Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too - Susan Callahan, Anne Nolen, Katrin Schumann
Whether you're the mother of toddlers or teens, work inside the home or out-- if you're exhausted from trying to be perfect, this book can help you. "Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too" uses hundreds of real-life stories and mom-tested tips to demonstrate how taking time-outs will transform your life. Practical and inspiring, this book will launch you on a voyage of discovery that takes you back to yourself, and it will help you become the best mother you can be by becoming the best woman
The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study - Lisa Whelchel
A Bible Study Plan for the Busiest Mom!"The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study" is an amazing Bible study tool specifically aimed at moms. What makes it so remarkable is the way author Lisa Whelchel has packed twenty solid Bible study tools into a five-day-a-week, fifteen-minute-a-day, anybody-can-do-it plan. Not only is this plan doable, it's "satisfying." As a busy mom, you give of yourself all day long - often with no way to refresh and replenish the cravings of your own
I Used To Miss Him...But My Aim Is Improving: Not Your Ordinary Breakup Survival Guide - Alison James
Book Description Publication Date: March 31, 2004 Breaking up is hard to do - but sweet revenge can make all the difference! With ever-increasing numbers of single people out there dating, hearts get broken every day. But today's woman needs more than a book of soppy affirmations to get her back on her feet and feeling great. I Used to Miss full of smart tips, sarcastic stories and hilarious ways to heal after a breakup. This book provides the sort of genuine advice you'd get from your
Dog Aggression: An Efficient Guide to Correcting Aggressive Dog Behavior (Dog Aggressive Training, Dog Behavior, Dog Anxiety) - Peter Morgan
Stop Your Dog's Aggression By Reading This Simple Book Aggression can be present in a variety of different behaviors and personality traits within a dog. Every dog has the inborn instinct to be aggressive, but how do you know when your dog's aggression level is out of control and evolving to the next level which is either harming others or even worse harming you!!! If Your Dog Does The Following Than You Should Consider Buying This Book Growling Aggressive Stance Snarling and
Columbia University Department of Pediatrics Child - Bernard Valman
Written with the prestigious Columbia University Department of Pediatrics, this is the essential medical reference for households with children everywhere. From diaper rash to high fevers--look it up and know what to do or how to ask your pediatrician for help. Easy-to-use disnostic flow charts are cross-indexed by symptom and diagnosis. Clear instructions are given on what to do in emergencies. Full color.
This I Believe 2 - Jay Allison
This second collection of This I Believe essays gathers seventy-five essayists— ranging from famous to previously unknown— completing the thought that begins the book’s title. With contributors who run the gamut from cellist Yo-Yo Ma to ordinary folks like a diner waitress, an Iraq War veteran, a farmer, a new husband, and many others, This I Believe II, like the first New York Times bestselling collection, showcases moving and irresistible essays. Included are Sister Helen Prejean writing
Peoplesmart: Developing Your Interpersonal Intelligence - Mel Silberman
WE ARE ALL in the people business because we deal with other people all the time. But do you sometimes reach out to others only to find your efforts misunderstood or rejected? Do you wish your relationships with people close to you were more harmonious and fulfilling? PeopleSmart is a practical guide for anyone who asks these questions, which means most of us at some time or other. It reveals a powerful plan for making your relationships more productive and rewarding-whether they are with a
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Freedom from Addiction: The Secret Behind Successful Addiction Busting - Joe Griffin, Ivan Tyrrell
The secret behind successful addiction busting represents a major leap forward in the way we view and treat addictions. The new science-based in-sights it contained have already helped countless people to overcome a wide range of compulsive behaviors and take back control of their lives.
The Tao Of Dating: The Smart Woman's Guide To Being Absolutely Irresistible - Ali Binazir
The #1-Rated Dating Book on Amazon for 157 Weeks, From April 2010 to April 2013 This is what readers have to say: "I have read many books about relationships and dating, but 'The Tao of Dating' is one of a kind, so different and mind-blowing in its common sense and simplicity that it is impossible to put it down once you start reading." "Well, where shall I start? Mind blowing? Life-changing? Truly opened my eyes? No words can express how much I love this book. I wish I had
This Is Not The Story You Think It Is...: A Season of Unlikely Happiness - Laura Munson
Laura Munson's essay in the New York Times, about the time she was tested in a way she never anticipated, created a firestorm-now here's the whole story. When Laura Munson's essay was published, The New York Times was so flooded with responses that they had to close down the comment feature. Readers wrote in saying that they had sent the column to all of their friends. Therapists wrote Munson to tell her that they were passing it out to their clients. What did Munson write that caused such
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