What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex - Hilda Hutcherson
In her ob-gyn practice, Dr. Hilda Hutcherson has seen women of all ages who have questions about sex. Now, in this down-to-earth book, she answers those questions and more as she addresses every sexual matter that has an impact on the lives of women. Combining up-to-date medical science with good old-fashioned girl talk, Dr. Hutcherson discusses sex in a lively tone that’s as educational as it is engaging. With facts on female (and male) anatomy, aphrodisiacs, fantasy, orgasm, birth control,
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Hearts That We Broke Long Ago - Merle Shain
About loving, and how our past works on our present.
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Like Dragons did they Fight - Maurice W. Harker
This book bravely bridges the gap between the Spiritual and the Temporal (physical) factors of addiction and addiction recovery. It pulls the essential elements of many psychological theories and fits them into an eternal paradigm as can only be seen through the eyes of those who are inspired by God. The reader will be taken on a journey from seeing the battle from high in the heavens down to the gritty and sweaty clashing of swords a warrior must experience day to day. We live in a time
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50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age: New Financial Threats You Need to Know and How to Avoid Them - Steve Weisman
It is better to stop identity theft from happening in the first place than have to fix or repair the situation afterwards. Steve Weisman reveals the threats of new identity theft attacks based on use of Facebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, cloud apps, iPod, and other new technologies -- and shows you how to protect yourself, or how to fix the damage if you've already been attacked! Discover why ID theft is more dangerous than ever, and discover today's most dangerous new threats -- including
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The Most Valuable Book Ever Published: Opening The Door To Understanding Health, Success And Prosperity; This Book Promises A Lot And It Delivers (2007 Edition, 978096385965590000) - American Publishing
* Buying the vehicle of your dreams cheap. * How to contest a will. * Minimize taxes with estate planning. * The do-it-yourself will. * Beat the moody blues. * Getting at your IRA money before retirement. * Medical miracles. * Allergies don't have to be miserable. * Hypertension: solutions for high blood pressure. * A green way to fight inside air pollution. * Medical quickies for insomnia, diarrhea & acne. * Deducting your vacation. * The fast way to sell your house. * Fantastic ways to
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Some Do Care - Anne Colby, William Damon
Although many people believe that this is a barren time for moral leadership in this country, in Some Do Care Anne Colby and William Damon show that moral heroes do exist today. Drawing on in-depth interviews, they offer a revealing look into the lives of twenty-three Americans who have provided exemplary moral leadership in communities across the United States. These are people who have worked for the poor, fought battles for civil rights, worked for peace and protection of the environment,
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Unearthing Venus: My Search for the Woman Within - Cate Montana
In the tradition of Eat, Pray, Love and Cheryl Strayed’s Wild comes a fresh voice in women’s non-fiction. Cate Montana was raised in a man's world to be "just one of the guys" and swiftly rose to success as a network TV editor and journalist. Then, on assignment, a shocking interview with a shaman changes her life and sets her on the path of discovering the illusive power of the feminine. In a wrenching recapitulation of her life, she realizes the devastating absence of feminine
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Do Me Twice: My Life After Islam - Sonsyrea Tate
From the highly acclaimed author of Little X: Growing Up in the Nation of Islam -- a taboo-breaking memoir about a Muslim girl who explores her freedom through the expression of her sensuality and sex, defying the cultural boundaries that denied her a full life. Do Me Twice is the triumphant life story of the highly intelligent, courageous, and charismatic Sonsyrea Tate as she breaks the cultural and religious molds set in place by her upbringing. A former African-American Muslim, Tate has
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Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Tools for Managing Treatment, Side Effects and Pain - Lene Andersen
Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Tools for Managing Treatment, Side Effects and Pain is the ultimate guide to living well with this chronic, at times debilitating, autoimmune disease. Lene Andersen has 40+ years of living with RA and is working as Community Leader for HealthCentral.com's RA site. She has amassed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of how to manage the many challenges of life with the disease. Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis covers medication and treatment options,
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Aqua Fitness - Mimi Rodriguez Adami
The complete guide to a low-impact, water resistance total body fitness workout. For anyone looking for a highly effective and pleasurable way to work out, here's a no-impact routine that uses waters buoyancy to put less stress on joints and heart while providing the same level of training as on land. Packed with full-color, step-by-step photographs of shallow and deepwater programs, Aqua Fitness provides all the information you need to make the program work for you. Suitable for all ages, this
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