8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire - Bo Sanchez


8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire

Years ago, Bo Sanchez met really wealthy people.

Not just rich in money but rich in love. They were phenomenal human beings. He asked, "Why are these wealthy people wealthy?" He wanted to know their secrets. So he watched them. He listened to them. He talked to them.

He found out that they had a different set of habits.

And for the past 12 years, he's incorporated these powerful habits in his life. The results have been incredible. From a poor missionary, he is now a millionaire missionary running 12 small businesses, but using only 10 percent of his time. Because all of them run on autopilot, he still devotes 90 percent of his time to his ministry.

In this book, you'll learn the 8 Habits of the Happy Millionare, which include...

* Finding Your Emotional Hunger
* Being Consistently Aggressive
* Creating Money Machines
* Sticking to Your Game

When you acquire these same habits, you'll find that wealth creation becomes automatic. Spontaneous. Systematic. Effortless. Fun!

Read this book and change your financial life forever.

The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder - Jill Badonsky


The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder

A playfully practical guide that’s a refreshing twist on the revered Farmer’s Almanac, The Awe-Manac provides daily forecasts and directives to help readers make life more creative, amusing, gratifying, and extraordinary—every day of the year! Through 365 days, readers are encouraged to think more brilliantly, laugh more often, make art or write creatively, and simply add a lot more “awe” into daily life.Brimming with Jill Badonsky’s colorful, whimsical art, and filled with fun features like “Soul Vitamins,” “GlumBusters,” “Daily Toasts,” and “Doses of Mirth,” The Awe-Manac will be an enchanting “companion” throughout the year—a perennial guide that invites its readers to find the joy and amusement in every day.

Anti-Aging By Choice: Smoothies to Look and Feel Younger (Anti-Aging Home Remedies Series) - Sandra Douglas


Anti-Aging By Choice: Smoothies to Look and Feel Younger (Anti-Aging Home Remedies Series)

Are there foods that can help you feel and look younger? Ingredients that can increase heart health, bone health and eye health? Ingredients that can improve skin and hair? Give you a bit more energy? Yes, there are! In this book, Sandra Douglas has provided delicious smoothies that, when added to your diet, can help you to feel and look younger and strengthen your body!

Scroll up and buy now and begin to improve your health and look and feel younger!

The Essential Writer's Companion: A Concise Guide to Writing Effectively for School, Home, or Office - American Heritage Dictionaries


The Essential Writer's Companion: A Concise Guide to Writing Effectively for School, Home, or Office

The Essential Writer's Companion is a complete guide to effective communication. It contains basic information on spelling, punctuation, word formation, style, grammar, and proofreading - all organized clearly and accessibly. Learn how to construct persuasive sentences and paragraphs to ensure that your written work is to the point and forceful throughout. Special sections on writing papers and reports and on doing research in the library round out this indispensable volume for school, home, or office.

The Divorce Remedy: The Proven 7-Step Program for Saving Your Marriage - Michele Weiner-Davis


The Divorce Remedy: The Proven 7-Step Program for Saving Your Marriage

Michele Weiner Davis goes beyond her marriage-saving bestseller, Divorce Busting, with this empowering and encouraging guide for revitalizing marriage and building stronger, more loving bonds. In a down-to-earth style that is free of psychobabble, Weiner Davis outlines a realistic, solution-oriented seven-step program for managing marital problems, which, when left unchecked, can drain the life out of a relationship. Using revealing anecdotes and in-depth case studies, she illustrates practical ways for marriage partners to
avoid the "divorce trap"
identify specific marriage-saving goals
move beyond ineffective, hurtful ways of interacting
become an expert on "doing what works"
overcome infidelity, Internet obsessions, depression, sexual problems, and midlife crises
get your marriage back on track -- and keep it there

Rescue your marriage with the proven techniques of The Divorce Remedy -- sound, sensible advice from a renowned relationship expert!

Vitamins for the Soul - Sonia Choquette


Vitamins for the Soul

Vitamins for the Soul Daily reminders provide a dose of psychic vitamins that strengthen the commitment to live in an authentic, self-directed, and personally empowered life. Original. Full description

The Wheel of Death - Philip Kapleau


The Wheel of Death

Originally published in 1972, this anthology examines death through the eyes of great Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and Western masters. Instructions and specific rites are set forth to enable people to guide the mind of the dying through death and the Intermediate stage which follows. The sections of Rebirth and Karma deal succinctly with these complex and often mis-understood doctrines.

On Cloud 9: Celebrate The Complete Woman Within - Suresh Padmanabhan, Shan Chavan


On Cloud 9: Celebrate The Complete Woman Within

When you are ready and lucky, this book will find you.

Maya is the main character of this fictional book. She is going through her dark days. At the right time of her life, she comes across Guruji—a man of wisdom—and various other women who impact her. Sunshine returns back into her life.

But this book is not about Maya, it is about you and your journey. At this point, you may be in any season of your life—cold winter, stormy rains, melancholic autumn, sunny summer, or the flowering spring. Within this book, you will discover an ocean of truths, insights, and inspiration to transport you to the happy-happy season of your liking. This book is woven with mysticism, imagery, poetry, philosophy, and practical solutions where you will discover answers to the most vital aspect of your life:

Are woman the weaker sex?
Understanding all the four M’s—Marriage, Men, Money, and Motherhood
Handling the tough phases of life be it Divorce, Depression, or Denial
Profound differences of opinions between the Western and Indian culture
Rise above the life challenges and catapult into an outstanding success

Techniques, tools, and meditations which will bring cheer, hope, and a sense of belonging Women love mirrors and it is their best companion hidden in the hand bags or adorns their room. “On cloud 9” is a mirror which will help you to make over, re-invent, and re-discover yourself. This book will help you to fall in love once again, with the most beautiful person in the world—YOU.

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