Good to Great in God's Eyes: 10 Practices Great Christians Have in Common - Chip Ingram
Jim Collins's Good to Great became a bestselling business book because it studies the characteristics of great businesses. But should Christians want to become great in the eyes of the world? In Good to Great in God's Eyes, bestselling author Chip Ingram shows how Christians can honor God with lives of great faith and excellent work. Believers become great in God's eyes by applying the 10 common characteristics of great Christians: - think great thoughts - read great books - pursue great people
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The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide - Robert Bruce
Is everything that goes on in your mind really you? Perhaps not, says Australian psychic researcher Robert Bruce. Drawing on more than two decades of firsthand research and experience, Bruce reports that our minds are subject to influences from many unseen spiritual sources. Some of these can influence how we think, feel, act, and even how our bodies function. They can make us unhappy, irritable, confused, sick, unstable, even crazy. This is why we need practical tools and countermeasures for
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Moments to Treasure: An Inspirational Five-Year Memory Book for Busy Moms - Ellie Claire
Record the moments like "Zach lost a tooth today," "Jordyn was confirmed," "Michael received an award at school," and others that make motherhood so special and so busy! Journalers will delight in the memories as they read back through the five years' notes. This unique journal is a special way to count the blessings of being a mom.
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Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms - Meredith Jacobs, Sofie Jacobs
Meredith and Sofie Jacobs have been sharing a journal since Sofie was nine. They created this fun, fresh volume to help other moms and daughters get to know each other in a whole new way. Advice and thoughtful writing prompts pave the way to discussing everything from friends and school to crushes and growing up. Also includes pages for drawing pictures and making lists and plenty of free space for writing about whatever comes to mind. With perspectives from both generations and a hip look,
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Scats and Tracks of the Southeast - James C. Halfpenny, Jim Bruchac
Trying to tell the difference between squirrel tracks and those of the Eastern woodrat? Searching for turtles or toads? Or trying to find out what animal is nibbling the lettuces in the garden? Scats and Tracks of the Southeast will help readers figure out what they are looking at and find out what they are looking for, with its superb illustrations by Todd Telander and helpful and informative text.
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Be Prepared!: Getting Ready for Job Interviews - Julie-Ann Amos
This guide to preparing for interviews includes topics such as presentation and body language, meeting and greeting, and preparing to answer questions.
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After Image: Mind Altering Marketing - John Grant
John Grant has been part of the new marketing revolution since the mid-1990s when he co-founded the radical advertising agency St Luke's. His pioneering book, drawn from the latest findings in business theory, cognitive neuroscience and social research, proposes a whole new system for marketing. Instead of building false images, he argues, business should now direct its efforts at building shared meaning and learning. Many brands using the old image approach - Levi's, Coca-Cola, Nike, Gap ...
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Best Practices: Communicating Effectively: Write, Speak, and Present with Authority - Garry Kranz
In this age of digital communication, getting the right message across clearly is crucial to success. Communicating Effectively, a comprehensive and essential resource for any manager on the run, shows you how. Learn to: Build relationships through effective communication Get more done via e-mail Draft pitch perfect letters, memos, and reports Conduct productive conference calls Deliver hard-hitting presentations The Collins Best Practices guides offer new and seasoned managers the essential
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Beginning C# 5.0 Databases - Vidya Vrat Agarwal
Assuming only basic knowledge of C#, Beginning C# 5.0 Databases teaches all the fundamentals of database technology and database programming readers need to quickly become highly proficient database users and application developers. A comprehensive tutorial on both SQL Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012, Beginning C# 5.0 Databases explains and demonstratesvarioustechniques and ways to build a database application usingTSQL and C#. Full of practical, detailed examples, it's been fully revised
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Sharp: Simple Strategies to Boost Your Brainpower - Heidi Hanna
This actionable user's guide draws on recent scientific research and groundbreaking new concepts in performance psychology and mind-body wellness to target one of the most important parts of the body that often gets left behind in our training efforts-our brain. The more fit our brain is, the more energy efficient it becomes, and the easier it is to be sharp even in the midst of a fast-paced, constantly connected, 24/7 on-the-go lifestyle. Updated and revised, this edition of SHARP: Simple
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