Nedko Solakov: 99 Fears - Suzaan Boettger
99 Fears is a catalogue of insecurities created by acclaimed contemporary artist Nedko Solakov. By focusing on personal worries - from war, AIDS and plane crashes to writer's block, infidelity and the size of one's CV - 99 Fears depicts the general free-floating anxiety of modern life in hilarious detail. In the artist's inimitable voice, handwritten captions bring the drawings to life with bold strokes of self-deprecating humour. These are the fears of an everyman but also those of an artist
A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 - W. Phillip Keller
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want Travel the shepherd s path to the green pastures and cool, refreshing waters of Psalm 23. As a shepherd, Phillip Keller shares his insights into the life and character of sheep and of the Good Shepherd who loves and cares for them. This beloved classic will give new meaning to the ageless Shepherd Psalm, enriching your trust in and love for the Lord who watches closely over you."
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Singing with Mind, Body, and Soul: A Practical Guide for Singers and Teachers of Singing - Betty Jeanne Chipman
Singing with Mind, Body, and Soul is unique in that it truly is a practical guide for voice teachers, singers, and choral conductors alike. It outlines in a clear and straightforward way the fundamentals of a healthy vocal technique. Step-by-step tools and exercises are used to achieve a solid, healthy vocal production. Included in each chapter are specific exercises for increasing kinesthetic awareness while singing. The tools, used together with the exercises, retrain the muscles and allow
Conquering the Fear of Failure: Lessons from the Life of Joshua - Dr Erwin Lutzer
The fear of failure afflicts us all. It erodes faith, deflates courage, and prevents victorious living. But fear doesn't have to haunt us anymore. In this newly repackaged edition of his popular book, best-selling author and beloved pastor Erwin W. Lutzer offers a healing alternative that releases Christians from attitudes of defeat. Using lessons from the life of Joshua, Lutzer teaches what Christians can do every day to see the promises of God fulfilled in their lives. From learning to listen
The Intellectual Devotional Modern Culture: Revive Your Mind, Complete Your Education, and Converse Confidently with the Culturati - David S. Kidder, Noah D. Oppenheim
In the tradition of the instant bestsellers The Intellectual Devotional and The Intellectual Devotional: American History comes the third installment in this indispensable series. In The Intellectual Devotional: Modern Culture, the authors explore the fascinating world of contemporary culture to offer 365 daily readings that provide the essential references needed to navigate the world today. Quench your intellectual thirst with an overview of the literature, music, film, personalities, trends,
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You'll Never Get No For An Answer - Jack Carew
Jack Carew, one of the most dynamic and innovative sales training consultants in America today, offers his ten unique strategies of Positional Selling for sales-people in every area. Whether you're selling ideas, products, or even yourself, you'll benefit from the precise, standard-setting methods shared with thousands of top sales professionals from Fortune 500 companies and major corporations around the world. Discover the Positional Selling strategies that will change your life as a
The Achilles Syndrome: Overcoming the Secret Fear of Failure - Petrūska Clarkson
Successful people dogged by the fear that they really are failures are victims of the "Achilles Syndrome". In her newly revised and updated, professionally acclaimed book, Petruska Clarkson offers clear and sympathetic advice, drawing on real-life examples. First published in 1994, THE ACHILLES SYNDROME has proven invaluable to sufferers and their families as well as to counselors and psychotherapists.
Discourses On Astavakra Gita ; Original Upanisad Text In Devanagri With Transliteration In Roman Letters, Word For Word Meaning In Text Order With Translation And Commentary - Chinmayananda Saraswati
Ashtavakra Gita is a short treatise on Advaita Vedanta which systematically deals with the mystical experiences of the individual in his flight to the transcendental peace and bliss.The subtle philosophical truths are expounded in the form of a lucid dialogue between the teenager sage Astavakra and his Royal disciple,the King-seer Janaka. To Astavakra,Self-knowledge through direct mystical intution is the only goal to be reached and experienced in the dynamic silence of one's own deepest
An Alchemy of Mind: The Marvel and Mystery of the Brain - Diane Ackerman
Does the mind reflect or dictate what the body sees and feels? What is the language of emotion? Is memory a function of our imaginations? Are we all just out of our minds? In this ambitious and enlightening work, Diane Ackerman combines an artist's eye with a scientist's erudition to illuminate the magic and mysteries of the human brain. With An Alchemy of Mind, she offers an unprecedented exploration of the mental fantasia in which we spend our days. In addition to explaining memory,
A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman - Lisa Shannon, Zainab Salbi
Lisa Shannon had a good life — a successful business, a fiancé, a home, and security. Then one day in 2005, an episode of Oprah changed her life. The show focused on women in Congo, a place known as the worse place on earth to be a woman. She was suddenly awakened to the atrocities there — millions dead, women being raped, children dying in shocking numbers. It was then that Lisa realized she had to do something — and she did. A Thousand Sisters is Lisa Shannon’s inspiring memoir. She shares
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