Leading the Revolution: How to Thrive in Turbulent Times by Making Innovation a Way of Life - Gary Hamel
Gary Hamel, world-renowned business thinker and coauthor of Competing for the Future, the book that set the management agenda for the 1990s, now delivers an agenda for the twenty-first century with the national bestseller, Leading the Revolution. Fully revised with a new introduction, this book provides an action plan for any company or individual intent on becoming and staying an industry revolutionary. Hamel argues that to thrive in the age of revolution, companies must adopt a radical new
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Lucky Man: A Memoir - Michael J. Fox
A funny, highly personal, gorgeously written account of what it's like to be a 30-year-old man who is told he has an 80-year-old's disease. "Life is great. Sometimes, though, you just have to put up with a little more crap." --Michael J. Fox In September 1998, Michael J. Fox stunned the world by announcing he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease -- a degenerative neurological condition. In fact, he had been secretly fighting it for seven years. The worldwide response was
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Creativity: Understanding Innovation in Problem Solving, Science, Invention, and the Arts - Robert W. Weisberg
How cognitive psychology explains human creativity Conventional wisdom holds that creativity is a mysterious quality present in a select few individuals. The rest of us, the common view goes, can only stand in awe of great creative achievements: we could never paint Guernica or devise the structure of the DNA molecule because we lack access to the rarified thoughts and inspirations that bless geniuses like Picasso or Watson and Crick. Presented with this view, today's cognitive psychologists
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The 100% Brain Course - Melvin D. Saunders
This 21st Century course manual has a staggering accumulation of 223 mind exercises designed to allow a person to use their entire brain. The exercises include balancing your emotions, increasing your memory, improving your creativity, enhancing your senses and much, much more.
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Как стать миллионером. Психологические тесты - Потапенко Т.М.
Психологические тесты, предлагаемые в этой книге, помогут вам лучше познать себя, выявить сильные и слабые стороны своего характера, определить диапазон творческого потенциала. С помощью тестов вы сможете узнать стартовые условия для выбора сферы деятельности, оценить свои шансы в достижении успеха. Проверьте ваш шанс стать миллионером! Тематика тестов: характер и образ жизни, окружающие и вы, ваши деловые качества.
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Хатха йога. Корректный подход к позвоночнику - Анатолий Пахомов
В книге рассматриваются теоретические и практические аспекты корректного выполнения асан Хатха Йоги. Особенно полезна она будет начинающим, тем, кто намерен изучать древнюю науку совершенствования - Йогу. Здесь изложен личный опыт человека, практикующего йогу более 17 лет, и преподающего более 12 лет. Сведения, изложенные здесь, помогут избежать начинающему многих ошибок, порожденных незнанием (авидьей). Ибо Йога подобна отточенному инструменту, который при правильном использовании приносит
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The Heart's Code: Tapping the Wisdom and Power of Our Heart Energy - Paul Pearsall, Gary E. Schwartz, Linda G. Russek
In a fascinating synthesis of ancient wisdom, modern medical knowledge, scientific research, and evidence drawn from real-life situations, the bestselling author of "The Pleasure Prescription" shows that the human heart, not the brain, holds the secrets that link mind, body, and spirit.
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The Search for the Beloved - Jean Houston
This is the perspective and discipline that brings the human spirit into contact with the realms of the divine through the use of myth, experiential exercises and rituals.
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Taking Charge - Gudrun Burkhard, Christian von Arnim
Our personal life-stories develop according to patterns which can be interpreted and understood more deeply. As Burkhard reveals, this understanding also offers a bridge towards engaging further with the lives of other people.
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KISS Guide to Organizing Your Life (Keep It Simple Series) - Donald Wetmore
Kiss the competition goodbye! The only guide you'll ever need to get more done in less time with less stress. Enjoy an exciting, self-paced journey to a more balanced life at work and at home. Discover how to overcome stumbling blocks to greater personal productivity. Find out how to eliminate time-wasters. Learn how to prioritize and delegate tasks. The Keep It Simple Series is the new standard in how-to books! Written by leading experts, each book includes full-color photographs and
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