Kick Menstrual Cramps in the Nuts - T.C. Hale


Kick Menstrual Cramps in the Nuts

KICK MENSTRUAL CRAMPS IN THE NUTS is brought to you by touring comedian turned natural health expert, T.C. Hale (aka Tony Hale). Not only will Hale have you laughing out loud while he reveals the secrets behind cramps and how the human body functions, you will also learn how to look at your own body chemistry to understand the underlying cause of YOUR menstrual cramps. Since the reason cramps can exist varies from person to person, once you understand what is going on with your chemistry, this book will help you understand what foods, supplements, or lifestyle changes could eliminate your desire to scream at inanimate objects once a month. If you are easily offended or if laughing is too painful while you're cramping, you can read the more straightforward version of this book, DONE WITH MENSTRUAL CRAMPS. Both versions will teach the same science and the same secrets. In this version, the author just gets to crack himself up.

On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep - Gary Ezzo


On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep

The infant management concepts presented in this book have found favor with over two million parents and twice as many contented babies. On Becoming Babywise brings hope to the tired and bewildered parents looking for an alternative to sleepless nights and fussy babies. The Babywise Parent Directed Feeding concept has enough structure to bring security and order to your baby's world, yet enough flexibility to give mom freedom to respond to any need at any time. It teaches parents how to lovingly guide their baby's day rather than be guided or enslaved to the infant's unknown needs.

The information contained within On Becoming Babywise is loaded with success. Comprehensive breast-feeding follow-up surveys spanning three countries, of mothers using the PDF method verify that as a result of the PDF concepts, 88% breast-feed, compared to the national average of only 54% (from the National Center for Health Statistics). Of these breast-feeding mothers, 80% of them breast-feed exclusively without a formula complement. And while 70% of our mothers are still breast-feeding after six months, the national average encourage to follow demand feeding without any guidelines is only 20%. The mean average time of breast-feeding for PDF moms is 33 1/2 weeks, well above the national average. Over 50% of PDF mothers extend their breast-feeding toward and well into the first year.

Added to these statistics is another critical factor. The average breast-fed PDF baby sleeps continuously through night seven to eight hours between weeks seven and nine. Healthy sleep in infants is analogous to healthy growth and development. Find out for yourself why a world of parents and pediatricians utilize the concepts found in On Becoming Babywise.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Changing Old Habits for Good - G. Alan Marlatt, Deborah S. Romaine


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Changing Old Habits for Good

Kick bad habits?for good!

Nearly everybody has at least one self-destructive habit they can?t eliminate? from spending too much time online to eating too much ice cream. Changing an old habit is no easy business and more than 90% of people relapse within a year. This one-of-a-kind guide helps readers separate good habits from bad, evaluate the risks and benefits, prepare themselves for change, and make the change?for good.
?Dr. Marlatt is a groundbreaking author at the top of the relapse prevention Field
?This book shares the latest research on kicking old habits for good

CALM*: A Proven Four-Step Process Designed Specifically for Women Who Worry - Denise Marek


CALM*: A Proven Four-Step Process Designed Specifically for Women Who Worry

If there were a simple process that would allow you to stop worrying, and truly move forward in your life . . . wouldn’t you want to know about it? In CALM, Denise Marek reveals a proven four-step process designed specifically for women who worry. This simple yet powerful formula will help you stop worrying, eliminate self-limiting beliefs, and develop greater inner peace. You’ll discover strategies to immediately reduce worry, and put an end to “what if” thinking. Find out how to transform fear into action, and learn how to finally stop worrying about what others think of you. Discover how to let go of the need for perfectionism, regain excitement for life, and restore your peace of mind.

Based on Denise Marek’s From Worrier to Warrior seminar, the four-step process in this book has already been proven effective for thousands of women across North America. No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’re going through, apply the practical steps in this book and you too will stop worrying. CALM is the key to reconnecting with the inner peace you desire and deserve.

Love Anthony - Lisa Genova


Love Anthony

From the award-winning New York Times bestselling author of Still Alice and Left Neglected, comes a heartfelt novel about an accidental friendship that gives a grieving mother a priceless gift: the ability to understand the thoughts of her eight-year-old autistic son and make sense of his brief life.

Two women, each cast adrift by unforseen events in their lives, meet by accident on a Nantucket beach and are drawn into a friendship.
Olivia is a young mother whose eight-year-old severely autistic son has recently died. Her marriage badly frayed by years of stress, she comes to the island in a trial separation to try and make sense of the tragedy of her Anthony’s short life.
Beth, a stay-at-home mother of three, is also recently separated after discovering her husband’s long-term infidelity. In an attempt to recapture a sense of her pre-married life, she rekindles her passion for writing, determined to find her own voice again. But surprisingly, as she does so, Beth also find herself channeling the voice of an unknown boy, exuberant in his perceptions of the world around him if autistic in his expression—a voice she can share with Olivia—(is it Anthony?)—that brings comfort and meaning to them both.

Cascadia's Fault: The Coming Earthquake and Tsunami That Could Devastate North America - Jerry Thompson, Simon Winchester


Cascadia's Fault: The Coming Earthquake and Tsunami That Could Devastate North America

There’s a crack in the earth’s crust that runs roughly 31 miles offshore, approximately 683 miles from northern California up through Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia. The Cascadia Subduction Zone has generated massive earthquakes over and over again throughout geologic time; at least 36 major events in the last 10,000 years. This fault generates a monste

Bloger - poradnik dla blogerów - Tomek Tomczyk


Bloger - poradnik dla blogerów

To nie jest książka dla blogerów, którzy chcą w tydzień zdobyć popularność, a w miesiąc zarobić milion dolarów. To pozycja dla tych, którzy rozumieją, że pisanie dobrego bloga jest sztuką. Pisanie doskonałego bloga – stylem i sposobem życia.

Dostaniesz odpowiedzi na 100 najważniejszych pytań, jakie zadaje sobie każdy bloger.
Odkryjesz, jak zbudować popularnego bloga. Dowiesz się, jak grać na emocjach czytelników, tworzyć unikatowe teksty i przekuwać popularność na solidne zarobki. Zobaczysz, jak zdobyć, utrzymać i animować społeczność na blogu.

Niestety, ta książka nie jest kluczem do skarbu, a jedynie mapą wskazującą do niego drogę. Twój sukces nie będzie zależał od tego, jak uważnie przeczytasz cały poradnik i czy zastosujesz się do wszystkich wskazówek.
Weź z niego tylko to, co pasuje do twojego stylu, planów i ambicji.