The Winning Family: Increasing Self-Esteem in Your Children and Yourself - Louise Hart, Kristen Caven
"I have written for you the book I wish had been available to me twenty years ago and to my mother forty years ago, and to her mother before that." That's a very different way to begin a book about parents and children, but it reflects Louise Hart's deep conviction that each generation has a powerful effect on subsequent generations. To alter or lessen this effect, parents must decide what outcomes they want and actually change what they can to bring that about. Self-esteem is a great
Pictures of the Mind: What the New Neuroscience Tells Us about Who We Are - Miriam Boleyn-Fitzgerald
Neuroscientists once believed your brain was essentially "locked down" by adulthood. No new cells. No major changes. If you grew up depressed, angry, sad, aggressive, or nasty, you'd be that way for life. And, as you grew older, there'd be nowhere to go but down, as disease, age, or injury wiped out precious, irreplaceable brain cells. But over the past five, ten, twenty years, all that's changed. Using fMRI and PET scanning technology, neuroscientists can now look deep inside the
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Change Management (including featured article �Leading Change,� by John P. Kotter) - Harvard Business School Press
Most company's change initiatives fail. Yours don't have to. If you read nothing else on change management, read these 10 articles (featuring “Leading Change,” by John P. Kotter). We've combed through hundreds of Harvard Business Review articles and selected the most important ones to help you spearhead change in your organization. HBR's 10 Must Reads on Change Management will inspire you to: - Lead change through eight critical stages - Establish a sense of urgency - Overcome addiction to
The Mind-Body Mood Solution: The Breakthrough Program for Overcoming Depression Rapidly, Naturally, and Permanently - Jeffrey Rossman
Depression is the leading cause of disability in America. The incidence of depression in the United States today is 10 times greater than it was in 1960—and that rate doubles every decade. Changes in the way we live, work, eat, sleep, and interact have made us increasingly vulnerable to this mood disorder. We are living out of sync with nature, our bodies, our spirits, a
The Positive Power of Praising People - Jerry D. Twentier
Based on the idea that praise is the least expensive and often most effective way of motivating others to greater performance and productivity, this title illustrates how professional leadership qualities flow from personal development.
Gethsemane Map: Journey to Healing Relationships and Overcoming Fear - Cynthia Ann Hunt
Gethsemane moments create healing miracles. Gems of heavenly inspiration.
And I Will Make Thee Whole: Helping Families with Mental Health Concerns - Mental Health Resource Foundation
And I Will Make Thee Whole tells us that mental illness can strike anyone. It addresses the stigma among Latter-day Saints that mental illness is due to sin or character weakness. This book erases the blame and shame that has existed for decades surrounding mental illness. The good news is that mental illness is biological-it is a disease, it is treatable, and most of the time, treatment works. Mental illness can affect us regardless of our status. Many thanks to the authors for bringing these
The Relationship Seasons: Navigating The 5 Stages Of Relationships: A Guide For Singles, Parents, And Anyone Else Who's Ever Been In A Relationship - Matthew O. Richardson
"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."-Eccelesiates 3:1. Matthew Richardson explaines that there are different seasons of relationships that are necessary for our growth both in relationships and as humn beings. Teens, for example, need to participate in group dates before beginning to date exclusively. As Presidnent Kimball said, "Then later stages are reached prematurely...something precious is lost from the relationship."
Self Improvement - 101: The Big Book: The Big Book: 17 Months Shy of 6 Decades of Life's Little Teachings, Trinkets, Treasures, and Wisdom - Robert K. Teske Jr.
SELF-IMPROVEMENT - 101 THE BIG BOOK 84 Chapters, 17 Months Shy of 6 Decades of Life's Little Teachings, Trinkets, Treasures, and Wisdom By Robert K. Teske Add THIS book to your Self-Improvement Library TODAY! Don't miss this opportunity to learn from someone who has been there! Robert K. Teske is currently the President/CEO of Teske Enterprises, and CEO/Producer of Subtropolis Film Partners. Started in January of 1975, Teske Enterprises has been actively and semi-actively involved in the direct
Save Your Retirement: What to Do If You Haven't Saved Enough or If Your Investments Were Devastated by the Market Meltdown - Frank Armstrong III, Paul B. Brown
Real Solutions for Saving Your Retirement...No Matter Where You Stand Right Now!Step-by-step plans you can use if you're planning to retire in...5 years 10 years 15 years over 20 years or tomorrow! "The market meltdown has all of us worrying about whether we will ever be able to retire. Worrying doesn't help you. Planning does. "Save Your Retirement" by Frank Armstrong, III and Paul B. Brown can-and should-serve as your battle plan."-John A. Byrne, Executive Editor,
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