The Language Imperative: The Power of Language to Enrich Your Life and Expand Your Mind - Suzette Haden Elgin


The Language Imperative: The Power of Language to Enrich Your Life and Expand Your Mind

Many of us view language as a tool, a means by which to communicate our thoughts and emotions. But is there more to language than just "talk"? Can learning languages actually change the way you think? In "The Language Imperative," best-selling author and linguistic scholar Suzette Haden Elgin examines the power of language to shape our lives. She confronts some of the most pressing issues parents and educators face today: Is it a good or bad idea for Americans to have command of more than one language? Should learning languages be a luxury for only the rich? Or should it be a goal of the public educational system as well? Based on solid science and filled with personal insights, "The Language Imperative" is required reading for anyone interested in how words shape our lives, both as individuals and as a nation.

The Black Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair: A Positive Approach to Managing Any Hair Type and Style - Lisa Akbari


The Black Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair: A Positive Approach to Managing Any Hair Type and Style

No matter what style you choose, you can take care of your hair so that it:
--heals from any damage caused by heat or chemicals
--grows to its maximum length and thickness
--is soft and manageable
--is controlled by you, not the other way around!
Lisa Akbari, leading researcher into black women's hair, teaches you how to:
--tell what hair type and texture you have so you're using the right products
--shampoo and condition for the best hair possible
--use heat and chemicals safely and still keep your hair healthy and strong
--take care of your scalp to get rid of itching, flaking and dryness
--choose a salon and stylist and get the best results from them
--manage new growth and comb your hair without pain or pulling
--manage your style so it looks beautiful every day
Most importantly, you'll find out how to have a great attitude about your own hair, so you'll never have "bad hair" again.

12 In-Demand Online Home Business Ideas Today - Joey R. Jackson


12 In-Demand Online Home Business Ideas Today

The online business industry is booming even in today’s struggling economic environment. The internet is the most cost-effective way and most accessible channel to start any kind of business, so it’s the perfect arena to start your own company and take charge of your financial future.

With many people having a hard time finding work in the real world, the internet has become a goldmine of opportunities. Literally, it is a goldmine because even the most specialized niche can find a lucrative market. There is a market for anything because the whole world is your marketplace.

While there are a multitude of expensive and cheap business ideas to launch, this guide focuses only on the top 12 most in-demand online opportunities right now. You will learn more of some of the following online business ideas:

• Infopublishing
• Vending Software
• Sell your Services
• Net Auctions
• Brokering

Plus seven other economical online startups that are guaranteed moneymakers in the internet today!

Language and the Pursuit of Happiness: A New Foundation for Designing Your Life, Your Relationships & Your Results - Chalmers Brothers


Language and the Pursuit of Happiness: A New Foundation for Designing Your Life, Your Relationships & Your Results

Language and the Pursuit of Happiness This compelling new book shares a way of understanding your language and your conversations (including those you have with yourself!) that has proven to be a powerful, practical basis for real change and lasting improvements - at home, at work and everywhere in between. Here is the promise of this new book by personal coach and seminar leader Chalmers Brothers: We speak ourselves into the world, w... Full description

Jewels Treasured by Her Family - Julia Johnson


Jewels Treasured by Her Family

Womenself-esteem.com highly recommends Jewels Treasured by Her Family. Filled with a unique reality, imagination & humor, it is a must for readers, young and old. -Dorothy Lafrinere, Editor & Creator of www.womensselfesteem.com I was hooked after the first couple of pages. The author has a unique way of bringing the characters in her book alive, making it an enjoyable read. -A. W. Nutter, Author of Daddyas Game and Shimmer A wonderful book filled with stories inside of stories. Fanciful, heart-warming and intriguing, I highly recommend it to readers of all ages. -Susan Beth Nemitz, Author of Yours Truly This book takes the reader into the life of the Flynn family from the eyes of the youngest, Beth. The family is so real you will feel that you have met them on the street or at the store. A very good read any age would enjoy. -Maryann Nooner, Avid Reader/Writer/Author/Book Reviewer I didnat want to leave the loving atmosphere of the Flynn ranch, and as each page turned I was more captivated by this story. The reader feels deeply for the Flynns as they face each obstacle that defines their lives. I found myself rooting for them to conquer each of those obstacles and to see that the love of family is all you need to face anything in life. -BJ Myers, Author of Justice is Served A story that everyone should read, it seems so real you feel as if you were being swept off you feet, becoming one of the characters. It is more than a great read; it is one of the best. -Tabitha Robin, Author of The Burning Bush

How To Memorize The Entire Bible In No Time Flat - Adam Houge


How To Memorize The Entire Bible In No Time Flat

Have you ever struggled in your meditation time? Would you like to know a real working method for memorizing the entire bible? In this short book you'll learn the 5 simple secrets you need to memorize any book in the bible. You will discover exactly how God can help you memorize the scriptures, and apply them daily. It is a real working method that will propel your knowledge in the Word of God beyond anything you could ever imagine. After applying these easy principles you'll find yourself growing in ways you never thought possible.

The Developer's Code: What Real Programmers Do - Ka Wai Cheung, Brian P. Hogan


The Developer's Code: What Real Programmers Do

The Developer's Code isn't about the code you write, it's about the code you live by. There are no trite superlatives here. Packed with lessons learned from more than a decade of software development experience, author Ka Wai Cheung takes you through the programming profession from nearly every angle to uncover ways of sustaining a healthy connection with your work. You'll see how to stay productive even on the longest projects. You'll create a workflow that works with you, not against you. And you'll learn how to deal with clients whose goals don't align with your own. If you don't handle them just right, issues such as these can crush even the most seasoned, motivated developer. But with the right approach, you can transcend these common problems and become the professional developer you want to be. In more than 50 nuggets of wisdom, you'll learn: Why many traditional approaches to process and development roles in this industry are wrong - and how to sniff them out. Why you must always say "no" to the software pet project and open-ended timelines. How to incorporate code generation into your development process, and why its benefits go far beyond just faster code output. What to do when your client or end user disagrees with an approach you believe in. How to pay your knowledge forward to future generations of programmers through teaching and evangelism. If you're in this industry for the long run, you'll be coming back to this book again and again.

French Chic: How to Dress Like a Frenchwoman - Susan Sommers


French Chic: How to Dress Like a Frenchwoman

Chic is the word and French chic is the most stylish of all. In this book a top fashion journalist reveals the secrets of French style and shows how women can make French chic, allure, and confidence a part of their own style. A very colourful and stylish, Iconic book.

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