Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us about Morality - Patricia S. Churchland
What is morality? Where does it come from? And why do most of us heed its call most of the time? In Braintrust, neurophilosophy pioneer Patricia Churchland argues that morality originates in the biology of the brain. She describes the "neurobiological platform of bonding" that, modified by evolutionary pressures and cultural values, has led to human styles of moral behavior. The result is a provocative genealogy of morals that asks us to reevaluate the priority given to religion,
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How to Be Creative - Hugh MacLeod
This book is a survival manual for the "Creative Class," about holding on to your creative spirit even though the business world tends to grind it down. The book will be divided into 30+ Pearls of Wisdom (based on the original manifesto and wildly successful Web phenomenon, "How to Be Creative"), and will be laced throughout with the author's witty, smart single-frame cartoons.
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Success Is a Journey : Making Your Life A Grand Adventure - Brian Tracy
A metaphor for any success in life, this fast-moving narrative is rich with insights supplied by the now-older and wiser Brian Tracy who has become famous worldwide for his expertise on personal and organizational development.
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Surviving the Baby Boomer Exodus: Capturing Knowledge for Gen X and Y Employees - Ken Ball, Gina Gotsill
There are managers who can't bear the thought of losing longtime, skilled employees due to the "brain drain," yet it is occurring as experienced Baby Boomers retire and take with them their practical knowledge and business acumen. Despite the media coverage of Boomers and how a tidal wave of retirements could impact business, many senior managers are kicking the can down the road, putting off the job of creating a system and process for capturing knowledge. Keeping this a low priority
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The Life Magnet - Robert Collier
Here is the "Open Sesame of life"-the hidden formula of how to use your subconscious mind for achievement and success, by the popular author of The Secret of the Ages. In every hallowed fable, legend, and maxim known the world over-from the parables of Christ to the tales of Ali Baba to the riddles of the alchemists-there hides a secret. For those with eyes to see it, this secret can be life-changing. It is so simple that it hides in plain sight, seen yet unseen every day.
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The Vocab-Vitamin Vocabulary Booster - Julie Karasik, Julie Karasik
Get your all-in-one supplement for dynamic daily diction! Straight from the popular website comes a healthy dose of vocabulary-boosting lessons sure to supercharge your word power. Grouped thematically into nine easy-to-digest Vocab Vitamin Packs, you'll find more than 400 wonderful words to chew on, along with proven methods for memorization and usage, games, and puzzles that teach you how to: Use each word in a sentence Pronounce the words properly
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FearLess: 90 Days to Eliminating Fear from Your Life - Joe Pileggi
Be encouraged. Every fear you face has already been overcome! When it comes to fear, God has some pretty specific directions on what you are supposed to do: Fear not! God is serious about helping you become fearless. Some variation of the phrase, “Fear not” appears in the Bible at least 365 times. Fear is a serious issue as it holds you back from fulfilling the incredible calling God has on your life, and fear paralyzes you from enjoying abundant life in Christ. In this 91-Day devotional,
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Dead Girl Dancing - Linda Joy Singleton
I could not believe I was in the wrong body-again! Apparently, this freaky phenomenon of stepping into someone else's life-and their body!-has a name: Temp Lifer. And when my dead grandmother heaped on the praise for a job well done last time, I sort of let it happen again. (Grrr, thanks Grammy.) So now I'm hungover and gazing in the mirror at . . . my boyfriend's sister. Sharayah's long legs: plus. College-age: plus. The thought of kissing my boyfriend while occupying his sister's body: BIG
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The DIY Pantry: 30 Minutes to Healthy, Homemade Food - Kresha Faber
All-natural pantry staples for just pennies a serving! With The DIY Pantry, you can break free from processed foods and learn to make healthy, delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen or breaking the bank. From artisan breads and aromatic seasonings to irresistible treats like Black-and-White Sandwich Cookies and Peppermint Patties, this book shows you how to stock your pantry with all the ingredients you need to make your favorite meals for the entire week. Best of all, each
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Emotionally Healthy Twins: A New Philosophy for Parenting Two Unique Children - Joan A. Friedman
Most parents try to treat their twins as individuals, but most unwittingly undermine their best intentions because they lack a practical set of guidelines for raising emotionally healthy multiples. Drawing on her unique experience as a twin, the mother of twins, and as a psychotherapist, Dr. Joan A. Friedman outlines the seven key concepts for helping twins develop into self-realized, unique individuals and offers parents specific strategies for each stage in their children’s growth. From how
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