ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life - Judith Kolberg, Kathleen Nadeau
A professional organizer and a renowned ADD clinician join forces to present this guide that addresses the unique needs of adults with ADD. It offers organizing advice that ranges from self-help to utilizing the help of nonprofessionals to using professional assistance.
The RealAge(R) Workout: Maximum Health, Minimum Work - Michael F. Roizen, Tracy Hafen, Lawrence A. Armour
Dr. Michael F. Roizen has empowered thousands of Americans to take control of their own destinies. How? His best-selling books, RealAge®, The RealAge® Makeover, and YOU: The Owner's Manual, have helped people reverse their chronological aging by ten, fifteen, and up to twenty-nine years by revealing simple lifestyle changes that have profound effects that control their genes -- and thus control their health and the aging process. Chances are you picked up this book because you, too, want to be
The Dorm Room Diet: The 10-Step Program for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Plan That Really Works - Daphne Oz, Mehmet C. Oz
The 10-Step Program for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Plan That Really Works The Dorm Room Diet Revised and Updated Edition Figuring out how to eat right and stay healthy on your own can be hard! Here is help from someone who's been there. Like many girls, Daphne Oz struggled with her weight as a teenager and hated the extreme restrictions of fad diets. She wanted to find a healthy lifestyle solution that would let her enjoy a full college experience without packing on the proverbial Freshman
The Assertive Woman (Personal Growth) - Stanlee Phelps, Nancy Austin
The Assertive Woman This classic bestseller, revised and updated, is an original and lively self-help resource that's packed with tested exercises, step-by-step guides, and solid advice on how to express oneself with co-workers, authority figures, lovers, family, and friends. Full description
The Last Single Woman in America - Cindy Guidry
The funniest, freshest essayist since David Sedaris, Cindy Guidry examines American culture and present-day gender relations in all their confusing, heartbreaking, and hilarious glory. After losing both her job and a potential husband, Cindy sets off to figure out why on earth she's so happy and soon must combat an onslaught of unsolicited advice from her mother, her 'have it all' friends, and a Yoda-like waxing lady, and the guy next door. Making pit stops along the way to ponder
How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever: Creating a Positive Flow of Money Into Your Life - Victor Boc
Never worry about money again! Let any concern about financial matters vanish from your life… gone once and for all, like a bad dream! This is what you've been wishing and hoping for. At last, financial freedom is yours if you want it. This book gives you the means to secure a MASSIVE and UNLIMITED flow of money into your life, to totally obliterate your financial worries forever, like magic. You will lift a heavy weight from your shoulders, the weight of worry. If you are like most people,
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The Way of the Happy Woman: Living the Best Year of Your Life - Sara Avant Stover
Live in accordance with nature and your soul Our ancestors adhered to the daily, seasonal, and yearly rhythms of nature by necessity, but modern life overrides these cycles, compromising women’s health and happiness. In this book, Sara Avant Stover shows how simple, natural, and refreshingly accessible practices can minimize stress and put us back in sync with our own cycles and those of nature. When we honor spring’s seedlings, summer’s vibrancy, fall’s harvest, and winter’s quietude, we
Shooting Movies Without Shooting Yourself in the Foot: Becoming a Cinematographer - Jack Anderson
Shooting Movies without Shooting Yourself in the Foot is the book for all those film enthusiasts who can't get on a professional set or can't undertake studies at an expensive film school. The book approaches the subject of cinematography from a "hands-on, in the trenches" viewpoint, as though the reader were an apprentice on the set. It's a book about learning to shoot a film without making an idiot of yourself and wasting lots of time and money. It's a book about how to take
Teaching with Your Mouth Shut - Donald L. Finkel
Our traditional "Great Teacher" teaches by telling, inspiring students through eloquent, passionate oration. For Donald Finkel this view is destructively narrow: it takes for granted that teachers teach, fundamentally and centrally, by telling students what they are supposed to know. In "Teaching with Your Mouth Shut, " Finkel proposes an alternative vision of teaching - one that is deeply democratic in its implications. Each chapter in this book presents a case study, a
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Unattended Sorrow: Recovering from Loss and Reviving the Heart - Stephen Levine
Unattended sorrow is unresolved grief that has never been given a chance to heal. This lovely, spiritual book from one of the nation's most trusted grief counselors offers a series of techniques to help heal this pain so readers can lead full and joyful lives. The book not only guides those who have experienced a fresh loss to face the hurt before it settles in, but it als
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