Families and How to Survive Them - Robin Skynner, John Cleese
Written in an unconventional dialogue form, this book explores the inner workings of the modern family, and the interactions between couples and their children.
Grin and Bear It: How to Be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way - Jenni Pulos, Laura Morton
Jenni Pulos, from Bravo's Flipping Out and Interior Therapy, pens a charming memoir-advice book on how to survive (and thrive) in any situation Jenni Pulos has specialized in a lifetime of disappointments. She’s been publicly humiliated, dumped by her spouse on national television, told she’d never make it in Hollywood, encouraged by her family with inspiring questions like, "when are you getting a real job?" and has not only survived but thrived as a result. Despite her struggles
Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs, and Communications of the Dying - Maggie Callanan, Patricia Kelley
Give information on how to help when somone we love is dying
The Miniature Schnauzer (Terra-Nova) - Phyllis Degioia
Discover a whole new world of dogs with this revolutionary, breed-specific guide. The Miniature Schnauzer is a sturdy terrier. Find out more about the variety of activities that are suitable for this energetic dog.
SoulSpace: Creating a Home That Is Free of Clutter, Full of Beauty, and Inspired by You - Xorin Balbes, Marianne Williamson
Lauded designer and architectural conservator Balbes created the eight-stage SoulSpace transformation process to help his clients. Through the stages--assess, release, cleanse, dream, discover, create, elevate, and celebrate--readers explore not only the design of their living spaces but also their own interiors: the ways they think, feel, and sense.
Total Flirt: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Every Girl Needs to Get the Guy - Violet Blue
It's not blondes who are having more fun — it is the total flirts! Flirting is half desire to flirt with someone we find attractive, and half knowing how to use the "tools of the flirting trade." Our desire to connect with someone cute gives us motivation; and our body, mind, and conversational skills make a flirty encounter a fun, adventurous reality. If you are not a born flirt — and most of us aren't — you learn this very seductive art from the best in the business, Miss Violet
The Friendship Fix: The Complete Guide to Choosing, Losing, and Keeping Up with Your Friends - Andrea Bonior
Had enough of that bridezilla? Feeling alone in a new city? Dealing with the trauma of the worst breakup ever—with someone you never even made out with? We’ve heard the path to fulfillment has much to do with relationships.But while it’s often thought that for young women, it's all about finding the right man, real women beg to differ: It's friendships that are at the he
Ask, Believe, Receive - 7 Days to Increased Wealth, Better Relationships, and a Life You Love (...Even When It Seems Impossible) - David Hooper
7 DAYS TO INCREASED WEALTH, BETTER RELATIONSHIPS, AND A LIFE YOU LOVE. In this book, you'll learn exactly how to attract everything you've ever wanted in life. You'll receive easy-to-follow instruction on how to improve all the important areas of your life including: - Money - Relationships - Health - Career - Business Will it be hard work? Up until now, it may have been. But not any longer. Within this book you will discover the secret to having it all. Then you'll learn how easy it really is
The Tibetan Book of Yoga: Ancient Buddhist Teachings on the Philosophy and Practice of Yoga - Michael Roach
Yoga came to Tibet from India more than a thousand years ago, and it was quickly absorbed into the culture's rich traditions. In this small book readers will discover Heart Yoga, which developed over the centuries in the Gelukpa tradition of the Dalai Lamas. The program presented here combines popular yoga exercises wtih special Tibetan poses, and methods of working from the inside to give a healthy and a happy heart. Roach discovered a number of previously unknown Tibetan works on yoga in
Shift: The 12 Tactics Real Estate Agents Must Do Now to Win in a Down Market - Gary Keller, Jay Papasan, Dave Jenks
"NEW YORK TIMES" BESTSELLER "WALL STREET JOURNAL" BUSINESS BESTSELLER "USA TODAY" MONEY BESTSELLER "Tough times make or break people. My friend Gary teaches you how to make the tragic into magic. Read & reap from this great book." --Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-author, "Cracking the Millionaire Code, The One Minute Millionaire, " and "Cash in a Flash." Author,
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