The Modern Gentleman: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy and Vice - Phineas Mollod, Jason Tesauro
THE MODERN GENTLEMAN is a visually stimulating, rib-tickling, thought-provoking sourcebook of manners and mischief for the 21st-century male. The book offers a panoramic snapshot of the gentleman: witty and poignant, traditional but spontaneous, flirtatious yet courting. Discussions range from the classic (Motoring, Oenophilia) and serious (Secrets & Lies, The Good Husband), to the racy (Kink & Fetish, To the Power of 3) and silly (Bumper Stickers, Fonzarelli Moves & Legerdemain ).
The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy from One of America's Top Copywriters - Joseph Sugarman
The definitive copywriting handbook from an advertising legend The Adweek Copywriting Handbook covers every aspect of the copywriting process in simple and easy-to-understand steps for young advertising professionals and old pros alike. Starting at the very beginning of the process, the book shows copywriters how to get prepared to write on a product before moving on to the act of writing itself. Readers will learn how to use various elements like type style, sentence length, and comprehension
Unscrambled Eggs - Nadia Janice Brown
Profound and riveting, this is a 60 poem book collection with poetry that enlightens, speaks the way of life and the world. The poems from Unscrambled Eggs has a universal appeal, and is true to life in form. Unscrambled Eggs was written over a five year period and is an honest and thought-provoking book that deals with everyday life issues. It is a stirring compilation of poems about living your dream and finding one's purpose.
The Power of Body Language: How to Succeed in Every Business and Social Encounter - Tonya Reiman
Nationally renowned body language expert Tonya Reiman illuminates what until now has been a gray area in interpersonal communication: harnessing the power of your nonverbal cues to get what you want out of "every" aspect of life, from professional encounters to personal relationships.Unlike other books on this fascinating topic, "The Power of Body Language" is your practical, personal playbook for getting what you desire from others -- and zoning in on what others are saying
You Lost Him at Hello: A Saleswoman's Secrets to Closing the Deal with Any Guy You Want - Jess McCann
Sales tricks that will make men desperate to date you Whether you've found yourself waiting for him to call or given up everything for a relationship that went nowhere, getting a guy to commit can be like getting him to walk over a bed of hot coals. Jess McCann has been there. She used to make the same mistakes we've all made with men--until she realized that the winning formula to attracting the right guy lay in skills she already had. As a successful saleswoman, Jess has practiced over and
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Letters to a Young Poet - Rainer Maria Rilke, Reginald Snell, Franz Xaver Kappus
In 1903, Rilke replied in a series of 10 letters to a student who had submitted some verses to the well-known Austrian poet for an assessment. Written during an important stage in Rilke's artistic development, these letters contain many of the themes that later appeared in his best works. Essential reading for scholars, poetry lovers.
Memory: Simple, Easy, and Fun Ways to Improve Memory - John Parker
October 15, 2011 This book shows you creative, yet practical ways to improve, sharpen, and refine your wonderful memory. It reveals techniques to put your brain in tip-top condition so you can overcome forgetfulness and recall any information anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. Best of all, the methods are simple, practical, and easy to learn.
The 7 Bad Habits of Highly Ineffective People: Harness the Power of Constructive Inertia - Richard MacDonald
The world is full of slim, sophisticated, glamorous, famous people. These people are supposed to be perfect. We are supposed to want to be like these people. We, too, are supposed to want to drive shiny new cars, drink fizzy mineral water and lattes, dine out at fancy restaurants and watch only high-brow movies. But what if we are only human? What if we don't want a makeover, or decking in our garden, or an HDTV system in our family room? Then read Richard MacDonald's "The 7 Bad Habits of
Depression Is Contagious: How the Most Common Mood Disorder Is Spreading Around the World and How to Stop It - Michael D. Yapko
Depression is more of a social problem than a medical illness, reveals expert psychologist Dr. Michael Yapko, whose revolutionary new approach—based on the latest research—treats depression with positive social relationships, not drugs. Depression is now the world’s most common mood disorder, and is spreading like a viral contagion. You can’t catch depression in the same way you catch a cold, but the latest research in neuroscience, social psychology, epidemiology, and genetics provides
Survive Marriage Separation: What to Say and Do to Keep Your Marriage - Nancy J. Wasson, Lee Hefner
SURVIVE MARRIAGE SEPARATION… What to Say and Do To Keep Your Marriage "A simple step-by-step approach to save your marriage and make it better than ever" Whether you’re about to separate from your spouse or if you’re already separated, you’ll find that Survive Marriage Separation offers a goldmine of useful ideas as well as practical advice. And this expert guidance is what can make the difference between a happy reunion or a divorce. You’ll discover the answers to many
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