The First Mile: A Launch Manual for Getting Great Ideas into the Market - Scott D. Anthony


The First Mile: A Launch Manual for Getting Great Ideas into the Market

You have a great idea, now what?

That first mile—where an innovation moves from an idea on paper to the market—is often plagued by failure. In fact, less than one percent of ideas launched by big companies end up having real impact. The ideas aren’t the problem. It’s the process.

The First Mile focuses on the critical moment when an innovator moves from planning to reality. It is a perilous place where hidden traps snare entrepreneurs and roadblocks slow innovators inside large companies.

In this practical and enlightening manual, strategic adviser Scott Anthony equips innovators with new tools, questions, and examples to speed through this crucial early stage of innovation. You’ll learn:

• How to evaluate your idea’s strengths and weaknesses using the “DEFT” process—Document, Evaluate, Focus, and Test
• Fourteen recipes from an “experiment cookbook” to gain confidence in your idea or business
• Why “spinouts,” “wrong turns,” and other challenges commonly trip up innovation—and the practical strategies you can use to avoid them
• Why innovators need to seek chaos in an age of constant change—and other essential leadership skills

Drawing on his decade of experience as an innovation adviser and investor, Anthony describes hard-won lessons from disruptive start-ups and global giants alike. The First Mile will give you the knowledge and confidence to travel this perilous—but ultimately promising—terrain.

The first mile can be a scary place, but you don’t have to traverse it alone. This book can help.

Happy Life: Can Be Done Anywhere Anytime (Simon Sayes "Get Off The Couch": The Seven Day Secret) - Simon Sayes


Happy Life: Can Be Done Anywhere Anytime (Simon Sayes 'Get Off The Couch': The Seven Day Secret)

Welcome back!

This is our final edition in the Seven Days series! After you complete this book you will be all set to write down your plan for your seven days, and may you never be the same!

The primary message in these books has been that simple, easy, changes can transform your body and mind. You can imagine how these fundamental improvements – in your natural energy, weight loss, a clearer mind, a longer life expectancy – all add up to greater happiness. And not just for you but for those you love, too.

You are the center of a sphere of influence, whether you know it or not. When you improve it, you have ripple effects all around, so this is a good thing for everybody.

It has been a joy writing about ways to simply and easily improve your body, mind, and diet, and this may be the funnest volume yet as we will discuss things like motivation and happiness itself.

I might be even more excited than you are at this point because I know what good things are in store for you! Please enjoy this volume and please feel free to refer back to other volumes as you consider and create your own initial seven days. With some trial and error – all enjoyable, mind you – you will be rather easily moving into a healthier, more enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle.

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Yoga To Go - Laurie Gail Newman


Yoga To Go

Yoga cards, illustrated with the best poses for healing and relaxation, are a terrific way for enthusiasts to practice at home. This unique kit contains 25 cards and a 32page book, plus a yoga strap.

Motivation - Brian Tracy



As a manager, one of your most important responsibilities is to motivate your employees to do their absolute best. Managers who create positive, rewarding, high-energy environments reduce absenteeism and turnover while dramatically increasing productivity and quality. In "Motivation," success expert Brian Tracy draws on his decades of experience bringing out the best in others to provide 21 of the fastest, most powerful methods ever discovered for increasing the effectiveness of any individual or group. He reveals how to: - Ensure employees look forward to coming to work and feel passionate about what they do - Challenge them with tasks that allow them to stretch - Satisfy their need to feel both autonomous and part of a greater whole - Reduce their fear of failure and increase their desire to try - Remove obstacles that hold people back - Provide the regular feedback they need to succeed - And much more! Most people are just waiting for someone to come along and inspire them to greatness. Packed with proven tools and strategies, this essential guide helps any manager deliver a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart of his or her work team.

Help! What Do I Do Now? Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer's - Nancy Nicholson


Help! What Do I Do Now? Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer's

This guide for Alzheimer's caregivers includes simple, efficient, practical tips to help you with everything from activities of daily living to laughter and enjoyable activities. Keep it handy to refer to specific sections as your loved one’s disease progresses and you face new situations. Learn how to care for your loved one and yourself and how to make the best of your time together.

A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah - Michael Laitman


A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah

In a time of crisis, we need a guide to help us calm and stabilize our lives. This is why Kabbalah is being revealed to millions today. Kabbalah is a tool for bettering life, and A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah teaches how we can use this tool. In a graceful, easygoing style, you'll learn the basics of Kabbalah, and receive much needed suggestions for employing this age-old science to your daily life.

Living and Loving after Betrayal: How to Heal from Emotional Abuse, Deceit, Infidelity, and Chronic Resentment - Steven Stosny


Living and Loving after Betrayal: How to Heal from Emotional Abuse, Deceit, Infidelity, and Chronic Resentment

Betrayal has many faces, including anger, abuse, deceit, and infidelity. These feel like betrayal because they violate the implicit promise of emotional bonds, that your loved one will care about your wellbeing and never intentionally hurt you. If you've recently left a relationship where you felt betrayed by your partner—or if you want to repair one—it can seem impossible to view the world without the shadow of past betrayal hovering over you. As a result, you may struggle to create meaning in your life, find the strength to forgive, or build new, loving relationships.

In Living and Loving after Betrayal, therapist and relationship expert Steven Stosny offers effective tools for healing, based on his highly successful CompassionPower program. He founded the CompassionPower agency on the belief that we are more powerful when compassionate than when angry or aggressive, and that true strength comes from relating compassionately to others and remaining true to your deeper values. In this book, you’ll learn practical strategies for overcoming betrayal-induced trauma and the chronic resentment and depression that result, using this innovative compassion-empowerment approach.

Most books on betrayal only focus on the obvious issues, such as infidelity, abuse, or sex addiction. This book explores the effects of those kinds of betrayal, as well as less-talked-about types, such as emotional manipulation, dishonesty, deceit, and financial cheating. In addition, the book helps you regain a sense of trust in others so that you can eventually find another compassionate person to share your life with or, if you choose, to rebuild a relationship with your reformed betrayer.

Recovering from the betrayal of partner isn’t easy, but Living and Loving after Betrayal offers potent ways to heal, grow, and love again.

Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining: America's Toughest Family Court Judge Speaks Out - Judy Sheindlin, Josh Getlin


Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining: America's Toughest Family Court Judge Speaks Out

¡n we get some reality in here? asks Judy Sheindlin, former supervising judge for Manhattan Family Court. For twenty–four years she has laid down the law as she understands it:● If you want to eat, you have to work. ● If you have children, you'd better support them.● If you break the law, you have to pay.● If you tap the public purse, you'd better be accountable.Now she abandons all judicial restraint in a scathing critique of the system – filled with realistic hard–nosed alternatives to our bloated welfare bureaucracy and our soft–on–crime laws.

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