What are You Eating?: Food Fact File - Isabel Skypala
Looking at the five major food groups - fruit and vegetables; bread, cereals and potatoes; meat, fish and vegetarian alternatives; milk and dairy foods; and foods containing a high proportion of fat - Isabel Skypala provides comprehensive alphabetical food tables for every product.
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The Vegetarian Way: Total Health for You and Your Family - Ginny Messina, Mark Messina
The Vegetarian Way is the vegetarian bible. It is an authoritative, comprehensive, single-source reference book for the growing number of people who are embracing a vegetarian diet, as well as for more than 12 million Americans who are already committed vegetarians.
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The Whartons' Strength Book: 35 Lifts for Over 55 Different Sports and Everyday Activities - Jim Wharton, Phil Wharton
"What Can I Do to Maximize My Performance?" Active-Isolated Strength Training is a remarkably easy and effective way to tone up, lose weight, rehabilitate from an injury, reshape a sagging waistline, regain lost vitality, or build muscles. Using the Active-Isolated technique, introduced in The Whartons' Stretch Book ("Athletes rave about the program by this father-son team"--USA Today), you'll learn how to create a personal training program backed by sound scientific
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The Whartons' Cardio-Fitness Book: The Step-by-Step Program for High Energy and Endurance - Jim Wharton, Phil Wharton
Train Your Heart for a Brand-New Start Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike have long looked to the father-son team of Jim and Phil Wharton for the cutting-edge advice on fitness. Now, following on the success of the bestselling The Whartons' Stretch Book and The Whartons' Strength Book, they present The Whartons' Cardio-Fitness Book, the ultimate guide to building endurance and heart health through cardiovascular training. Give them thirty minutes three times a week, and the
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The Rhythm of Life: An Antidote for Our Busy Age - Matthew Kelly
In The Rhythm of Life, author Matthew Kelly exposes the lifestyle challenges and problems that face us in this age obsessed with noise, speed, and activity. In response, Kelly proposes an alternative lifestyle which promotes genuine well-being by attending to our legitimate needs - physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Kelly puts forth a message which is unmistakably challenging and attractive - "What you become is infinitely more important than what you do, or what you
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Women of the Bible Book One: Learning Life Principles from the Women of the Bible - Wayne Barber
Eve, Sarah, Miriam, Rahab, Deborah, Ruth, Hannah, Esther, The Virtuous Woman, Mary and Martha, Mary-Mother of Jesus, The Bride of Christ
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Life Principles from the Women of the Bible Book 2 - Wayne Barber, Eddie Rasnake, Richard Shepherd
God's Woman of Yesterday Speak Boldly to God's Women of Today. The women of the Bible play an integral, essential, and crucial role in the eternal plan of God. From heaven's point of view, women are always unique, matchless, and irreplaceable-they are never to be found in a subservient ranking within the kingdom of God. The woman characters featured in Woman of the Bible (Book Two) demonstrates to us the struggles we all have in being faithful and submissive to God's design. Examples are
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Why Medicine?: And 500 Other Questions for the Medical School and Residency Interviews - Sujay Kansagra
The medical interview can make all the difference in the admissions process. Written by the bestselling author of "Everything I Learned in Medical School," "Why Medicine" gets you ready to tackle the interview process like never before. It brings you over 500 of the most common questions during medical interviews to help prepare you for success. So when they ask, you will be ready!
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The DaVinci Code: A Quest for Answers - Josh McDowell
Just where does fact end and fiction begin? This work aims to provide an answer to Dan Brown.
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Making Peace with the Things in Your Life: Why Your Papers, Books, Clothes, and Other Possessions Keep Overwhelming You and What to Do About It - Cindy Glovinsky
Do you spend much of your time struggling against the growing ranks of papers, books, clothes, housewares, mementos, and other possessions that seem to multiply when you're not looking? Do these inanimate objects, the hallmarks of busy modern life, conspire to fill up every inch of your space, no matter how hard you try to get rid of some of them and organize the rest? Do you feel frustrated, thwarted, and powerless in the face of this ever-renewing mountain of stuff? Help is on the way.
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