Pleasers - Kevin Leman



Many women try too hard to be nice. It's not a gimmick or a cute label. It's a way of life for many who live in a culture that subtly trains them to be the ones who "keep everyone happy." But what happens when keeping everyone else happy drains your own happiness? In this newly repackaged edition of an insightful book by best-selling author Kevin Leman, women will learn how to recognize what kind of pleaser they are, give themselves positive messages, choose a man who is right for them, and much more. Packed with wise counsel and illustrative case studies, Pleasers shows how women who find themselves manipulated by impassivity, guilt, or abusive behavior can learn to assert themselves while maintaining their pleasing personalities.

SUCCESS JOURNEY - Push It to the Limit - Darmadi Darmawangsa


SUCCESS JOURNEY - Push It to the Limit

Sebuah buku yang memadukan Keindahan dan Kekuatan Foto karya Deniek Sukarya dan Motivasi, Antusiasme, dan Kecerdikan Teks yang Menggugah dari Motivator Terkemuka Darmadi Darmawangsa & Sonni Vinn. Kombinasi luar biasa yang jarang terjadi, seorang fotografer terkemuka & motivator saling berkontribusi untuk menghasilkan karya motivasi yang bukan hanya bicara dengan tulisan sekaligus dengan kehebatan gambar/foto.

Success Journey merupakan kumpulan kebijakan Timur dan Barat yang telah diramu sedemikian rupa agar dapat diaplikasikan pada kehidupan masa kini. Buku ini berguna untuk mengajar, menegur, serta menjadi referensi para pembaca dalam mengarungi perjalanan hidup yang semakin menantang. Kesuksesan bukanlah merupakan sebuah tujuan (destination) melainkan sebuah perjalanan (journey) manusia menemukan jati diri mereka. Perjalanan hidup manusia diisi bukan hanya dengan keberhasilan semata, namun juga kemalangan serta kegagalan.

The Inner Voice of Love - Henri J.M. Nouwen


The Inner Voice of Love

This is Henri Nouwen's "secret journal." It was  written during the most difficult period of his life, when he suddenly lost his self-esteem,  his energy to live and work, his sense of being loved, even his hope in God. Although he experienced excruciating anguish and despair, he was still able to keep a journal in which he wrote a spiritual imperative to himself each day that emerged from his conversations with friends and supporters.

For more than eight years, Henri Nouwen felt that what he wrote was too raw and private to share with others. Instead, he published The Return of the Prodigal Son, in which he expressed some of the insights gained during his mental and spiritual crisis. But then friends asked him, "Why keep your anguish hidden from the many people who have been nurtured by your writing? Wouldn't it be of consolation for many to know about the fierce inner battle that lies underneath so many of your spiritual insights?"

For the countless men and women who have to live through the pain of broken relationships, or who suffer from the loss of a loved one, this book about the inner voice of love offers new courage, new hope, even new life.

Navigating Corporate Politics - Tom Spears


Navigating Corporate Politics

Corporate Politics. Every large organization is rife with them. Most employees find politics to be confusing, irritating, unfair, and something to be avoided at all costs. Many years in senior positions inside a variety of large corporations forced me to realize ignoring an organization's politics was essentially impossible. Ignoring politics makes you vulnerable. Ignoring politics can cost you your job. And don't even think about ascending the corporate ladder, where you'll be easily victimized by the expert politicians who lurk there. Navigating Corporate Politics is written for those new to large corporations, those confused by the workings of politics within their organization, or those with an emerging interest in politics who want to learn more. It will explain how politics evolves in organizations, how to estimate the level of politics in your company, and the options you have for dealing with your employer's corporate politics. Inside this book you will find a framework that will allow you to place politics in the proper context with the other organization structures of the corporation. You will also find a way of classifying the level of political activism of your work associates, so you'll better know who to watch out for and who should be recruited as an ally. The book also details twenty of the most commonly used tactics employed by corporate politicians, giving you the information you need to employ the tactics as well as how to guard against them. Once you've finished, you'll be fully equipped to understand your organization's political minefield, and will have the beginnings of the skills needed to become a master politician yourself.

Smile at Fear: Awakening the True Heart of Bravery - Chögyam Trungpa, Pema Chödrön, Carolyn Rose Gimian


Smile at Fear: Awakening the True Heart of Bravery

Many of us, without even realizing it, are dominated by fear. We might be aware of some of our fears—perhaps we are afraid of public speaking, financial hardship, or losing a loved one. But in this book meditation master Chögyam Trungpa shows us that most of us suffer from a far more pervasive form of fear: the fear of ourselves. We feel ashamed and embarrassed to look at our feelings or acknowledge our styles of thinking and behaving; we don’t want to face the reality of our moment-to-moment experience. It is this fear that keeps us trapped in cycles of suffering, despair, and distress.

Chögyam Trungpa offers us a vision of moving beyond fear to discover the innate bravery, trust, and delight in life that lies at the core of our being. Drawing on the Shambhala tradition and on Buddhist teachings, he explains how we can each become a spiritual warrior: a person who faces each moment of life with openness and fearlessness. “The ultimate definition of bravery is not being afraid of who you are,” writes Chögyam Trungpa.

In language that is fresh, accessible, and startlingly direct, this book explains:

   • how the practice of sitting meditation can help us to uncover our inherent confidence and bravery,
   • how fear and embarrassment about ourselves keep us trapped in cycles of suffering,
   • the wisdom of loving-kindness and nonaggression,
   • how true invincibility depends on becoming more open and vulnerable.

Here are the essential insights and strategies that will allow us to finally claim victory over fear.

Walking in this World - Julia Cameron


Walking in this World

In this long-awaited sequel to the international bestseller The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron presents the next step in her course of discovering and recovering the creative self. Walking In This World picks up where The Artist's Way left off to present readers with a second course--Part Two in an amazing journey toward discovering our human potential. Cameron shows readers how to inhabit this world with a sense of wonder, a childlike inquisitiveness that each of us was born with. Full of valuable new strategies and techniques for breaking difficult creative ground, this is the "intermediate level" of the Artist's Way program.

Taking the Guidon: Exceptional Leadership at the Company Level - Nate Allen


Taking the Guidon: Exceptional Leadership at the Company Level

Keywords: Leadership, leader development, company command, Army, military leadership, training, combat readiness. We wrote this book to capture our ideas about how to best prepare for and command a U.S. Army company-level unit. In the book, we lay out a leadership framework that was very effective for us and, based on feedback from hundreds of readers, is making a significant difference in how others think about leading. One of the best things that emerged out of this project was the idea for creating CompanyCommand and PlatoonLeader, but that is another story. Here is an excerpt from the preface that introduces the book: Combat is the ultimate team sport; the cost of losing is death. As an Army leader, your mission is to build a winning team of disciplined, fit, and motivated soldiers that will accomplish the mission. In this book, you will find some input into to the age-old dialogue on how to create a team and harness its energy to accomplish uncommon results. Leading soldiers is our inspiration; doing so has affected every part of our lives. To begin with, the knowledge that we would command a company motivated us to prepare doggedly for command. This book is a compilation of our research and thinking, validated by experience (both success and failure!). It is not meant to be prescriptive in nature; nor will all these ideas work for you and your situation. Rather, our intent is to spark your thinking and encourage you as you prepare for command. We were fortunate to work with and watch some great leaders in action and to learn from some challenging experiences. Now we are in a position to pass on some of what we have learned. Our desire is that reading this book motivates and challenges you while you prepare for and execute the most honorable mission in the world--leading American soldiers! Finally, many people wonder about the title of the book. We wrote this to clearly explain that: Significance of the title, Taking the Guidon The unit guidon serves to identify the unit, is a symbol of the commander's authority and presence, and represents the collective pride and spirit of all soldiers--past and present--who have served under it. Historically, the guidon accompanied the commander into battle where, in the heat and confusion of the close fight, it emboldened and rallied the soldiers to accomplish the mission. Today, the unit guidon continues to be an honored symbol of the commander's authority and responsibility, and it connects the valorous deeds of past warriors with today's soldiers who continue the proud tradition of selfless service to our Nation. An Army unit conducts a change-of-command ceremony whenever a new commander takes charge. The central rite of this ceremony is the passing of the unit guidon from the outgoing commander to the incoming commander. By taking the guidon, the new commander signals his or her selfless commitment to the traditions, values, and soldiers that the guidon represents.

Controlling Stress and Tension - Daniel A. Girdano, Dorothy E. Dusek, George S. Everly Jr.


Controlling Stress and Tension

Controlling Stress and Tension takes a multifaceted, holistic approach to stress management. The first part of the book discusses the stress problem and our potential for achieving solutions to it. The next chapters examine potential stress-producing elements in everyday life. The remainder of the book offers techniques for alleviating stress and tension. Personal journal activities and self-assessments placed throughout the book encourage students to apply the concepts they have learned to themselves. These activities are brought together at the conclusion of the book, helping students develop their own stress-management program. The Seventh Edition is highlighted by a new art and photography program and journaling exercises incorporated into the text (in previous editions, journaling activities were offered in a separate supplement).