The New Lifetime Reading Plan: The Classical Guide to World Literature, Revised and Expanded - Clifton Fadiman, John S. Major
Now in print for the first time in almost 40 years, The New Lifetime Reading Plan provides readers with brief, informative and entertaining introductions to more than 130 classics of world literature. From Homer to Hawthorne, Plato to Pascal, and Shakespeare to Solzhenitsyn, the great writers of Western civilization can be found in its pages. In addition, this new edition offers a much broader representation of women authors, such as Charlotte Bront%, Emily Dickinson and Edith Wharton, as well
The Productive Programmer - Neal Ford
Anyone who develops software for a living needs a proven way to produce it better, faster, and cheaper. The Productive Programmer offers critical timesaving and productivity tools that you can adopt right away, no matter what platform you use. Master developer Neal Ford not only offers advice on the mechanics of productivity-how to work smarter, spurn interruptions, get the most out your computer, and avoid repetition-he also details valuable practices that will help you elude common traps,
The ABC's of Choosing a Good Husband: How to Find and Marry a Great Guy - Steve Wood
This unique new book gives practical and insightful advice to women to help them make a wise choice in a marriage partner. Using time-tested strategies and surprising new ideas, it outlines the criteria most important in the selection of a mate. This book is required reading for every woman before she makes the most important decision in her life, and is a must read for parents of a daughter!
You Are Not: Beyond the Three Veils of Consciousness - Stephen H. Wolinsky
Reveals undifferentiated consciousness as THAT ONE SUBSTANCE of which and from which the universe appears to appear; and yet undifferentiated consciousness veils itself. Catapults the seeker into piercing the three veils of consciousness; the body, spirituality and enlightenment.
Being Zen: Bringing Meditation to Life - Ezra Bayda, Charlotte Joko Beck
This work states that we can use whatever life presents to strengthen our spiritual practice, including the turmoil of daily life. It blends storytelling, traditional Buddhist teachings, and humour, to explore such topics as finding stillness, and working with difficult emotions such as fear.
Trop intelligent pour être heureux ? : L'adulte surdoué - Jeanne Siaud-Facchin
Et si l'extrême intelligence créait une sensibilité exacerbée ? Et si elle pouvait aussi fragiliser et parfois faire souffrir ?. Être surdoué est une richesse. Mais c'est aussi une différence qui peut susciter un sentiment de décalage, une impression de ne jamais être vraiment à sa place. Comment savoir si on est surdoué ? Comment alors mieux réussir sa vie ? Comment aller au bout de ses ressources ?. Ce livre permet de mieux comprendre et de réapprivoiser sa personnalité. Pour se sentir mieux
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You're Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life from the Winner of The Apprentice - Bill Rancic
*Author will be named after the final show is aired in Australia* The winner of the hit TV show, The Apprentice, shows how anyone can become their own personal success in both business and life, using his or her  own experiences as a self-made entrepreneur, his or her work ethic, top business strategies, and lessons learned competing on the show, working for Donald Trump and winning the most talked about reality shows in years. Foreword by Donald Trump.
Driven: An Autobiography - Larry H. Miller, Doug Robinson
When he was sixteen years old, Larry Miller came home one summer night to find all his possessions sitting in three bags on the porch of his darkened house. The door was locked. From those troubled and humble beginnings rose a man whose influence has touched, according to reliable pollsters, more than 99 percent of the population of Utah as well as myriads of people worldwide. Seven months before Miller passed away, he began working with Doug Robinson on this biography. Written in first person,
Asperger Syndrome and Employment: What People with Asperger Syndrome Really Really Want - Sarah Hendrickx, John Biddulph
The number of adults with Asperger Syndrome (AS) retaining full-time employment is extremely low in comparison to those who may be considered to have more limiting conditions and disabilities. This book identifies why this is the case by asking the individuals concerned what they find difficult about working. Looking at expectations, motivations, working conditions and other factors, Sarah Hendrickx explores the reasons why work just doesn't work for many people with Asperger Syndrome and how
Your Best Life Begins Each Morning: Devotions to Start Every New Day of the Year - Joel Osteen
The potential to live your best life starts with each new morning. With every sunrise, you can choose to approach the day with an attitude of faith and expectancy. Bestselling author Joel Osteen writes, "When you get up in the morning, the first things you should do is set your mind in the right direction . . . and then go out anticipating good things." Now, for the first time, Pastor Osteen presents a tool to accomplish that goal. Based on his book, Your Best Life Now, he offers
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