolary romance, 76 model letters, and a host of helpful and witty epigrams.

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