The Good Girl's Guide to Negotiating - Leslie Whitaker, Elizabeth Austin
Emphasizing what women bring to the table (such as listening skills and empathy) and teaching readers how to recognize and control traits that undermine their abilities (such as the tendency toward avoiding conflict or sending internal self-defeating messages), this unique guide instructs and inspires women to negotiate to their best advantage in any bargaining situation.
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Essentials of Fire Department Customer Service - Alan V. Brunacini
Writing in a humorous conversational style, Chief Alan Brunacini explains the application of common-sense customer service concepts to the fire service. Essentials of Fire Department Customer Service is basic reading for every firefighter, officer, and administrator.
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Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story - Chuck Klosterman
Building on the national bestselling success of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, preeminent pop culture writer Chuck Klosterman unleashes his best book yet—the story of his cross-country tour of sites where rock stars have died and his search for love, excitement, and the meaning of death. For 6,557 miles, Chuck Klosterman thought about dying. He drove a rental car from New York to Rhode Island to Georgia to Mississippi to Iowa to Minneapolis to Fargo to Seattle, and he chased death and
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Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What's Right - Mary C. Gentile
How can you effectively stand up for your values when pressured by your boss, customers, or shareholders to do the opposite? Drawing on actual business experiences as well as on social science research, Babson College business educator and consultant Mary Gentile challenges the assumptions about business ethics at companies and business schools. She gives business leaders, managers, and students the tools not just to recognize what is right, but also to ensure that the right things happen. The
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Mind Set!: Reset Your Thinking and See the Future - John Naisbitt
In his seminal works Megatrends and Megatrends 2000, John Naisbitt proved himself one of the most far-sighted and accurate observers of our fast-changing world. Mind Set! goes beyond that--Mind Set! discloses the secret of forecasting. John Naisbitt gives away the keys to the kingdom, opening the door to the insights that let him understand today's world and see the opportunities of tomorrow. He selects his most effective tools, 11 Mindsets, and applies them by guiding the reader through the
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As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl - John Colapinto
In  1967, after a twin baby boy suffered a botched circumcision, his family agreed to a radical treatment that would alter his gender.  The case would become one of the most famous in modern medicine -- and a total failure.  As Nature Made Him tells the extraordinary story of David Reimer, who, when finally informed of his medical history, made the decision to live as a male.  A macabre tale of medical arrogance, it is first and foremost a human drama of one man's -- and one family's -- amazing
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iCope: Stress Management for Teens and Young Adults - Anthony Ciminero
This self-help book teaches the four core stress management skills needed by teens and young adults to cope with stress. In addition to the basic skills (self-awareness, relaxation, cognitive restructuring methods, and creative problem solving) issues related to anger management, self-esteem, and coping with major life events are also reviewed. The methods described are all based on scientific principles that have been researched over the past 40 years. Using the iCope strategies can help
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Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed - Christelyn D. Karazin, Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn
The first handbook on navigating the exciting, tricky, and potentially disastrous terrain of interracial relationships, with testimony and expert tips on how to make the bumpy ride a bit smoother.
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Light in August - William Faulkner
Light in August, a novel about hopeful perseverance in the face of mortality, features some of Faulkner’s most memorable characters: guileless, dauntless Lena Grove, in search of the father of her unborn child; Reverend Gail Hightower, who is plagued by visions of Confederate horsemen; and Joe Christmas, a desperate, enigmatic drifter consumed by his mixed ancestry.
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The Journeys of Socrates (Peaceful Warrior Saga) - Dan Millman
In nineteenth-century Tsarist Russia an orphaned child born of Jewish and Cossack blood grows up in a land of wealthy aristocrats, struggling peasants, and growing discontent. Sent to an elite military academy at the tender age of four, Sergei Ivanov (Socrates) comes of age training to protect a way of life he doesn't understand. When a sudden death forces Sergei to flee, he escapes into the wilderness. With nothing to cling to but a memory of his grandfather and the promise of a gift buried
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