Math Word Problems Demystified - Allan G. Bluman
Word problems are the most difficult part of any math course -- and the most important to both the SATs and other standardized tests. This book teaches proven methods for analyzing and solving any type of math word problem.
Only Pack What You Can Carry: My Path to Inner Strength, Confidence, and True Self-Knowledge - Janice Holly Booth
Magnetically written by former CEO of a North Carolina Girl Scout Council and award winning CEO for the Western New York chapter of a national arts-in-education organization, this uniquely engaging travel journal describes four keys to unlocking personal and spiritual fulfillment: solitude, introspection, courage, and commitment. Through a series of compelling travel essays and deeply thoughtful memoirs, Janice Booth draws readers into each adventure—ranging from a solo hike through Northern
Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life: A Kick--Butt Approach to a Better Life - Larry Winget
Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life This is not your typical self-help book. You won't find any motivational platitudes or cute business parables here. This is more of a "get off your butt and get to work" approach that can help you achieve more success, make more money, improve your business, and have more fun. Larry Winget doesn't pull any punches here. He believes that business gets better when businesspeople get better through personal growth. And it works the same way in your
The Complete CBT Guide to Anxiety - Peter J. Cooper, Roz Shafran, Lee Brosan
A self-help guide to all the anxiety disorders: generalised anxiety disorder, health anxiety, panic, phobias, social anxiety, OCD. Edited by three leading CBT clinicians in the UK, it offers individual CBT-based treatments for a wide range of anxiety problems. Each individual treatment reflects current treatment in the UK for that anxiety disorder and is written by the clinician responsible for developing that treatment in the first place.
The Six Secrets of Change: What the Best Leaders Do to Help Their Organizations Survive and Thrive - Michael Fullan
It's common wisdom that successful organizations adjust quickly and intelligently to shifts in consumer tastes, political climate, and economic opportunity. Less understood is how they do it. In The Six Secrets of Change, Michael Fullan lays out key factors that allow an organization to sustain meaningful change.
September Songs: The Good News About Marriage in the Later Years - Maggie Scarf
An unexpected—and surprisingly positive— exploration of the benefits awaiting married baby boomers in their “bonus” years from the New York Times–bestselling author of Intimate Partners. In September Songs, journalist and author Maggie Scarf finds that marriage has undergone some fascinating changes since she wrote her bestselling Intimate Partners. Over the course of the twentieth century, thirty years of life have been added to normal human life expectancy—what the author calls “the bonus
What Young India Wants - Chetan Bhagat
In his latest book, What Young India Wants, Chetan Bhagat asks hard questions, demands answers and presents solutions for a better, more prosperous India. Why do our students regularly commit suicide? Why is there so much corruption in India? Cant our political parties ever work together? Does our vote make any difference at all? We love our India, but shouldnt some things be different? All of us have asked these questions at some time or the other. So does Chetan Bhagat, Indias most loved
Apple Training Series: iWork 09 - Richard Harrington
In the only Apple-certified guide to iWork ’09, you’ll learn to create everything from first-rate business presentations and newsletters to effective budgets and event planners. Focused lessons take you step by step through all aspects of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. The self-paced book/DVD combo uses real-life material and practical lessons that you can apply immediately to your own projects. You’ll learn to: • Master the iWork suite of tools quickly through fun, real-world projects • Design
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The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Asperger's Syndrome: Help, Hope, and Guidance - William Stillman
With this book at your side, you'll take the first steps toward understanding this pervasive development disorder and how it may impact your child.
Wann kommt denn endlich der blöde Prinz auf seinem dämlichen Gaul!: 100 Tipps, wie Sie Ihren Traummann finden (German Edition) - Oliver Stöwing
Die gute Nachricht vorweg: Es gibt genügend Männer auf der Welt, die genau wie jede Frau eine Beziehung wollen. Doch wie gelingt es IHR, den Prinzen zu finden? Der »Frauenflüsterer« Oliver Stöwing weiß, wie es klappt. Auf der Basis von NLP-Techniken und Methoden aus der Kommunikationspsychologie coacht er jede Frau. Er zeigt, wie sie ihre inneren Ressourcen aktivieren kann, wie sie die Mechanismen der Dating-Welt erkennt, sie knackt und verinnerlicht, um dann mit dem Auserwählten glücklich zu
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