Naurujooga. Naurua ilman syytä. Naura itsesi terveeksi! - Lisa Leinonen
Naurujoogan avulla voi oppia nauramaan ilman syytä. Nauru on paras lääke, mutta missä on meidän naurumme? Milloin viimeksi tuli naurettua oikein kunnolla suu ammollaan hohottaen? Lapset nauravat 150 kertaa päivässä ja aikuiset vain noin 6 kertaa, jos edes sitäkään. Mihin meidän naurumme on kadonnut? Mistä syystä meistä on tullut niin vakavia? Naurujooga on keho- ja mielenhallintatekniikka, jonka harrastajia on jo 70 eri maassa. Suurin osa ihmisten sairauksista on stressiperäisiä ja
Windows of the Soul: Experiencing God in New Ways - Ken Gire
Praise for Windows of the Soul Every once in a while a book comes along that makes you stop and think and then think some more like Ken Gire s wonderful book Windows of the Soul. John Trent in Christian Parenting Today Ken Gire has created a book that gently pours forth, like water out of a garden bucket, cleansing our thoughts and opening the petals of our spirits, providing us with a new sense of clarity in our search for God. Manhattan (KS) Mercury Each word, each phrase, is painstakingly
What Is Love? Perspectives On Love - Fadi Hattendorf
"What Is Love? Perspectives On Love" offers a look at the meaning and application of "I love you" as well as whether or not, these words ever come off as sincere as we want them to. "What Is Love? Perspectives On Love" contains fictional stories to explain one of the most complicated feelings human beings will ever come to know. These real life based stories demonstrate how people find love in one another, and why some begin to search for it again right after they
When Tomorrow Comes & Seeking Daylight's End - Peter O'Connor
When Tomorrow Comes Kisah indah tentang cinta, kehidupan, dan penemuan diri. Sejak lama Sarah selalu berusaha menyenangkan hati orang-orang terdekatnya, terutama ayahnya. Dari luar hidupnya tampak sempurna, karirnya sukses, dan masa depannya cemerlang. Namun dalam hati ia merasa makin lama makin kehilangan dirinya yang sejati. Kakeknya, Joseph, telah menjalani kehidupan penuh petualangan dan perjalanan, tapi sekarang ia menjelang ajal. Keinginan terakhirnya yang belum terkabul hanya satu:
Clutter's Last Stand: It's Time to de-Junk Your Life! - Don Aslett
In this updated bestseller, readers learn how to declutter from the master; this book is the first--and last--book on getting organized!
Open to Desire: Embracing a Lust for Life - Insights from Buddhism and Psychotherapy - Mark Epstein
Bringing wisdom to a fresh and compelling topic, Mark Epstein shows how desire can be a teacher in its own right, helping us to reconcile our conflicting thoughts about it from both a Buddhist and a psychological point of view. It is common in both Buddhism and Freudian psychoanalysis to treat desire as the root of all suffering and problems, but psychiatrist Mark Epstein believes this to be a grave misunderstanding. In his defense of desire, he makes clear that it is the key to deepening
The Million-Dollar Parent: How to Have a Successful Career While Keeping Your Family a Top Priority - Kate Raidt
America is facing a parenting crisis. Far too many parents, from all income brackets, are investing far more time and attention into their careers than into their children and family. The Million-Dollar Parent answers the critical question, "How can I have a successful career while keeping my family a top priority?"
Willful Blindness: Why we ignore the obvious at our peril - Margaret Heffernan
Margaret Heffernan argues that the biggest threats and dangers we face are the ones we don't see--not because they're secret or invisible, but because we're willfully blind. A distinguished businesswoman and writer, she examines the phenomenon and traces its imprint in our private and working lives, and within governments and organizations, and asks: What makes us prefer ignorance? What are we so afraid of? Why do some people see more than others? And how can we change? Covering everything from
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